Black Ops 2 1.03 live on PS3, patch notes on way

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 17, 2012

We have been reporting the Black Ops 2 problems we’ve experienced during our review on the PS3 and also those of our readers, which has now led to patch 1.03 going live and should be available for you to download right now. Around 2 hours ago the Game Design Director at Treyarch stated that Black Ops 2 patch 1.03 had been prepped and should be rolling out soon, although within the last 30 minutes we’ve seen the update go live in the UK and US for PS3 users.

The file size is just 58MB and came shortly after the message of the day, which explained they’ve been able to quickly identify issues with Black Ops 2 after listening to gamer feedback. This means certain server problems have been fixed, and they also touched on the fact that a patch would be rolling out to correct “game-side issues“. You can see the message of the day below, although it seems a few issues have already been reported in regard to Black Ops 2 patch 1.03, but some of these might be minor teething problems.

Expect some problems to fix themselves – the latest tweets from David Vonderhaar, Treyarch, explained that some issues found after installing Black Ops 2 update 1.03 will “self correct” and this includes certain messages stating, “Game versions are incompatible“. He explained that with over one million people online grabbing the latest patch it would cause a few teething problems, so his recommendation is to “hang tight“.

It is also true that Black Ops 2 patch 1.03 won’t fix all problems, although Vonderhaar points out that there are “some good fixes” for the most common problems reported over the last couple of days. They are going to fix more issues shortly and this will mean Black Ops 2 should receive patch 1.04 in the coming week or two, but the biggest question PS3 gamers have is on the matter of freezing and crashing, which we touched on before. We are yet to hear if the majority of freezing problems are fixed for PS3 gamers, but we’ll know more when the full patch notes go live. Earlier today we mentioned that the Double XP weekend had started, although a number of our readers are still pointing to many issues after the latest patch and initially a few had a problem seeing Double XP start.

Have you installed Black Ops 2 patch 1.03 on your PS3, and if so have you noticed any changes? When the full release notes arrive for this update we will post them here, so feel free to check back soon. Let’s just hope at least the crashing/freezing stops, and the connections to friends and family improve while playing zombies and multiplayer online.

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  • ampadman

    my black ops 2 keeps saying game versions incompatiable and its been saying this for a week now and i cant play online or anything only local campaign and single player zombies…… help please

  • jamie

    Major let down impossible to play due to lag and freezing, I usually play 10 – 12 hours a week on cod, I have played 3 hours of this and that was the worst 3 hours of multiplayer i have ever played. Fix it quick one pissed off ex-fan.

  • Abdulkareem

    I’m having server-related issues. “Error: Black Ops II server is not available at this time”. I’ve been having those issues for about 48 hours! Fix it asap, please?

  • mista_nite

    My NAT type now says STRICT. It was OPEN before the patch. I dont freeze anymore though, but cant party up with all my friends, and yes ive already done all the DMZ stuff port forwarding firewall static IP tricks soooo…. That sucks.

  • mynameis….

    still not working for me

  • Jah1337

    I updated about 3am today and since I can see my double exp and multiplayer crashes have stopped and getting a game isn’t a problem even with moderate nat settings, it was open when I started playing but switched since I got a replacement hub from BT don’t know if its the hub or update cos I got the patch then sorted out my hub

  • Kevin

    I’ve had to black screens freeze up last night once right after a multi game, then when I hard reset it did not load the game at all just say there on a black screen…hard reset again then worked…hope 1.4 out soon.

  • tony

    installed the patch last night still no change freezes on menu still and when it does load it feezes on zombies campagn and mutilplayer, tried it again this morning and still THE SAME??????, i have deleted the game data ultilty and played it on and offline still nothing?????? really am starting to get fed up with playsation i STILL CANT PLAY IT FROM MIDNIGHT LAUNCH DID THEY EVEN TEST THIS PATCH, what am i suppose to do

    • Kevin

      You got Facebook? Add Activision support and tell them they will get back to you sooner.

  • dkwcrew

    Loaded 1.03 and still hard-crashing right at start menu (after intro video). Absolutely no change since purchasing Black Ops II on launch day. So very dissappointing, especially with XP2 weekend and can’t play at all! Also, concerned on my PS3 with all the hard-crashing… It better not make my PS3 crash completely!!

  • Gvern357

    Quit bitching and get a Xbox. 🙂

  • ESGunz

    Before the 1.03 update, I could have often online. But I had VERY frequent crashes which had me to hard reset my PS3. After update, I’ve been playing for a few hours now and I havnt had a crash since. So atleast for me it’s working slightly better 🙂

  • barbob75

    the patch didn’t fix the freezing on campaign mode when i rescue woods from the ship at the checkpoint after you hide under the log. it cant be my game ive traded it in 3 times for a new copy, very disappointing.

  • packattackfan

    installed patch. can now log onto gm while logged into psn without gm freezing. great! still get the message cod servers are unavaliable at this time please try again later. so what now?

  • theatre needs to be fixed! it does’nt record games and when it does it only records 3 minutes of it, secondly the time it takes for people to join your game needs fixing and the escort drone bug

  • Alex

    Game still freezes and crashes

  • Mike21

    Servers are still down on mine and I’m getting pretty pissed off at it

  • ah

    The patch worked great! No more freezing !! everything runs perfect!

  • Fifty

    Done the update and its says the servers are down

  • wants to play

    I did up date and still froze up right after 1 multi game…so what did the patch do? Please fix asap sick of it already.

  • Mine’s actually pretty good now. Only problem is Dragonfire from a Care Package won’t deploy on Nuketown. Dunno if anyone else has this

    • Umnity

      Dragonfires get destroyed too easy -__-

  • The gamehas stopped crashing, I am still unable to connect to psn servers and play online. goodbye double XP!

  • Haime

    I’m not getting any double xp and the game keeps freezing after the patch , treyarch keep working

  • Antics27

    I played a few games after the patch with no problems. Dominated with an SMG all 3 matches.

  • KrazyAceOfSpades

    nope no changes at all i still after an hour of waiting get into one game when its done and loads to pregame lobby it freezes before getting to the lobby then when i hard reset i then cant even get past the intro scene

  • So weird that I never get problems when everyone does. I mean that for all games. I guess I am one hell of a lucky guy. In life in general it’s the same. Anyway, I got the game at my door on Thursday afternoon from Amazon UK (I live in Spain) and I redeemed my code inside the steelbook case without a problem (please remember that wherever your game is from, your account you redeem it on has to be the same! Example: UK game means the code only works on an UK account). Redeemed my code from the coin on the website and got the DLC that very minute. I’ve had a couple normal host migrations and about 3-4 connection errors but that’s normal since it can’t find a host since the host probably turns off its PS3 without quiting first so the game can’t chose a host. Zombies work fine. Only once I couldn’t find a game of Multi-Team when I was with a friend but he hosted and it worked. I must also say my internet has never been the REALLY GOOD type. It’s been more stable this year, that’s for sure but I’d still get a yellow connection in CoD 3/10 and when I played with friends from America. I’m level 36 and with Double XP. Really happy with the game but of course they should improve a bit with a patch or 2. Saving up for the season pass too 🙂

    • Craig

      Welcome to the club, no problems here. Lets gloat

      • KrazyAceOfSpades

        you mean let’s troll and flame instead of playing the game wow great choices on how to spend your time

        • Craig

          The joys of broadband I did both LOL

  • WhyTreyarchWhy?

    Treyarch, I expected better from you. At least you are (hopefully) working on the active issues at hand. Still, this should have never been an issue in the first place. I would have thought that when you developed the game you would at least make sure it would work on both consoles… What a waste of $90 (Hardened Edition)

  • Im not haveing any problems now or few days after release,But since the patch the weapons and gear is alot more accurate and smooth 🙂

  • kyle

    i think they snuck in a assault rifle buff too, they have been doing better today ( or a SMG nerf )

  • ItsProbingTime

    just downloaded it, lets hope there aren’t anymore crashes

  • Cleverman

    You have to restart your PS3 for the update. I just got it. It fixes most glitches! Remember the game is new and obviously it takes a few days to fix ALL glitches. PS3 is on it .

    • KrazyAceOfSpades

      doesnt matter an issue like this is unacceptable they should have never released this game with such a huge issue just shows just how well their testing team is.

  • Mattyd125

    still getting server disconencted = no multiplyaer = no double xp this is pathetic, they should definitely do something to make it up to us , i havent been able to play one online game yet !

  • Still no fix on being able to hear footsteps at all with awareness everything else has always seemed fine to me. no footsteps ticks me off though

    • Craig

      I spoke to Vandahar myself about this issue and he said its to do with your loadout. more equipment more weight therefore heavier footsteps. Your just playing against really light players thats all. Try and get yourself onto american servers they have much heavier footsteps

      • Umnity



    I haven’t been able to play any multiplayer games because of the server errors on Black Ops 2, I preordered the game and got it on launch day and since then, the issues hasn’t been resolved, very disappointed.

  • martin

    still cant get into MP at all patch done nothing for me

  • Synderrs

    Update done, less freezing. NO ONLINE SERVER IS STILL NOT AVAILAIBLE

  • Corra

    Fat ps3 still turns its self of nice work :(:(:(

  • Phr0zen1971

    Patch 1.03 applied, Nuketown 2025 MP still freezing WTF! So much for this fixing the freezing issues.. this is taking the p!ss

  • dcfvgb

    changed my nat type from open to moderate, thanks treyarch

    • KrazyAceOfSpades

      reset your router and modem lol that’s your connection not thheir servers lol

  • Now with update every time it tries to migrate host it quits game.

  • MadHater

    Stops freezing but I can’t join my friends cause of some incompatibly crap.
    Great treyarch nice job.

  • yesitsucks

    i missed the update nd now it tells me im incompatible with some of my friends how do i fix this?

  • Mahesh

    The treyarch team should fix the infamous “Synchronizing Game Settings” issue, that is my biggest problem with this game. When I am in a party it seems to occur more often than not. Hopefully they are working on that already because I know it is a common issue.

  • krimo

    server is not available again,bad work !!!!!!!!

  • StinkyPunan1

    i did the update but still says server is unavailable

  • ch76

    fixes the freezing but still says servers aren’t avaible, congrats on fixing half of the main problems.

    • Jaime

      I’m still getting frozen in the middle of the gamee

  • aaronweber123

    still having freezing crash problems with my ps3 even after the patch is installed. happened twice in 20 minutes. 1 time was a frozen game of GRIEF zombies (which did go back to the menu ) but the second game i played froze my PS3 after the end of a zombie game (which required my ps3 needing a system reboot)…..

    • asdfghj

      i had the same problem playing on tranzit, solo

  • NubianGB

    Before this path today I was able to play 2 games over 2 hours, since patch 1.03 I’ve played 5 games 20 mins!!!!! Thanks treyarch!!! Double points weekend whooo!! Haven’t seen a huge fix for lag but huge plus with ability to connect to games!!!!!!!

  • TheShamrock7

    Just downloaded patch played a few games and system froze while loading match.

  • MadDog

    Mine still has the same problems, can’t join a party nor anyone mine, I can get into lobbies, but most of the time when it’s loading me into a game it just stays at the full bar for a minute and then kicks me out saying “server disconnected” any ideas?

    • KrazyAceOfSpades

      joining parties just may be nat types between you and your friends reset your router or direct connect to modem to see if it works of course thats if you run through a router

      • cripper

        this is the correct answer! NAT TYPES ARE THE THING PRVENTING YOU FROM PLAYING. Google how to allow your console to have a nat type o ‘open’