Samsung Galaxy S4 unrivaled display an Apple beater

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2012

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently the flavor of the month among happy Android owners at the moment, it’s no secret that a lot of other consumers are already thinking about what the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to offer. We have already given you an insight into potential S4 specs, but now we have some interesting details on the potential display screen that Samsung could be using for the Galaxy S4.

What defines a good smartphone display to you? Do you always look at size in inches first when choosing a smartphone, or is the specific information like materials, resolution and pixels per inch important to you as well? Apple claims to have one of the best smartphone displays in the world with their iPhone 5 Retina Display, which measures in at 4-inches with a resolution of 1,136 × 640 pixels at 326 pixels per inch.

The Galaxy S3 in comparison has a Super AMOLED-based 4.8-inch display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels and a lower 306 ppi than the iPhone 5. Samsung are obviously working on making their display even better for the next Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and fans could be in for a treat with a rumor that Samsung are preparing to unleash a 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display at CES 2013 in January early next year.

This display would eclipse anything that Samsung Mobile has released, but the most exciting aspect of all is that this new Galaxy S4 display from Samsung could offer 441 pixels per inch, which would obviously be an unrivaled display screen quality and easily better than Apple’s Retina Display for the iPhone 5.

It is early days yet, but the source over at this Korean publication (translation needed) certain sounds very promising indeed. To put this into perspective once again, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ‘only’ has a ppi of 267 for their impressive 5.5-inch display. If Samsung are really planning to introduce a screen that is going to offer 441 pixels per inch, then that is surely going to make the tech world take notice.

More importantly, how can Apple respond to that? They would have to up their game instantly and ensure that the iPhone 6 has a matching display and they simply may not have enough time to make that happen, if Samsung are already bringing this new display tech to CES 2013.

If you already have an eye on the Galaxy S4, let us know what a 5-inch display with 441 pixels per inch means to you. Is it time to get really excited about the next-generation Galaxy S4?

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  • not impressed

    The article is nice, but, how about forgetting that iPhone and focus on a phone that ALREADY has this display. The Droid DNA. “How can Apple respond to that?” How about comparing that rumor to what is about to release.

  • Martin

    It’s all about the HTC DROID DNA. Forget Samsung & Apple.

    • SirWalrus

      Looks awesome yeah, the display lacks brightness though, check the comparisons

  • Bardhok Ndoji

    Who cares about plastic galaxy milky way phones from a copycat company when there is iPhones that beat the crap of all the rest of clunky junk 🙂

    • Vince Nesci

      Apple copied Sony designs and patented it first. That’s why Samsung follow Apple from copying as fair use. Apple then being crybaby. Iphone looks like gay phone or girly phones.

    • SirWalrus


  • Sedi

    440ppi already out

  • fragrantcup

    Their Galaxy Note 2 screen was way way too big for me, and even 5″ may be too big, if it fits well in the palm and my medium sized hands can at least reach the call swipe, or whatever the answer action will be, i’d be happy.

  • hollow

    This is just an overview article which is a bit biase to Apple. Even though the ppi of Galaxy S3 is less than iPhone5, it doesn’t look much different to the eyes. Yet Galaxy S3 can do anything more than iPhone5 can do…. blah blah.. tired with the iPhone5 same in every way…

    • SirWalrus

      Look I am not going to get into an IOS Vs Android debate, but due to the different App stores it cannot do everything the iphone can do, and vice versa. However, I am selling my iphone 5 and getting a Nexus 4 when back in stock. Personally I really do not like the artifacting on the Amoled screens in pitch black conditions (take a look at the blacks in a dark room – sorry if this ruins the display for you)