iPhone 5S, iPad 5 ridiculous release rumors

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 16, 2012

We woke up today and were amazed at how many so-called trusted technology websites are claiming the iPhone 5S release date could come as soon as Q1 2013, and even the idea of going along with this rumor seems crazy from any journalist that slightly knows Apple. We agree that Apple are stepping away from the norm when it comes to product launches, but to think we’d see the iPhone 5 launch in September and then a new iPhone 5S arrive within 6 months is madness.

Apple did something similar with the iPad 4 just 7 months after the iPad 3, but expecting a 6-month gap between iPhone generations is crazy and its just not going to happen. We’ve also heard a few rumors on numerous websites claiming that an iPad 5 could launch in Q1 as well, and again we highly doubt this as a realistic possibility. There will likely be a few changes to Apple’s traditional product launch windows, but these changes would likely arrive with WWDC 2013.

Expectations for WWDC 2013 – we could see the 7th generation iPhone launch window moved back to its traditional launch timeframe, which would mean a new iPhone 5S / 6 around 9 months after the previous generation. This wouldn’t be a major problem if it included a minor refresh of specs with the iPhone 5S name, which could follow the previous naming with iPhone 4 and 4S. The idea of Apple’s iOS 7 launching at WWDC 2013 is also unlikely, this will come after a year towards the end of 2013 with a preview being possible at WWDC 2013.

Apple may still prefer annual product releases after the reshuffle, so you could see the iPhone 5S receive a release date after WWDC 2013 and the iPad 5 launch at the end of the year from now on. It doesn’t make good business sense for Apple to launch too many products together, so we could see things spaced out a little next year with the 7th iPhone being given space on a date more traditional for the Apple phone. Late Q2, or early Q3 is possible for an iPhone 5S release date as we suggested before and were one of the first websites to suggest the possibility of Apple bringing the iPhone launch back to WWDC, which we touched on again just over a week ago when looking at the release of a Samsung Galaxy S4 and new iPhone.

When would you prefer the next Apple phone to launch and do you like the iPhone 5S name? We’re not the only website pointing out how stupid some of these release rumors are, and iPhone Rumors is telling readers about the crazy iPhone 5S launch for Q1, which they say you shouldn’t believe.

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  • Renerius

    I’ll wait for the iPhone6. Due in May 2013, I guess.

  • miguel martinez

    This is believable, they did it with Ipad, why not the IPhone. Specially when Google Nexus devices are going to be rolling our that is up to past with it but only half the price and that is without a contract. They are already selling out in Europe and now the US.

  • Isa

    They did it with the IPad or IPad 3 now ,even change the name because now the IPad is the new one , that is not going to be very goog for their business or may a they think that people are going to expend almost $1,000 every year for some little change , it is crazy

  • Philip Harper

    This has to be Samsung propaganda to stop people from buying an iPhone 5 right before Xmas.