Black Ops 2 Double XP starts, PS3 issues persist

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 17, 2012

We admire those gamers that are battling it out on Black Ops 2 while experiencing constant freezing with the PS3 version, although we’ve noticed our PS3 Slim version seems to be crashing and having more problems than the Super Slim PS3, which might be pure luck considering both consoles have patch 1.02 installed. We touched on the Black Ops 2 PS3 problems a few days ago and this met over 250 comments from our readers, which the majority of these gamers confirmed the issues and also expanded on their situation with more detail.

This article also featured a tweet from Activision that confirmed they were aware of connection issues, although it didn’t really look at the larger problems like PS3’s freezing and shutting down automatically when playing Black Ops 2 online. Since this update from Activision we’ve seen numerous tweets from gamers but little feedback from those behind Black Ops 2, although earlier today we saw Activision tweet about the Black Ops 2 Double XP launch weekend and touch on people needing “patience” while they “resolve” the PS3 problems and those issues with other platforms as well. You can see a screenshot of this tweet below, which asked for gamers to be patient.

We also saw a video published within the last 24 hours that talks about getting started with Black Ops 2 Double XP, and offers a survival guide for this weekend. You can see that video here on YouTube, which runs for just over a minute, but it is worth noting that some PS3 owners are annoyed thanks to still having problems getting online with Black Ops 2. They hope that a second Double XP weekend is offered as soon as the problems are fixed.

How has your Black Ops 2 Double XP weekend been so far, has it been all fun or are you still having problems? We published details of the Black Ops 2 diamond guns and camos earlier today, so feel free to see how to unlock these in a video via our earlier article.

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  • I have the number 1 in a circle next to my name and level in black ops 2. It’s been there since the first time I played it… Anyone know. Is it anything to do with MW3 ??

  • cravy78

    i am still having freezing issue during online play. also, i had an issue with freezing during campaign mode and no double xp over launch weekend. FAIL!

  • Colonel_Spangler

    I can’t even get past the main menu due to the “Black Ops 2 Sever is not available at this time” error message that I’ve been seeing for the past 3 days. Thanks Activision!!!

  • Leo

    Hello ive been trying to connect even with the version of 1.03 and it still shuts my ps3 down I was about 1 hour in the game any ideas why this bug.. Is still not resolved it is not any of my business but I have to say how come out of every call of duty i have preordered r played this is the 1st one that really. Has this issue. To the creaters of the game why did you release a game that wasnt ready for release.

  • srdeth

    IM on ps3 I have have very few problems ,1 screen freeze b4 the patch, but that may have been a controller issue I have had b4, IM getting my 2XP no prob totally loving this cod way more than mw3 or blops 1,

    • Spider-Man

      Is anyone you know getting double XP??

  • Stw1993

    The problems are endless, the one thing that is getting to me the most is the fact that the season pass isn’t available on the PS Store, I spent £80 on the game and the pass, and now I’m beginning to feel as if I’ve wasted £35 (and potently the whole £80 with the constant problems), if anyone has any info on the season pass for PS3, PLEASE comment….

    • optimus_rhyme22

      You have to go into ps store and then game dlc plus there is a store menu in the multiplayer part of the game its self

  • For those who cannot connect because the servers are down:
    Do you think this was done on purpose? Many gamers from different regions can at least get online so obviously the servers ARE available.

  • Joker 951

    I dont even care about double xp just let us play!!!!!!

  • Joker 951

    Im getting double zero xp cuz i cant even play my server is been down for 2 days. Grrrrrr

  • its still crashing

  • BO2 FAIL

    still no double xp ..saturday gone

  • Francisco

    Im experiencing problems with the game in general. Since i got it it has frozen on both multiplayer and zombies. It also froze once in campign. Sometimes while playing online an annoying sound comes up(like sticking a pencil in a fan while its spinning) and it over powers all other sounds in the game. I hope they fix this problem quick. I hate to have my system mess up because of black ops 2

  • cyco_p

    as an avid fan of the call of duty series and now the issues with black ops 2 I HAVE RETURNED THE GAME AS NEW PATCH 1.03 DID NOT WORK i put it to activision how big was the envelope from bill gates you sold us out

  • mikey_lolz

    I think its working, cuz 1.03 was just released 1/2 an hour ago in Europe, and the lag is much less intense. Plus, my code finally worked for nuketown zombies/2025 and the themes. I think it’s fixed, DLC and all.

    Of course, I’m probably wrong, and everything will still be broken, and it will not work. Plus, double XP, I don’t if it worked or not, maybe it automatically came with Nuketown 2025.

  • zomg

    This is the worst COD product I’ve played. I would have thought this to be the most solid one but 2 steps forward, 4 steps back.

  • partmechanical

    Is anybody having sound problems? I cant hear anything since the update. In any mode on the game.

  • Mike

    Black Ops 2 is filled with errors… First of all it shut down my PS3 over 3 times in under an 1 Hour, Second of all I can hardly play any god damn level and now I would just be lucky to have my PS3 still in working condition.
    I will never ever buy any game from Activition/Treyarch, they gotta get their acts straight and learn how to release games without stupid errors. Complete douchebags.

  • wwwwwwwww

    Black Ops 2 is dead..

  • Rob

    This really sucks…Trying to play and it keeps freeing….This is not good on the PS3 having to keep turning it off and back on again. How long till problem is fixed?

  • Roze



    i bought hardened edition and it turns out my code was a duplicate also no double xp …. classic sony meets classic activision

  • SMG’S are overpowered

  • robtor408

    My game wont even load and freezes on startup, I’ve had to reboot my ps3 over 30 times… Activision better buy me a new ps3 when mine breaks!

  • jamie

    mine was freezing at first but then i downloaded the graphics for the maps and there’s no freezing at all, so much information on the disc was over working the disc drive. go to multiplayer, then options, then at the bottom install. solved all my problems

  • c32

    yay they release patch 1.03…. still server problems and everything else…. what have they fixed?

  • Spider-Man


  • Spider-Man

    Freeze number 8 in less than a days time. I am officially spending more time resetting my game and waiting in lobbies than actually playing the game. Even when I do get to play the game there is still no Double XP. I want more than just another Double XP weekend as an apology from Treyarch. None of this shold be happening right now. I get a little more agitated every time this happens. What will happen when I reach my limit??

  • hondanuts

    Some clan members of mine noticed that one person in the lobby will have a message above the map choices that says something along the lines of “searching for game, 0 found” if that person backs out of the lobby the game will start and they can still join back in.

  • Pre ordered for ps3, downloaded nuketown. But no double XP, I read something about redeeming a token for double XP. Who knows about this, and how do I get it, or do it.. Looks like I’m gonna miss out . Activision/Support is giving no support….HELP PLEASE!! Is there a nuketown zombies mode??

  • matt

    no scratches plays other games fine

  • matt

    pfft my ps3 freezes everytime i try and play black ops 2, i cant even get through one online game or zombies match or campain sometimes its on the start screen doesnt matter freezes within 5 mins of starting game everytime

  • youngskeletor

    I just DL’d patch 1.03 so here’s hoping it’s resolved some of the more pressing issues.

  • Anonymous

    Nuketown 2025 is not Nuketown Zombies, Nuketown 2025 is a futuristic version of Nuketown and you get the multiplayer map by pre-ordering Black Ops 2. Nuketown Zombies is Normal Nuketown as a zombie map and you get that by purchasing the prestige or hardened edition of the game.

  • I quit playing after 3 hours of frustration. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Akira2020

    Horrible experience on the PS3. Not only are there constant freezes and sitting in lobbys for loooooong periods of time, but the hit recognition if very bad, the guns are unbalanced, and the graphics are VERY bad.
    I just purchased the Xbox version of the game and there are NO similar problems like on the PS3. I’m beginning to question why a bad version was released on Sony’s platform. Could it be the talks between Microsoft and Activision regarding Microsoft’s offer to buy Activision? It sure has PS3 players hearing all the Xboxer’s raving about their version might purchase 360’s.

  • Serg

    For those with freezing problems, try checking for updates on the ps3. There’s a new one that brings stability improvements. Fixed my freezing but still don’t have double xp :/

  • Jessica

    My ps3 continues to shut off every time I try to play the game I hope they fix the issue soon I want to get double xp this weekend

  • I have had problems such as freezing and LIGHT connectivity issues. I noticed AFTER i installed the texture pack, most of the issues went away. Although occasionally it will still freeze, but most of the time its good.

  • jj

    I am experiencing this now, the game freezes randomly, 12 players but need more players message shows.

    • Spider-Man

      Exactly. Those are the worst things about this game right now in my opinion.

  • Spider-Man

    No one is getting Double XP. Is there anything else that is going to go wrong. I want to think that all of these problems are somehow related, but I don’t know. It just seems like these problems should not be an issue. Treyarch and Activision HAD to be expecting this, so why are these things happening. My PS3 Black Ops 2 game just froze for the 7th time in not even a day of playing time. That means this game is freezing every 2 or 3 hours. I am one of the people who want to sit down and play for 6 or 7 hours strait, but these interruptions, resets, waiting to see if my PS3 will continue working, and then getting back in the game, makes me want to stop playing altogether. I just don’t understand it.

  • rocky

    Why is it always ps3 seems to connection issues on online gaming and freezing
    seems like they not willing to run the servers properly or dont have enough servers to handle the game which is dam stupid.

  • LuisP

    My game froze 3 times in a row… Unbelievable !! No game ever has gave me problems like this and to top it off like allot of other users I’m not getting my double xp I do have the nuketown map!!! What Gives!!!?

  • ivan

    Still freezes my ps3 if i login and launch the game. No multiplayer for a while… DAMMIT when da heck are they gonna fix this?

  • James H

    I haven’t been able to connect to the severs at all. I did notice, if you disconnect from psn, then boot the game, it doesnt freeze during opening credits.

  • Jose

    i agree with you i am a huge black ops fan but the dissapointment is
    huge as well i stopped playing it.for the same reason reason one it
    freezes all the time and i really doubt that activision will be
    responsible for any further damage on my ps3.i hope this can be fix if
    not it will be one of the hundreds quiting on CALL OF DUTY….MW3 was
    horrible and i know a lot of people will agree with me.pls dont do the
    same with this one thanks

  • Paxx

    Crappy. Nuke town yes. Laggy all day. I’ve seen more disconnect icons in one match than in all my hours playing all previous cod games. Very disappointed.



  • Mayank Mishra

    Bloody i cant even download Nuketown despite of having code. Its says system activation error. Even though i have deactivated but still the same man :(. No help what so ever.

  • Fearless47 on ps3

    I have figure out the problem. In lobby one person will have this message ” 0 games found” right above trying to balance teams. If u have that message back out bec your the host and lobby will start!! Have tried this method all nite. Works 100%

  • michael

    haven’t even been able to connect online since thursday.

  • dap33

    anyone had the sound glitching up ???

  • I got no Freezing (yet) but I got some hit detection and hit rate problems. Like you shoot someone on Hardcore matches and no matter how many times you hited him, he kills you. Usually you got 1 shot on 1 Kill, now and only some times I get killed before, even if I pulled the trigger 5 seconds in advance, This sucks.

    • Akira2020

      I’m having the same problems!!!! Thank God I’m not going mad

  • Eddo

    I can only join games that are already in progress. If I sit in a lobby waiting for a game to start it will say “More players needed to balance teams” even though there are 12/12 players listed. After a few times, I realized it was me holding everyone up in the lobby waiting for games to start. I have to continually exit lobbies until I get a game already in progress which means I usually get put on a sub par team and do not have a good gaming experience. I can only bounce around like this for so long until this freezes my PS3 and I have to reboot. I am, like many, extremely frustrated especially after dropping over $110 for the game and elite package. It seems like there is no accountability or urgency to resolve these issues. I mean, they already have the money, so what’s the rush?

    • This was me before, now I just cant get online 🙁

  • pissed off

    agree this sux balls. how can they release crap like this

    • DarkmatterZ

      because they don’t care. They made millions. Activision does this every year sell you glitchy game and people continue to buy it. Reviewers are obviously paid because they gave out near perfect reviews. People should finally stop buying from them and sue if CODBO2 caused ylod from all the auto shutdowns and freezes

  • xCrazyChris

    Crashing, Disconnecting, No render button in theater, final killcams are not the final kills, not getting double exp post game, Elite custom class fails to send changes. They made elite for Black ops 2 free because it sucks…badly.

  • Seenan

    I hope you guys actually installed the Textures in the options menu; that stops a large chunk of the freezing. But, there’s still some freezing.

  • Co2132

    Was fine when I brought the game, but since yesterday haven’t been able to play the game what so ever, freezes at the opening credits so I cant even play single play. And about 1 out of 20 times it goes back the credits it comes up servers not avaible. Worst start of a game ever, shame its mostly happening on the PS3, nice to know developers aren’t being biased.

  • i havent been able to play online freezes all the time

  • Prophetless

    I’m stuck playing Zombies for right now. Only thing that’s not locking up my console. My PS3 has locked up 6 times in 3 days. 4 was in public multiplayer, 1 was in a private/Combat Training match, and 1 more while I was going through the first single-player campaign mission. I’ve had sound issues twice in TranZit yesterday causing me to quit the game and reboot but that’s a lot better than having to deal with a lock-up.

    It’s pretty sad that all I’m hearing about when it comes to Black Ops 2 right now is how the game did $500 Million in 24 hours. I want to play my game. I also want a check in my mailbox for compensation of being a beta tester. And if they don’t do something about the lag compensation then I want another check for help paying my internet bill too.

  • Please straighten this out

    Thoroughly pissed that the ps3 version is still significantly buggier than its counter parts. First free weekend I have for a while to waste away the 2 days getting double xp.. not. Not to mention in the 40 hours or so ive logged, ive played like 42, 8 minute games…. This is unnacceptable seeing as though youve now topped the charts, and made HALF A BILLION DOLLAR ON LAUNCH!

  • I’m Angry

    My ps3 has frozen 7 times within 9 hours it’s pathetic.

  • jdkqwnjip

    im having problem with the game freezing and im not recieving 2x xp… i have nuketown but no 2x xp

  • Ryan

    double xp is added on to your match bonus probably because of the scorestreaks

  • gez

    my black ops 2 crashed so many times , its caused my ps3 to die (yellow light of death) and for added insult to injury the game is stuck inside the console so I cant even return it?!?!?! last time I ever buy a game from acitivision/treyarch! absolutely disgusting!

    • Akira2020

      Dude, if you go to “Youtube” there’s lots of videos that show you how to open your PS3, remove the CD and fix the YLOD.

  • gabby

    I got the nuke town but still don’t get the double xp

    • You’re not the only one, I’m on PS3, have NukeTown from pre-order, and no double xp, nor can I play NukeTown Zombies.

      • jamie

        you dont get nuketown zombies from preordering the game, you need to buy the season pass, and are you assuming because the same number iscoming up when you kill someone that you havnt got double exp? cos thats the exp its showing its score streak, ignore that number in regards to receiving double exp.

        • jamie

          ***thats not the exp its score streak

        • Flip

          your dumb dude,… it would still show 200xp for 1 kill in tdm if double XP was on. Its just every other COD, you should be able to see that your getting double XP!

  • Cprovost

    I have nuke town download and no db xp

  • Horrible. Just horrible. I’ve just logged on to have my PS3 freeze 3 times now. Unacceptable.