Nexus 4 needed Apple store style launch

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2012

In the aftermath of Google’s major problems regarding the Nexus 4 crisis and the fact that almost nobody could order one at launch, we have a welcome shipping update to bring you on Nexus 4 stock. Unfortunately though, it may not be the good news that you are waiting to hear, with Google clearly having problems dealing with the huge demand for the device.

Huge demand was expected for the Nexus 4, everyone knew that with the device shipping with Android 4.2 out of the box – the first Android phone in the world to do so. However, Google should have known that better than anyone else and made adequate contingency plans to ensure that consumers didn’t experience the problems they sadly experienced when going through the payment process on the Google Play store.

As a result, many consumers have had no luck at all in ordering a device and to those lucky people who did manage to get through after the initial problems – we bring a word of warning to you. Google are currently in the midst of sending out emails, informing consumers who ordered one about the “overwhelming demand” that has hit their new phone.

This demand has caused all new Nexus 4 orders to be backlogged and instead of receiving your new phone next week as you may have expected, Google has now said that all Nexus 4 orders have a minimum estimated shipping time of three weeks. Included in the email is an apology for the inconvenience that this has caused and some information on how to cancel your order if you wish to do so.

Although Android owners may not want to hear it, you have to say that Apple does a good job in at least letting consumers know the full picture regarding any stock issues that may arise. If stock is low, Apple clearly states on their store the expected delivery time without fail – thus ensuring that consumers don’t have to buy the device, only for it to then come back as backorders.

Should Google really own up to this by simply admitting that their online system wasn’t up to the task on this occasion? One of the most frustrating aspects of all of this for consumers, is the fact that most of the stock was taken up instantly by online resellers and quickly redistributed on websites like Ebay for crazy amounts of money.

Did you manage to order a Nexus 4 successfully? Are you getting the same email from Google telling you that the Nexus 4 is now going to ship within three weeks, or will you be expecting yours sooner? We’ll update you as soon as the stock status changes, but for now consumers are in for an extended wait to get their hands on Android 4.2.

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  • Len Ganley

    Google should have limited sales to 1 or 2 per customer, that would have cut out the ebay reseller problems and mass profiteering and given the people that really wanted one for the right reasons e.g. an excellent phonem the chance of getting one.
    This would have been my first Nexus device purchase from Google but if they don’t get stock in before Christmas I may well look at alternatives albeit at more expense, really poor show from them.

    • nick23

      I’m reading this right Now on my Nexus 4, feel bad for those who didn’t get one. I spent a half hour trying to order it and when I finally did I ended up ordering 4 of them by accident.

      • SirWalrus

        I hate you… just sell me one for RRP and all will be forgive?

  • Neil Wilson

    My order for nexus 10 went through ok and my parcel arrived Wednesday lunch time. No problems at all.

  • This is insane,..
    Have been waiting to get it ordered from a frnd in US.. nd looks like its never gonna happen..
    Google’s gotta get the stocks back asap.. as Droid DNA (HTC), Lumia 920 & few other phones are up for launch soon..