Skyrim PS3 DLC stalled after Dragonborn exclusive

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2012

As we approach the end of another week for Skyrim players on PS3, we are still no closer to finding out whether or not Bethesda will release the PS3 Dawnguard DLC content, as part of their recent confirmation that the system will be getting some new DLC at least. Unsurprisingly, Bethesda has not said what this new content will be, but have still found the time to recently confirm that Dragonborn is going to be another Xbox 360 exclusive for now.

We saw with the Dragonborn trailer that only Xbox 360 was mentioned as a platform. This caused a lot of confusion among Skyrim players on all platforms, as you may remember that Bethesda originally stated that only the first two DLC expansion packs will be under an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft to release on Xbox 360 first before PS3 and PC.

It now appears that Bethesda has gone back on their word on this matter, or even if Hearthfire didn’t count as the second pack, they should have still made this very clear to PC owners at the very least. Instead we have continued silence from the Bethesda and you have to wonder why they still continue to alienate their PS3 and PC fan base, when all it takes is one simple sentence to say if the content is coming or not.

Bethesda has released some new screenshots from Dragonborn, which you can check out on the official Elder Scrolls website here. It looks fantastic just like Dawnguard did, with Bethesda confirming on their website as well as their blog post that this content is only for the Xbox 360 at the moment – no mention of Xbox 360 ‘first’, just Xbox 360.

As you can imagine, Bethesda’s comment section has been flooded with complaints asking why this content is still exclusive to Xbox 360 after the deal appeared to be up, but so far Bethesda has not responded with any direct answer to the questions. Over on Twitter, Pete Hines has responded to a question with an interesting reply, stating the following message below.

Based on that answer there, Pete Hines doesn’t know if Dawnguard is going to be the first DLC content for Skyrim, or when PS3 users will be getting this piece of DLC that they were promised. What are your thoughts on this answer from Bethesda’s main PR man?

For those of you who are getting Dragonborn on Xbox 360, enjoy the new screenshots over at the official website. For everyone else, is it time for Bethesda to start giving hard answers? Dawnguard has been nominated for the VGA 2012 awards for ‘Best DLC’, for those that would like to know.

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  • angry skyrim ps3 player

    the said dagonbon was releast on feb 12 its feb 2 and still nodragonborn

  • Robert

    To Terry L Lund :

    Calling the xbox live suxbox live is hitting it under the belt. Let me refresh your memory. Xbox live does not allow their live members’ credit cards info be compromised, not yet anyway, knock on wood. The playstation live did that. So, in the interest of fair play, who really sucked? The old adage works, “You get what you pay for…” Lets just hope that it doesn’t happen again. Now for bethesda, I guess they are to blame for not “fixing” their issues so, they can also release for the PS3. But why wait for the issues to be fixed? If you have the extra dough, go get an xbox360. Everybody, stop moping and whining, this is the xmas season, spread some good cheer, get some cheer for yourselves and just get over it…The cheapest xbox is only $200 something!!! You don’t have to even pay suxbox live to buy dlc’s or get updates on games. Besides, there are over over 23 million of us paying customers for xbox live. Don’t be cheap, its only $60 a full year!!! Or just watch for xbox live offers, You could get it at $40 a year….This is xmas, not the time to be cheap!!! Free could only get you “somewhere for a time” or nowhere….

  • Harsh

    XBOX FTW!!!! Lol guys jk. Can’t wait for Dec. 4!

  • Todd


  • Where is Todd Howard and what the hell is he doing?


    I and many others from the Official Skyrim forums have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau. I am hoping many of you will do the same.

    • lelouch

      I agree Bethesda needs to be reported to better business bureau they need learn you cant ignoring the customers any longer. Bethesda sold broken products the game freezes huge amount of areas from size of the game save to gameplay, don’t forget it needs endless patchs to make the game work, DLC is the final straw because it says on back of the box Add-Ons X-Box, PC both got DLC. The PS3 has not got any Add-Ons Bethesda has created three DLC have not fix DLC to play on the PS3. Right now Bethesda Software,ZeniMax Media has gotten an F rank by better business bureau they cant ignore the customers any longer.

  • I am currently playing Skyrim on both PS3 and XBOX. I originally purchased it on PS3 and later for the XBOX only when it was obvious PS3 was never going to see the first two DLCs. I would like to clear up one issue that many commenters’ keep referring to. BOTH versions still to date even with the patches are BUG ridden. I have more completed quests still hung-up in my quest menu on my XBOX than PS3, many of them from Dawnguard. The Summon Dragon Shout for Durnehviir does not work. BOTH versions still have game ending critical glitches. YES I agree the PS3 is getting the worst of this deal, but I just wanted to state the fact that Bethesda sold BROKEN games to both systems not just the PS3. Why XBOX users are being complete idiots and not agreeing that Bethesda owes everyone a working game and additional content is ridicules.

  • Xin Kion

    I’m getting in the bandwagon, and I’ll say this aloud and hopes everyone agrees, or follows. And Bethesda, I hope you find this comment and make a note of it: “I REFUSE TO BUY ANY MORE GAMES THAT HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY BETHESDA”. If Bethesda as poked it with their filthy, discriminating fingers, I wont be seen withing a mile of it, at least until they hold true to their word and keep the promise of DLC for PS3 users.

    I have read quite a few things that Bethesda has done that has upset me, this being one, and them trying to sue the indie company Mojang about the title of their game being “Scrolls”, Bethesda saying ‘How people would confuse Scrolls with their series The Elder Scrolls’. Its unacceptable. Take a picture of his company now, because this will be the last good one before they sink.

    And you people at Bethesda, dont you dare try to justify what you are doing. You would make twice as much selling the DLC to all consoles than taking Microsoft’s bribe and favoring only XBox. Do the math yourself.

  • steven weinerburg

    I’m about tired of waiting for these DLC’s as well. Bethesda has until the GTA 5 release date, after that it’ll be as if skyrim never existed.

  • Beatles4life

    Why do so many people seem to think that bethesda are taking back handers from microsoft or that they just don’t care about ps3 owners. Like so many people have said they are losing a third of the possible income from the dlc and are having their reputation tarnished in the process, meaning that they will be trying to get this working to try and recover themselves. Yes it’s anoying to not get a straight answer and to not have the dlc yet but making empty threats about avoiding bethesda in the future is just pointless because 1) I bet as soon as a new game like fallout 4 comes out I bet most people saying they will boycot them will get it and also if the people who are posting on here never buy a bethesda game again I really doubt they would care, they have so many customers. As for they should give the dlc away free… why should they. When all said and done they are a business, maybe a discount but I would not expect anything for free. By the way I am a ps3 owner and have never had issues with bugs even though I got it on the release day.

  • Hybrid_Sausage

    Well that’s it then. Goodbye Bethesda. Keeping my money I was gonna spend on the Skyrim dlc’s for GTA V next year. At least Rockstar can make open world games with dlc AND online play that wok without any problems. Bethesda appears to be run by a bunch of five year olds.

  • Rob

    I’m not sure “Pete Hines” actually exists. I think he may just be a basic chatterbot programmed with nothing but phrases like “no news yet”, “when I know more I’ll tell you”, and variations thereof.

  • The big a

    Why do they bother trying to surprise us with what dlc were getting it’s pointless, frankly if I don’t get dawnguard then what have they been doing all this time.

  • George

    This is ridiculous. I’ve always loved the games that Bethesda made and we’ve been waiting for this DLC for almost 5 months and Hines still gives the same answer to everything we ask. “Oh we’ll let you know.” WELL LET US KNOW NOW, THERE IS NO EXCUSE WHY IT SHOULD TAKE THIS LONG TO RELEASE ONE DLC.

  • Danny

    Okay any good part of logic will tell you if Bethesda had problems with Dawnguard they would solve the issue before making more DLC it’s adding more wood to the fire. There is most likely going be a GOTY edition released which you guessed it is going to cost a lot more than buying the DLC. They seem to embarrassed to come out and say “Yeah our staff aren’t trained enough and we tell you tales to increase sales” As look at many developers with cross platform gameslike Ubisoft, EA, 2K etc and they may have issues but they 9/10 times get the issue fixed. BETHESDA you need better staff that know what their doing.

    • Cassie

      I agree whole-heartedly, but I’m still annoyed with Ubisoft, too. Coming from a BG&E fan, I’m still waiting for the sequel… Which has been discussed for almost five years now. D,X

  • Use the money you would have spent to get the PS3 Skyrim DLCs and buy Dragon’s Dogma instead.

  • Nick S.

    Luke said: “hey i know you’re mad but you can’t assume that future bethesta games will suck.”

    Of course you can. It is not only a reasonable thing to “assume”, but it is wholly pragmatic unless you just like to throw money away on inferior products.

    After having been burnt, is it unreasonable to assume that sticking my hand in the fire again will have similar results?

  • Cassie

    This angers me beyond belief. I paid good money for Skyrim, and was hoping that I would also get to take part in playing Dawnguard. I was lucky to not have as many problems with Skyrim as other people have. But I’ve only played Dawnguard ONCE, on my boyfriend’s Xbox 360. I’m literally moving on to other games because I’m sick and tired of waiting for Bethesda to get their act together. What is even more insulting is the fact that they do not give any answers to the questions we’ve been asking. I am not wasting anymore time on giving them benefit of the doubt. Even if they eventually release it, there’s NO WAY I’m paying X amount of money to play something that should have been released on my game system MONTHS ago. It might not make a big difference to Bethesda if I stop purchasing their games, but with as many angry customers as I see in the comments below, I’m glad I’m not the only one making this decision. However, I’m very pleased with Resident Evil 6, and I’m going to go play that instead. xD

  • Ian

    What a shock they really are taking the piss now but come on guys we all knew they would do this.

  • Dawnguard is DLC of the year? Microsoft buys them awards year after year. Bethesda knows they don’t deserve it, but they take the awards anyway, away from other companies that deserved it more.

  • HopeDLCCOmesout

    “Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child unto me for the sins………..” Bethesda you have another chance……………….

  • totem4563

    This is really beyond of being dirty, if Bethesda have enough time to come out with exclusives for Microsoft then why don’t they have enough time to tend to the problems with the ps3 dlc problems? This shows that Bethesda is at a level with Activision or Sega, that they don’t care about their fanbase and also they refuse to take the time to fix the current problems on one console. PS3 is difficult and they managed to port it to the PS3, but the fact that they refuse to take their time of fixing the dlc problems and worrying about how much money they’ll make off the Xbox dlc just baffles me to the point that I’m fed up with waiting. My copy of Skyrim is gathering dust and I’m content with B2 because Gearbox is not like Bethesda that does nothing to fix their game and will probably continue to do so in future games giving Xbox the number 1 treatment while the PS3 fanbase has to suffer.

    • Cassie

      I agree with you. I’m sticking to RE6 for now, I like Capcom so far so… And it’s ridiculous how Xbox is “favored.” I hope their company takes a hard hit after how they’ve treated PS3 users. I really do.

  • Me

    Everyone just keep spaming hines, and will only quit when we have all 3 dlcs.

  • An ex-Bethesda fan

    Bethesda make fantastic games which gives me huge respect for them. They then proceed to screw over 2/3 of their player base (though PS3 is worse off – I feel for you guys), simply because Microsoft gave them some money. Did they not get enough? Does customer satisfaction mean nothing to them? Surely the money gained from PS3/PC players buying the DLC far outweighs whatever Microsoft paid. As far as I can tell, they’re simply doing it out of spite and selfishness.

    They need to pull something big out the bag before they become a respectable company in my eyes.

  • RAGE

    let go copy and paste all this on bethesda website over and over and over till it crashes their website

  • superhatebethesda

    bethesda is too far suck up mircrosoft ahole to care about pc users let alone ps3 their laughing thier heads off as they tourture us

  • hatebethesda

    beathesda is too far suck up microsoft ahole to care about pc user let only ps3 their torurturing us and they know it and dont care

  • Ste

    The fact of the matter is , the open world genre is alot bigger than what it used to be , and there’s companies that make similar games to Skyrim that treat ALL consumers with respect and honesty, eventually alot of people will refuse to buy another Bethesda game , not too mention the lawsuits Bethesda will come up against if DLC is not released and the game isn’t fixed PROPERLY.What i’m trying to say is eventually (hopefully) they go bust , lose all their money and soon after they will realise that Microsoft will ditch them even faster than they ditched PS3 and PC players.

    • hatebethesda

      i agreed

  • luke

    don’t blame bethesta blame those Microsoft A holes

    • David Gillam

      No. Blame Bethesda. Its their fault they cant make a stable game that works on the system.
      I’d be willing to wait, if it was a case of “exclusive for a month”. But considering the main game is still blowing chunks a year later, its blatantly obvious where the REAL problem is.

  • luke

    those xbox dirtbags

  • Dr. No

    To all the PS3 users saying things like: “I will never buy another Bethesda game blah blah blah”, why are you on a Skyrim DLC info page? Move on already. I’m more tired of your juvenile bitching than the release delays!

    • ghostxbox

      Ok you are obviously a gay-box 360 fan so let me make this easy to read for you. We post our post on here to show how much little respect Bethesda has for ps3. If ps3 done the same thing xbox did(which was to have it come out on the xbox first) and you where put into our shoes then you would feel the same.

    • lelouch

      Why are you posting when you have DLC on consoles this article is to the PS3 user so to be little us more by posting something that has nothing do with you…

    • lelouch

      Another thing if are tied of hearing about it why are look up articles about dawnguard on PS3 and posting.

    • lelouch

      I agree Dr. No you should move on since X-Box, PC are getting more DLC why the PS3 still has none. X-Box, or PC member who posting on articles that are PS3 sub have life at all.

    • Cassie

      Could ask you the same thing? Why are you on a PS3 post when you have a different console? Lol, fail troll. If that’s what you’re doing, learn how to do it right.

      • Prodigy

        Dr. No is an idiot. Moving on…

        My roommate has an Xbox w/ Dawngard. To be perfectly honest, it’s not so good, on Xbox. It would be better played on a PS3, based off performance alone. I own Skyrim for PS3, and most of the time my roommate plays on my character. The Xbox is simply garbage, and to entice people to buy them, they come out with 1 game a year (Halo 4, for example), which is exclusive to Xbox, and a few DLCs (Dawngard, for example). This isn’t shocking news. I mean, HD DVD…really?! Who uses DVDs for HD content? Xbox. Who pays to play online? Xbox users. Who buys Zunes over iPods? Xbox users. They are just stubborn gamers who can’t get over the fact that Microsoft needs to die, and people need to get over them. Just my opinion, but still.

  • lelouch

    It is to late for Bethesda most of fans base on the PS3 is gone if Bethesda did get the DLC’s to work on the PS3 they still have a long ways to go to get there fans back. If Bethesda wait any long it would be the worst mistakes for a company lost any more fans would mean lost sales in the future. Bethesda made so many mistakes one is when they ported the game, two is when they trouble geting the first DLC to work on other consoles, third mistake is continuing to make more DLC when left out PS3 , Four mistake is continuing to lie to the PS3 user by saying we are working on it, and we are close to get DLC on PS3 and Pc. Five mistake letting Pete Hines answer question. Rember when Peter Hines said he is PS3 user but bought Dishonored on the X-Box. Bethesda needs to stop hiding from the problems and tells the truth the only reason they haven’t told use truth because they know they will lose sales but cant get the games to work on consoles they need to find new job.

    • lelouch

      If Bethesda likes microsoft so much stoping making games on PS3 in till they can treat all consoles equal. Im done with Bethesda bull like I said stoping making incomplete games from the PS3.

  • luke nuke

    i bet XBOX is bribing them to keep the DLC away from PS3. XBOX is just jealous about how awesome the PS3 is.

    • ghostxbox

      PS3 was always the better console, free online gaming, took ONE model to get it perfect, took xbox about FIVE models to get it perfect

  • PissedMAN!!!!

    Well Bethesda I guess capcom is the way to go for RPGs now. Dragons Dogma was awesome. No it’s not skyrim but at least when that game goes in my ps3 I know what’s new and when it’s coming out. And we get it on time!!!

  • You know this is starting to become very F’n irritating. I mean they cant even release the small “Hearthfire” DLC to ps3 players? why not? its a small file and would give us ps3 users something to do while we wait on the other DLC’s… give us the 5 dollar dlc for free and give us more accurate information! either its coming out or it is not… its that simple.

    I am usually a very patient person… but leaving all us ps3 players in the dark is not good business and shows us all disrespect. we bought your product! i enjoy the game.. but i also bought the product knowing their would be DLC.. just like oblivion and its epic DLC. Dammit guys, all we want is a straight answer! you dont get gamers hopes up and then let them down. Bethesda is showing nothing but disrespect to a huge part of the gaming community. in the end, we pay your bills.. remember that

  • OniZenBuddha

    Maybe someone close to the studios should grab the ceo of bethesda by the throat and demand that they do their f***in’ job and not be a ps3 hater lol

  • I dont F U ing care about bethesda and their product anymore i have moved on , What is bethesda again doesn’t ring any bell is it a whore name or something ?? LOL

    • Dr. No

      You moved on…but you’re on a Skyrim DLC article comment section…riiiiight.

    • GuyFawkes

      I gotta go with the Doc on this one. Be angry at Bethesda, just don’t lie to yourself about giving up hope. Sheesh.

  • Irybell

    Well I’m done. It was nice spending money on you on these years Bethesda. Sure one lost costumer isn’t too much for you to care about but I’m done with your products. It was fun while it lasted. Honestly I don’t even care about getting the DLC at this point, I just wanted some honesty from them.

  • Reece

    Screwed again, I was wrong they would make the same mistake twice, or is it the third time now I’ve lost track.

  • I kept putting off selling my Skyrim copy on the off chance they’d make the DLC free, but at this point I don’t even care if it is. It is beyond insulting at this point. They don’t care and neither should we. I’m going to sell my copy of Skyrim and move onto another game and studio that cares.

  • josh

    I’m not getting my hopes up because if they are so intent on getting DLC to ps3 as they so claim then where did they find the time to create a new DLC and one that is bigger than the one we’re waiting for I might add seems a little pathetic to me

    • Dr. No

      A child’s argument, absolutely no subtlety. You really think everyone there, the over 100 people working for them, work on the exact same project? Get informed about business processes and project management will you? A typical company (gaming or otherwise) will have a fw projects on the go at any one time. Teams are created based on experience, skills and availability. If one project tanks, you either dedicate more resources to it to save it (what Beth says they are doing with their partnership with Sony) or you cut your losses. Having everyone work on the same project would mean that all their eggs are in the same basket, if the project fails, the company fails. Beth, like most other companies of that size, is not that stupid.

      • Cassie

        Apparently, they are. They had the time to create, what? Two other DLCs for Xbox and PC? Dragonborn and Hearthfire if I’m thinking correctly. You REALLY think that’s fair to PS3 users who are STILL waiting for Dawnguard? What is stupid is cutting out a third of your fan base. What is STUPID is making your fans wait months for one DLC while you’re making two others for the game systems that already have Dawnguard. News flash, they’re playing dirty, and obviously they haven’t done very well with product management or business processing have they? Especially when they can’t even answer one simple question.

  • DragonSlayer

    wheres my DLC bethesda? im still f#cking waiting

  • Craig Noneman

    I am a PS3 owner. I played Fallout 3 for the first time 3 years ago and I have been a fan of Bethesda ever since. I played and loved Oblivion and Fallout: New Vegas. I pre-ordered Skyrim for PS3 and bought it at midnight when it was released. I knew that Bethesda was notorious for making games with a lot of bugs, but I was too excited about the game to care.

    I can’t believe how many technical issues have plagued me since I bought this game. Bethesda should have been sued; when they released the game, which cost at least sixty dollars per copy, it still contained bugs that made the game unplayable. That alone is reason for outrage, but then came the patches. The first patches not only failed to fix the game but also made the game run worse than it did before. It literally took the company months to fix the most immediate problems, and there are still issues one year later.

    Bethesda sold the game with the promise of downloadable content. They have released two massive DLC packages for Xbox and PC. Due to “technical issues” PS3 owners have no DLC available; Bethesda can’t even give a release date for the first DLC. That was the last straw for me.

    Bethesda’s treatment of its PS3 customers has gone far beyond the level of an outrage. This has reached the level of exploitation. I feel like a fool for having given this company money. I will not make that mistake again. This is not a “boycott” with the intention of demanding change; this is me telling anyone who reads this that I will never buy a Bethesda product again. If I find out which specific people at Bethesda were responsible for this fiasco, and if those people should happen to leave the company and make games somewhere else, then I will not buy the games made by those companies. They have exhibited borderline criminal behavior. Speaking for myself, I feel that they have committed a crime against me. Shame on them, shame on this company, and shame on me for having trusted them.

    • DragonSlayer

      my feelings exactly

    • luke

      hey i know you’re mad but you can’t assume that future bethesta games will suck. and i also have a ps3 and the game works pretty well on it

      • Michael

        He isn’t assuming they’ll suck, he’s saying that if they’re good or not he isn’t going to buy them, too right as well.

        At first I didn’t mind the Xbox 360 exclusivity, I wasn’t phased by it because I thought “Hey, Dawnguard will be along in a month, I can wait,” Now it’s four or five months later and with the release of Hearthfire and this latest DLC I’m outraged they’re still churning out more content for them with exclusivity deals, they should be pouring their efforts into getting Dawnguard out for PS3 users, not lavishing the Xbox community with more DLCs, it’s downright unfair and it doesn’t seem like they give a rat’s rectum.

        I try and remain hopeful but I’m beginning to despair at them for this, I’m with you on this one Craig.

        • Craig Noneman

          Thank you, Michael. And thanks to everyone else who has liked or replied to my comment.

    • Fred

      I agree, when I first got Skyrim I was so excited, especially because I played Fallout and Oblivion, but when I kept on hitting the countless of bugs in this game I began to get really mad, not getting much delight from it. Everytime I turned around there was another bug, or the game froze or something else! It’s actually more frustrating than “fun”, and I really wanted to buy the DLCs especially Hearthfire, but not even that small DLC has come out. If the DLC comes out, I might buy them, but I’m not gonna waste any more money on Bethesda ever again.

  • badwolves

    and also there ps3 is highest fan than xbox 360 fan

    • Dr. No

      Your sentense, if it can be called one, makes no sense.

      • Lolol


  • I would like to hire the Dark Brotherhood so much right now….

    • StrAcat

      Yes! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate revenge! “evil laugh here”

    • Jaqen H’ghar

      I agree with all the negative feedback toward Bethesda but not gonna lie, this comment made me chuckle :D.

  • BUGthesda

    so yea, id love to know how to get in contact with the higher ups in bethesda. id like to verbally rip their anus’. Ps3 owners do not deserve to be shoved aside like this. If they were smart they’d halt production of dlc’s untill previously released dlc’s are released for ps3.

    • Dr. No

      That’s stupid. Why would they dry up revenue streams like that? If they are working with Sony to bring DLCs to PS3, you can bet Sony is not doing that for free. The DLC on other platforms is probably paying for the work that is being done on the PS3 platform.

  • timberwolf

    This is ridiculous. Ps3 users constantly screwed. They screwed us over with oblivion dlc, then said this time we’ll get dlc with skyrim-but no. Just more lies to sell the game. I find it hard to believe they are having tech issues to the point of not knowing if they can make it for ps3 Five! Months! Later!

    • GuyFawkes

      Oh we’re totally getting dlc. Just remember everybody: Horse Armor. Even IF there’s hope, Bethesda isn’t putting much effort into proving they deserve it.

  • Sam

    This is really boring now, there are other amazing games for ps3, time to move on & shelve skyrim for the forseeable.

  • Bethesda you dirty little whore you did it again…

  • I already threw my PS3 Skyrim game in the trash……after I pissed on it. F*** the losers at Bethesda! I will never buy a game from them again.

    • Tracey

      neither will i…they cant program for sh*t and their business practices sicken me

  • F U Bethesda.

  • TuxedoCartman

    Pete Hines really needs to either be fired for being the secretive, withholding douche that he is…or he needs to quit, if Bethesda is putting him in the spot he’s in now with being a PR person not allowed to say anything. Either way, Hines just needs to go away.

    • Pete Hines is VP of PR … ODD I see no one calling for the firing of his boss. The way I see it, if it wasn’t for Mr Hines we wouldn’t even have the occasional vague
      meaningless tweets. At least we still know someone there is still breathing at Bethesda other than the team working on DLCs for the XBOX.

  • Meximo1233

    God, I love Bethesda but I feels it’s one way. I’m not sure if I’m going to be buying their games for a while if this is what I can expect.

  • casper13rocks

    to me someone say close to release means within the next week 2 weeks tops why should ps3 owners have to continuly waight for information tell us what the hell close means

  • cool cat


  • Blackout

    He knows he’s just been told what he can and cannot say.

  • Jkercenneck

    I am a die hard Bethesda fan and a TES fan. I just wish they would say whether or not PS3 owners like myself are getting any DLC content to be more precise Expansion DLC not just ” Armour,weapons,etc,etc” All I believe PS3 owners ask for is a detailed anwser not a beat around the bush anwser.. I understand everything is hush hush but damn

  • Tarisac

    They’ve screwed ps3 users for far too long, and its a shame that they have some of the best games. I’m a bit afraid of whats going to happen with fallout 4 = /

    • The problem is that PS3 users don’t pay anything for online, while the chumps over on Suxbox live pay, so then Microsoft can use that money to secure exclusively. Sounds just like a scam to me. After this debacle, all of the content should be free to PS3 user. They should really be kissing our asses.

  • Robert

    Hines dosen’t seem to care about Playstation 3 fans. 🙁

    • Ken

      Apparently not, I guess they made enough money from XBOX and PC sales.

      • P’d off PS3 Gamer

        Made enough money? I always thought business wanted to maximize profit, not be a bunch of cowards afraid to address the real issue. People would obviously love to have the DLC, but most just want a yes or no answer.

        • Ken

          I agree. I’m just saying that Hines got his profit and does not seem to care about the PS3 version.

    • casper13rocks

      why would he care he’s proberly the only ps3 owner on planet hapily enjoying all of skyrims dlc

      • Ippoletta

        Pete hines games on and prefers the xbox360 lol.

    • Pete Hines is an unprofessional tool

  • You know, if this had been a distribution company, showing preferential treatment to a client, they could be sued by their other clients. But because the manufacturer chooses to support PS3 and PC at its leisure, its somehow immune to this kind of thing. 😛