Black Ops 2 diamond guns and camos visualized

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2012

How are you getting on with Black Ops 2 multiplayer at the moment? If you thought that Black Ops 2 gold guns were the best thing to aim at in multiplayer mode, think again. Treyarch has planted secret Black Ops 2 diamond weapons and diamond camos as well, and we have a great video to show you, letting you see the bling bling goodies for yourself.

Gold guns in the first Black Ops game took long enough to unlock as it is, so we have no idea how this person has managed to play through the entire prestiges of Black Ops 2 and unlock the hidden diamond gear. In order to get the diamond weapons and camos, you have to complete every single camo unlock for all Specials in the game.

We can tell you that there is going to a diamond crossbow, diamond assault shield, diamond ballistic knife and also a diamond combat knife to use. It transforms your golden special weapons into diamond, giving each one of them a makeover complete with shining jewels that are going to make you one hot target indeed in multiplayer mode and the envy of many other players we expect.

The user in question, Vikkstar, is claiming that he is the first person in the world to unlock the diamond weapons and camos for Black Ops 2. If that is indeed true, then surely he must be in with a shot of snagging some prizes from Treyarch perhaps – quite a achievement you have to say considering that Black Ops 2 has only been out for a matter of days, officially anyway.

Each weapon has their own diamond characteristics and we have to say that the diamond ballistic knife looks particularly awesome. Imagine taking someone out with one of those and then the player having to watch it back on the killcam – need we say more? We’ve included the video below which shows you how to get the diamond weapons and camos, and how they look in a private match online.

Are you going to aim for the diamond gear now or do you think they are out of your reach? Is this guy really the first in the world to have unlocked them, or have you already seen someone using the diamond goodies online? Don’t forget to check out the Tower of Babble easter egg secret, which has now been solved.

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  • aqualego

    how do you get the art of war camo for the crossbow i hve dstroyed cars an it kille people but no camo

  • Oh hey guys good news, while many of us still cannot connect to play the game we bought and are not being able to take advantage of the Double XP weekend there are some people in the community who have had little to No issues and have been able to take full advantage of it excelling in areas only a chosen few can. Wow? Diamond skins? That sounds great! By the time I get online it will not only be old news but I will be hilariously behind.

  • Thomas McBrearty

    Well that’s great and all, but there are far better things in the game than adding ‘bling’ to my guns, I’d rather take the time to play with friends the good ‘ol’ fashion way 😉

  • Nemesis_96

    Possible to get these for regular weapons? These look sweet!

  • gez

    who cares!? my black ops 2 crashed so many times , its caused my ps3 to die (yellow
    light of death) and for added insult to injury the game is stuck inside
    the console so I cant even return it?!?!?! last time I ever buy a game
    from acitivision/treyarch! absolutely disgusting!

    • Derrrr

      Derp, games don’t give your PS3 the YLOD. If you want to take it out, turn the back switch off, put your finger on the eject button, hold it, and flip the switch back on

      • 01010011010111

        u gotta admit blops 2 crashes lodes, good game though

  • Delnoir

    I may or may not go for it. Black Ops 2 is holding my attention longer than any other CoD in the last three years, so I may very well be around long enough to try. The Gold Camo challenges take time but aren’t particularly hard. More a matter of just playing the game and eventually they’ll come naturally (Except for maybe the one where you have to get Bloodthirsty using only the weapon you’re going for gold on).

    Might be a worthy time sink.

  • And?

    I don’t care. I just don’t care.

    • NgTurbo

      Millions of Black Ops 2 youths do, unfortunately.

    • seveneightyseven

      …if you don’t care why did you click the article? -___- i mean seriously tell me why?

      • This..

        There are far more pressing matters that are far more serious. Basic connections make this game unplayable. There is a total lack of balancing. Spawns are atrocious. So, again, I don’t care.

        • seveneightyseven

          that doesn’t answer my question, if you don’t like cod, why click on a cod article? i didn’t ask why you don;t like it, i asked why go to a cod article? to specifically say you don’t like it? it’s baffling that people do this still

        • ZeroOneZero

          I do like CoD. I love CoD. I put numerous amounts of time into every multilayer since CoD4 (apart from WaW, rubbish). But at this moment in time, the game is broken. When all the points I mentioned above are fixed, maybe I’ll care about the most disgusting camo ever, purely because it willl be rare. And what has it got to do with you what I click on?? I pay for my internet, I can do what I want with it. Do I have to justify myself any more to you, or are you satisfied now??

        • seveneightyseven

          i wasn’t talking to you dipshit, i’m talking to the people above me, i could care less about you and your stupid reasoning, i didnt even read all that bs

        • Joe

          If the game is broken, why is there always 700-800 thousand people online on Xbox alone during peek times?