Black Ops 2 update blamed for PS3 problems

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 16, 2012

It is not hard to find numerous PS3 problems being reported for Black Ops 2, although tracking down the cause of these issues could be a much harder task for the developers and of course gamers as well, but it seems that a number of PS3 users claim to know what is wrong and when the game starting freezing. Not only are Black Ops 2 gamers stating that the patch 1.02 is to blame, but we’ve also heard one PS3 player claim they’ve been told this by store employees at certain gaming outlets.

Vast problems with Black Ops 2 on PS3 with some issues more upsetting – the disruption you’re experiencing in Black Ops 2 might depend on what type of player you are, and how you like to play the game, but being told more players are needed to balance teams is annoying enough. This is especially an issue when you have arranged a time to play Black Ops 2 with friends and family, which is then taken up by a few hours of connection problems.

We’ve two test PS3 consoles in our office and while one has been used with Black Ops 2 over the last couple of days, seeing it constantly crashing and freezing in multiplayer and when playing zombies is not good, which has also stopped us using the game in the other system. We’re sure a number of gamers might find it hard to play Black Ops 2 with all the problems, and hate the idea of their system needing a hard reset numerous times. Has this stopped you playing Black Ops 2 on the PS3?

Being told not to update Black Ops 2 with the patch – it is very strange to hear such claims, but we’ve been contacted by one of our readers that claim they were told not to install patch 1.02. This came from an unnamed gaming store that stated this patch is what is causing the PS3 to crash when playing Black Ops 2, although nothing has been confirmed or denied by Activision in relation to this claim. It is also worth pointing out a few gamers state that patch 1.02 made everything “blurry and low quality“, which considering most users installed this patch before they played the game first time, it’s hard to verify these claims in comparison to playing without the patch.

You only need to take a look at our earlier article that touched on the Black Ops 2 crashing problems with the PS3 system, which is filled with comments by gamers stating their console is “auto-shutting” off during Black Ops 2 gameplay, and the game “freezes when loading up” and while playing zombies some people report the game gets locked with the “same few seconds constantly replaying“, which then needs a reset of the PS3 hardware.

Do you let your PS3 crash and need a hard reset when playing Black Ops 2, or do you wait for patch 1.03? This is the question a number of PS3 gamers are asking themselves, although plenty don’t want to risk damaging their hardware with it crashing and freezing thanks to issues with the latest Call of Duty game. Problems with matchmaking will be fixed soon as Activision reported they are testing server fixes right now, but we can’t help but feel that a Black Ops 2 software update is needed for the more major issues.

Do you feel the patch has anything to do with the Black Ops 2 problems you’re experiencing? If this is the case then it only confirms that another patch will be needed to correct the PS3 freezing problems. You might also want to read our earlier article about the zombies mode and solving the Tower of Babble secret.

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  • leroy_c

    just downloaded 1.03 now my game doesnt load. not even to the title page !

  • ps3 blows

    Sony is lame. this game does not work with older ps3. The game actually shuts ps3 off. Many people have same issue. New systems have upgraded grapic cards and new games will continue to be an issue. Sony of course will not admit this. To send it in and have looked at costs 140. So they can sneak in the upgrade and no one will know. They also offer an upgrade for older ps3s sounds weird huh. 150 they will give you a newer style ps3. Not interested. Class action lawsuit anyone

  • PS3 FTW

    BLACK OPS 2 servers suck, the first day it worked and now they don’t, even before the update. GUES WHIS NOT BUYING THE NEXT treyarc game , me (ps3)

  • i think they sould giv us sum free dlc or 10 buks refund for the hassle and if it fuks my new ps3 they will be getin the bill

  • GSLeader

    looks like patch 1.03 was a big fail for me! still shutting down. quess i won’t bother till christmas, hopefully it will b fixed by than?!?

  • Nick

    Mine just keeps searching for players

  • Noick

    I tested and can confirm that patch 1.02 DID create blurry graphics on my PS3 console. Upon removing the patch and playing locally, the graphics instantly became sharper. The difference is significant. Can others confirm my results? Thanks.

  • Gabriel

    I am experiencing the same problem many of you are experiencing. Game freezes on multiplayer and zombie modes. I have to restart and wait until the system makes sure that there were no corrupt files. Activision, do something about this now! Or the call of duty franchise will be tarnished.


    I think that as consumers of the black ops 2 game,everyone having this problem should be compensated with nuke town zombies and a season pass for our patience and if this game does hurt our ps3’s they should have to buy us a new ps3

  • Ryan

    If you don’t look at player cards or emblems in between matches, it won’t freeze. You have to back out, then check your stuff. Don’t look at other peoples while its trying to load a match or it will freeze. You can create a class in between or make changes to classes but for some reason it will freeze everytime on cards and emblems. The only other issue i’m having is the connectivity. Sometimes it takes 15 min before I can play one match. Sometimes it won’t load one at all, and I have to back out and back in over again. It also goes from two bars to full four and back and fourth, which causes all kinds of jerky movements and glitches. It gets old real quick…


    IM SO MAD AT ACTIVISION THEY SCREW EVERYTHING UP LIKE THE FIRST BLACK OPS AND IT NO FAIR HOW SOME PEOPLE DONT EVAN HAVE THAT PROBLEM AND ACTIVISION IS SAYING THAT IT FROM OVERCROWDING.then make them stop and let the people that haven’t played that much since of error play because it is there fault and also thanks to them chances are i wont get a chance to play in double xp week thanks activision…



  • Derek

    I just don’t want my system to get permanent damage from this game!! keep on restoring is NOT good. It’s weird because sometimes I can play and get 3 or more matches in and as soon as I close away from looking at my medal rewards back into the lobby its freezes, it only freezes in a lobby…very frustrating!!

  • WINGNUT2217 • 8 hours ago

    I just uninstalled the patch all is fine, use elitemossy’s patch blocker its free just run on computer and when it shoes ip stress and proxy input that on PS3, go to manual connection and when you get to use proxy say yes and input the information, go to game data utility on PS3 and delete the black ops 2 one

  • Jason Bernard

    My PS3 was freezing at the load screen. Had to hard reset 4 or 5 times in a row. Deleted the patch1.02. Game started up no problem first time.

    • check that. wont let you play the game without the patch. wtf

  • tmoney

    i preorderd. quit playing because i can never get in a game and my ps3 freezes half the time. I WENT BACK TO PLAYING MW3!

  • when i delete the patch everything runs normal but when i install it it crashes

  • warren

    Will black ops 2 burn out my hard drive its never sounded like this before???

  • Victor

    I’m going to leave Black Ops 2 for a week or two to let Treyarch fix this game. I think it’s their server not able to cope with so much players. No point in risking my PS3 dying from too many hard resets. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy Assassin’s Creed 3.

    • They couldn’t fix the first black ops. The problem is that the game is a port from xbox, the architecture of the two systems is too different that they will never get an xbox port to ps3 working properly.

  • yousoundsmartbutyourfactsisoff

    seriously i hope this is resolved because it a big difference when a game breaks and a console break, im seriously just about to return or sell the game, it sucks because if it was not for the freezing, it would have been a fun game…oh well $60 bucks down the drain…

  • Erik

    My ps3 is freezing 3 times in 1 hour when I tried to play Black ops 2 today

  • This isn’t just a PS3 problem. I have the game for XBox360 and it freezes right after I play a map. I think it might have to do with updating the player card with new info since that step is on their servers and not on your console. In any case the game is unplayable for me until they patch it.

  • warren

    Yep keeps crashing im fed up game not fit for purpose very upset times when money is short for everyone and we get a game we cant play

  • Armando

    I can’t even get to multiplayer without it freezing
    It freezes when I start the game

  • WINGNUT2217

    I just uninstalled the patch all is fine, use elitemossy’s patch blocker its free just run on computer and when it shoes ip stress and proxy input that on PS3, go to manual connection and when you get to use proxy say yes and input the information, go to game data utility on PS3 and delete the black ops 2 one

  • incubusman421

    Notice how no one is complaining about these issues for Xbox? I have heard that they only beta tested Blops 1 on PS3 for 3 days… I know they are being paid to deliver content faster for the Xbox but delivering better quality is a whole different story. If this game screws up my HDD I will gladly tell Sony that it happened because of Blops 2. Has anyone heard how loud the blu-ray drive gets when playing this game? It concerns me at times.

  • jay

    I am glad I didn’t buy it I knew this was going to happen anybody here still remember black ops when it first came out. Going to get it for xbox 360 because no problems there of course, guess that extra money they get from microsoft helps.

  • I noticed last night that when I joined multiplayer that there was a message from the developer that they had pinpointed some server issues and that fixes were being put in place. The “Need more players to balance teams” was still rampant, but it seemed to work itself out within about 2-3 minutes rather than sitting forever. My PS3 has only locked up once during a multiplayer game loading up.

  • having a great game, best yet, loadsa kills, got awards, then bang, PS3 freezes, i reboot and all i unlocked gone. Will not be playing again until patch comes, they have till Monday, as gamestop are offering €40 trade in.

  • Terry W

    I too am getting real pissed off about my system freezing up. A hard re-boot is detrimerntal and can be hurting my PS3. So WTF!!! Whos going to replace my system when it finally dies????

  • zoso

    WTF!!! I am not able
    to play Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 on my PS3.
    Every time I get into a lobby for multiplayer my PS3 locks up and
    freezes and I have to do a hard reset with the power button then my PS3 says it
    has to restore the corrupted file system.
    I am wasting at least 15 minutes every time I try and play online then
    having to reboot and restore my PS3 each time Black Ops 2 freezes on my
    PS3. When is this crap going to be

  • Katie

    At this point I can’t even join friends. I payed almost $70 for a game I can’t even play!

  • dredcrumb

    Please make a patch for the campaign. the multiplayer esque hit markers in the campaign really takes you out of the experience and makes the gameplay feel cheap. The camapign should feel authentic and cinematic, not arcade like. You don’t see X markers show up in war movies? Why put them in the BO2 campaign? Blood and gore is enough to know I hit an enemy.

  • bugthesda

    There needs to be tighter regulations and standards for software.
    Developers like bethesda and now trey need to be held accountable for shipping unfinished lazy ports to systems. But sadly gamers today are to stupid and turn it into “my xbix rules your ps3 suxs” they cant get past the console war b.s. and realize its THE DEVELOPERS FAULT.

  • neil

    My PS3 keeps freezing, jumping and flickering during COD BO2 which it has never done before or does now whilst playing any other games. These issues should have been ironed out long before it was released so that the loyal army of millions who spend their hard earned money can enjoy what they’ve been looking forward to. Get it right 1st time every time. Having said all that I look forward to seeing what they can do to resolve it as I LOVE it.

  • jesse

    ps3 keeps auto shutting off during black ops…5 min in and it powers down with a blinking red light. blinks until i get up and press the power button again. system boots back up fine and continues to play other games besides black ops 2 flawlessly. this is a major issue that alot of fat model ps3 owners r having. if you r having this issue please join the activision community forums and post on my thread. we have over 22,000 people view, and over 200 replies to the issue. let your voice be heard!! force a fix!!

  • Pixc

    I think this is a joke, I think its not always developers faults though, so wait and see what happens, too many connection issues, it would solve problems if all online fps game developers got together and collaborated on making an awesome matchmaking system. people might say they should have sorted the issues but maybe they need to have it open to the world before they can start to fix these issues? more data to work with?

  • reggaesauce

    why do you even play this? I tell to Treyarch – go and get stuffed / you wont see my money!

  • I can’t believe people are surprised about these issues. The original BO’s was plagued by these very same problems on the PS3. What makes people believe that this game would be any different. Treyarch clearly don’t have the authority from Activision to develop a separate game for PS3 and are really bad at porting the xbox version. I would be doing myself an injustice if I ever let myself be fooled into buying another COD game after the disappointment of BO’s 1. I’m by no way a battlefied fanboy but Activision and Treyarch should take a serious look at how EA and DICE go about making games.

    • Pixc

      you make a good point but EA are also a set of wankers for robbing people of money just like activision, they are all the same developers

    • loool

      but people thought they would have understood and try to make a better effort on the ps3 version of the game

  • jamie

    They released this game fully knowing the issues before putting it on the market, I had heard reports of what people are experiencing now from forums before the game was released. How can they get away with this? I think it’s time to get trading standards involved!! Take your game back to where you bought it and demand a refund under the sales of goods act for selling a product that does not do what it’s supposed to i.e. work….

    • incubusman421

      They can’t make their deadlines so they release whatever they can when release date comes… it makes Activision look bad when they have to roll down a release date. I think they should take more time to produce these games and have a whole month to beta test and open beta (partially) the sh*t out of it before the release. A Decmeber 15 release would have been fine with me.

  • Anonymous

    I was able to log onto multiplayer late last night with no problems. Went straight to multiplayer and played a few matches with no troubles at all. I didn’t even notice any lag. Hopefully they have it fixed or are close to having it fixed. I also noticed that my call of duty elite account is now up and running also which wasn’t before.

    • Monni72

      Some of it also has to do with the location of the games servers. Predominantly US, so complaints about lag are less common ‘over there’. Setting the lobby option to BEST sorted out all my frustrations and even after the patch I’m getting good speeds and no crashes like before when left on default. The hit markers are consistent and I havent had to restore my PS3 since Thursday. Hope this helps if youre in the UK like me …happy hunting!

  • Andreas

    t Every time i try to play black ops 2 to freeze my PS3 console
    When I try to play Zombie, it crashes
    Every time when I try to play multiplayer it crashes and yesterday it crash in the menu

  • Justajoe

    Another case of lazy developers, games should be ready for release without problems, bethesta is are also great example

  • BJPacey6

    I couldn’t play online with my usual PSN account so I created a new one and it works fine, just a shame I had to do this as all my elite data and PSN account money is in the other account 🙁

    • STE-BURN

      I noticed this as well. My second account works just fine. My main account is screwy