Black Ops 2 Zombies Tower of Babble secret solved

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2012

It has only been a few days since Black Ops 2 released, but already it looks like the main Black Ops 2 zombies easter egg secrets in the game have been solved. If you have been trying to complete the Tower of Babble quest for days, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a few videos which show you how to complete the side mission and unlock the Tower of Babble achievement or trophy.

In our initial article about Tower of Babble, we told you that nobody had completed it yet and it was easily the hardest zombies easter egg quest that Treyarch had put into the game, with perhaps Shangri-la or Call of the Dead a close second. That post was only two days ago though and in that short space of time, it looks like one clever group has managed to crack Treyarch’s secret.

If you don’t already know yet, there are two parts to the Tower of Babble quest. You can either choose to follow Richtofen’s guidance, or listen to Maxis instead. We can tell you that Maxis seems the easier out of the two, with Richtofens side providing much more of a challenge.

In one of the steps in which you’ll see below, players will have to collect 4 random EMP grenades from the box and this may be the part of the easter egg that you are currently stuck on at the moment – if you are following Richtofen’s voice with Sam. In the Maxis side, the most difficult aspect involves bringing the electric boss underneath the tower in the cornfields, but all is better explained in the two videos that we have to show you.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is no big prize for completing both easter eggs, other than the achievement or trophy. In previous zombie easter eggs, Treyarch would reward players with a complete set of perks or a wonder weapon, but you won’t get this on this occasion by completing the Tower of Babble quest.

Below are two videos which we have provided for you. The first solves the easter egg on Maxis side, while the second is the more difficult quest using Richtofen. Hopefully after watching both videos, you will be able to complete the steps as well and unlock the achievement for yourself – remember that you need all 4 players to complete this though.

So there we have it, the main Black Ops 2 zombies easter egg completed in a mere days. Have you managed to solve it already, or does the videos below help you a lot? We’ll be bringing you some more zombies secrets soon, including something excellent related to the Jet Gun wonder weapon.

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  • SIR HYDRO 07

    has anyone completed the Richtofen easter egg on xbox yet?

    • i done it yersterday…..its so easy, the worst part is 4 players getting emp’s everything else before and after is a piece of cake

  • dp

    Hey people, im on ps3 and ive gotten used to tranzit now and love it. i am going to try the easter eggs, so can any good players and people who want to do the egg message me @ deadlyshadowguy saying so.

  • mike masse


  • Matt

    Appears that it may not be fully solved… what if there is another part to use the tower with something else? 2 achievements to the moon map and wouldn’t you think here as well? Or maybe 3 parts?

    • there is more of the map to come in future dlc……its probably going to link the different parts of the new map to the existing one via the pylons…..even tho when you pick up a nav card its never used for richtofen’s easter egg which also suggests there is more of the story yet to be revealed

  • GavinWaits

    No way that’s the secret! That’s just one of the easter eggs T put in…!

  • bob lablah

    You would think that after finishing something as obscure as that, you would receive something more.

    • NgTurbo

      Bobs your uncle.

      • ThatBlackGuy

        Ey yo shut up about mah unkel bawb man.

      • Should’ve made a ‘Bab’s your uncle’ pun.