GTA V trailer graphics clarified by Rockstar

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2012

It’s fair to say that most of the gaming world has already seen the amazing new GTA V trailer 2 that Rockstar released earlier this week. If you did, you would have seen some of the most dazzling graphics on view, current-gen console graphics we may add not next-gen as explained in our last GTA 5 insight.

The graphics that can be seen in the video are impressive to say the least and for those unassuming gamers who are unaware of Rockstar’s trailer format, they have been asking the developer if these are real in-game graphics that we are seeing, or rendered cutscenes – basically because they look so good.

If you are a hardcore GTA fan, you’ll probably know that all of the graphics and visuals featured inside Rockstar’s GTA trailers are in-game graphics and developed using the game running in real-time. To set the record straight though, Rockstar has moved to clarify this on the official PlayStation Blog, when answering some user comments.

We went through a few months of silence from the developer, but it’s great to see that now the trailer is out, the developer is now starting to engage in community chatter at last, taking to their official website and other sources to answer some of the most requested queries from fans. Above is the response that Rockstar recently gave when asked specifically about the quality of graphics featured in the GTA 5 trailer 2.

If you pause at 0:38 in the trailer below, just take a look at the breathtaking graphics on offer as the train pulls into a busy downtown Los Santos, with a public bus also in view and general pedestrians going about their daily business – all in realtime. Another clip where Michael is abseiling down an office block is pretty mind-blowing too and amazing to think that the player will be able to do this themselves without the aid of cutscenes.

What about the train jump at the end then with Trevor – that is in-game graphics we presume as well then going by Rockstar’s statement? It will be interesting to see whether this still ends up as a cutscene of some sort, or whether players will be in control of the jump as well.

Take one more look at the trailer 2 below and the awesome Skeletons Stevie Wonder theme and tell us if you can believe that these are all in-game graphics on show. Does Rockstar have a masterpiece on their hands that is going to destroy Black Ops 2’s $500 million 24 hour sales record? We think it might.

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  • kevin

    It won’t beats black ops 2 don’t get me wrong I love rockstar just call.of duty is a lot bigger franchise

  • Nathan3219

    Woot!!! Can’t wait

  • itchy_head

    Rockstar North are the best Rockstar developers,infact they are the best developers out there.

  • GTAVwillsuck

    Even if they were cut scenes, all cut scenes games made by Rockstar are real time and in game, if you play it on PC and adjust the graphics you’ll see what I mean

  • cf-raiden

    rockstar uses real time cutscenes so even if the train jump was automated, it would be rendered by the in game graphics engine, in other words, you are not watching a movie clip. Thats mostly why your character can wear all types of clothes etc and go through the cutscene with those clothes on.. they are all rendered in real time by the game

  • People waited 5 years for this it will deffinitely beat $500 million in 24 hours while we only waited 2 years for bloack ops. I look at CoD like its Madden or NBA they release a NBA or Madden game every year like CoD and its always the same thats why CoD sucks and is way overrated and over played. Im a die hard GTA fan played the series since I was 4. GTA is actually worth playing and R* axtually takes there time on GTA unlike treyarch/infinityward with CoD. Thats my opinion

    • yo mama

      their time, not there.

      • Dawid Bartel

        yo mama.

  • I have A question gta v trailer 1 and 2 and different in graphics

    • The Jovial Cereal Box

      GTA V was in an earlier stage of development at the time. IMHO there isn’t much of a difference in the graphics engine, although I can definitely say the map looks a little more fleshed out in the newest trailer in terms of rendering, modelling, etc. They were probably running on GTA IV’s RAGE engine in trailer 1 as opposed to the current, modified RAGE Engine.

  • Drunk on Drank UK

    I’m sure this game will be great. Consider how many hours people will spend player this game even when the story is completed. I think this game will be great value for money. Already pre- ordered my copy. Hoping to have as much fun as I did with San Andreas when that came out.

  • giggity

    there is absolutely no way GTA 5 will beat the $500 Million in 24 hours UNLESS it releases on PC which it will not.
    here’s why it wont release on PC:
    the game is simply too big. to play it, you’d need a extremely high tech computer if you want to play it with the graphics R* intend the game to be played in. as most PC gamers do not have super-gamin computers, they will not be able to enjoy it as much, so therefore, it wont be for PC.

    • It will beat it! While your playing your wimpy COD game ill be playing a mans game called gta v….Oh and by the way, PC SUCKS.

      • giggity

        if GTA is a mans game, why is it aimed at boys? it’s real market is 14-18 year olds.
        in anyway, why you trolling, dude? men can read things and not feel the need to troll, boys troll to make themselves feel like men, but in reality, it just makes them small.

        • John

          >makes an 18 rated game
          >target audience is 14-18

          How stupid are you?

        • giggity

          you’re stupid, it would seem. it is an 18 “RATED” game, but if something is rated something, it doesn’t have to be aimed for that audience.
          besides, over the years there have been 3 times more people playing GTA 14-17 than there have been 18 or older. it is aimed for youth, not older people, if only 18+ played GTA, then their sales would go down by 3 times

        • Joe

          You are retarded.

      • Yo mama

        They confirmed that after few months, there will be the PC version. PATIENCE please. ;D

        • rtqw

          I mean to reply to giggity

        • giggity

          they confirmed it today (19th). anyway, why could they confirm the game is on PC before they confirmed it was going to be PS 3 or X-Box which we knew from a while back?

      • quechus13

        Wait how do you think games are developed?
        PC is the father of your console if it wasn’t for PC your console wouldn’t be alive!

    • getyourfactsstraight

      of course it will be released on PC! You could have said the same thing about GTA 4 a few years back, and look what happened! There’s no such thing as “too big” for PC, and there’s this nifty innovation that’s been implemented for people with lower-end computers called “low graphics”. Truly ingenious.

      • giggity

        i never said anything about GTA 4. i didn’t even know it was out until 2010.

        in any event, perhaps you should have read my comment. i clearly said:
        “to play it, you’d need a extremely high tech computer if you want to play it with the graphics R* intend the game to be played in” [sic]
        which means that basically, you’d need a great computer to play it with the graphics R* want you to play the game in

        • You need a “great” computer to play ANY game nowadays. >.>

    • The Jovial Cereal Box

      The same could be said about most GTA games from as early as Vice City. The only way one would be unable to run GTA V is if they had a computer 4 years or older. Most others would be able to run it on at least the lowest settings.

      Most computer technology outperforms console technology. This doesn’t make consoles obsolete (both PC and console have their own strengths and weaknesses and are about equal to me), it just means that Rockstar has to take its time with the PC version in order to add higher graphics capability, provide a stable port etc. GTA V won’t release on PC on day one simply because R* tends to delay the PC release. It’ll probably release a couple months after the console release and be less hyped.

      Either way, I hope GTA V smashes the sales records. I’m sick of the mainstream media thinking that talking about the FPS equivalent of Madden breaking sales records helps them “speak to the gamer culture”.

      • giggity

        but who will buy a totally new computer for 300 or a new graphics card etc for 200 to play the game the graphical way R* intend? i know, sure-as-sh*t i would never do that

        • sam007

          When GTA IV came i bought a new pc just to play that game and i m still playing gta iv. when gta v will come i either upgrade my pc or buy a console. because gta is a game which deserve spending lots of money along with time.

        • The world doesn’t revolve around you.

    • Yo teacher

      You know that GTA IV is good for 2008 high-end computers, but now, those computers are like medium ranged. That means the high end computers nowadays will run it smoothly even in max. Get the point?

      • giggity

        exactly “high-end computers”. i play games on PS 3 tbh, buti don’t have a high-end computer. who would buy a new PC for £300 only to play the game which cost £40? i certainly wouldn’t

    • sam007

      If in any case (that won’t going to happen actually) gta v is not going to make $500 Million in 24 hours, this will not going to make gta less in any aspect than COD.

    • beep

      you’re an idiot if you think consoles run large games smoother than a pc. have you not noticed theres no load screens on most open world rpgs for pc? how can our consoles run such an large game but not pcs, your logic is ridiculous

  • BLACKHAWK_1989

    Wait, That’s not an actual picture? lol

  • Alan harper

    How about the first trailer, cutscenes in that, which is weird coz gta has never had cutscenes before, the backpackers at the foot of the mountain for instance, that isnt in game

    • Davieguns

      The scene with the back-packers, is likely an advertisement/commercial on the TV in game.

  • GTA54Life

    Cheers to Rockstar
    My All-Time favourite game developer 🙂