HTC One X+ review of battery after tests

By Chris Cook - Nov 17, 2012

You’ll find a lot of new smartphones adding more features that take advantage of new technology, but at the same time seem to lack the improvements needed when it comes to battery life, so this is why it’s important to consider this vital detail when looking at a new phone. When it comes to the HTC One X+ we’ve found one of the best reviews that focuses on the battery life for this handset, and this particular review looks at the HTC One X+ battery and compares it to other smartphones for talk time, web browsing, and video playback.

The image below shows how long the HTC One X+ battery life lasts for talk time, but considering a lot of us browse the web and play apps more than we talk, you should also see the full review in GSM Arena’s article. This includes charts for not only the HTC One X+, but also performance stats for the Pantech Burst, Samsung Galaxy Note / 2, Huawei Ascend, LG Optimus, and the Motorola RAZR MAXX.

How the HTC One X+ performed overall – HTC’s One X+ came 4th for talk time with over 13 hours, 4th for web browsing at just under 8 hours, and 4th for video playback with a battery that lasted 8 hours and 11 minutes. It is worth noting that the Motorola RAZR MAXX with ICS came top in two of the tests, although you can see the HTC One X+ compared to some other opponents in our earlier article. Are you looking at the HTC One X+ as your next smartphone?

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  • Kart180

    Will buy because of 64GB storage and due to high cost of note2 ($299 w/ Sprint)

  • does not have removable battery. will not buy