Samsung Galaxy Note 2 signaled by Verizon button

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2012

It is not hard to spot the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon thanks to that famous button, so if you did walk past the smartphone in a store you won’t find it hard to miss, although Verizon still hasn’t announced anything concrete regarding a Galaxy Note 2 release date. Patient consumers are probably starting to get a little bit frustrated with Big Red these days over the silence, but we do have some promising news to share with you coming out of Best Buy.

There isn’t a release date yet for the gorgeous 5.5-inch phablet, but there has already been a sighting of the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 over at a Best Buy store. The retail giant is no stranger to the odd pre-release leak or two, and now we have photos showing the Verizon model happily on display, even touting that awesome multi-window feature that Sprint Galaxy Note 2 owners recently received in a software update.

That’s pleasing to us, as it looks like the Verizon model will come with the feature out of the box, meaning that it won’t require an additional update like the Sprint model needed. We also see some other revealing information, such as a $299 price on a two year contract, a rather worrying $799 retail price which is probably specific to Best Buy, and also the controversial Galaxy Note 2 home button, which features an unavoidable Verizon branding on it.

As you’ve probably guessed, that home screen stunt is exclusive to the Verizon model and isn’t featured on the AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile versions of the Galaxy Note 2. It goes without saying that a lot of consumers are not going to be happy with the almost ‘forced’ branding on this occasion, but has Verizon taken their branding attempts a little too far on this instance?

Without getting sidetracked on the main point though (there’s plenty of home button bashing threads online), it’s hopefully a good sign that Verizon are finally ready to give out some official information on the Galaxy Note 2 at last. The Droid DNA is obviously taking priority for the network at the moment, but are you still willing to ignore the Droid DNA, in favor of the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 – home button logo or not?

Alternatively, if you are looking to replace that Verizon home button on the Galaxy Note 2 as soon as possible, you will find this article very useful, which provides some metal stickers that can do the job for you at an affordable price. Verizon may have given consumers no choice, but it’s good to see that there is a solution to the problem if consumers are willing to do a little DIY work.

Let us know what device you will be buying this holiday season and whether carrier branding really affects you or not.

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  • keenan

    Some people might like the branding so u know their phone costs more and has better 4g than u do

  • joseph johnson

    I’m just angry they are releasing it over a month later then all the other carriers (assuming it comes out 11/29 as suggested). I feel Verizon delayed this for 3 reasons: 1 to get the branding they so desperately desire. 2) to give time for their exclusive Droid DNA a fighting chance against it 3) to make sure it launches with the multi window update that Samsung has been advertising for the phone. The last one is forgivable but the other 2 are just Verizon being jerks about the whole thing because the Note 2 is not exclusive. If I didn’t get my phone through work I would drop Verizon so fast since they clearly don’t even seem to want to carry this phone.

    • suz

      I’m really annoyed at this too. If AT&T had already released a multi-windows update, I’d be leaving Verizon in a heartbeat. EVERY other carrier has already released this phone.

  • Bad Karma

    The only issue I have with the “branded” home button is that it is probably the reason that Verizon is so late in releasing the device. While I have no evidence to support that belief, it stands to reason that the production of the Verizon phones was separate from the production of the other carrier’s devices. Regardless of the reason, I am quite ticked at Verizon for the late release. I’ve let them know my opinion and I would recommend that all Verizon customers go to their website and let them know as well. It might actually help if enough people do it.

    While there are quite a few complaints regarding Samsung’s using a physical home button, I actually like it. The Droid DNA uses on screen navigation buttons. As a result the actual usable screen is 4.8″. This is the same size as the Galaxy S3. Because of the physical home button on the S3 and the GN2 the actual usable display is 4.8″ and 5.5″. This means the physical home button is actually beneficial. The GN2 has built in “tablet” apps and a stylus which really do make it a “phablet”. At the end of the day the Droid DNA is a phone, nothing more.,

  • Mad at big red

    I will be buying the note 2 through big red and I wish it didn’t have all that ugly branding all over it ill be looking into replacing it all together at a fix it store at the mall but only if its affordable as well as the back cover its much more professional looking with no writing all over it

  • AZErrol

    I placed an order with Verizon several weeks ago and the email confirmation indicated shipment Nov 27.

  • bullydogger

    $799 retail yiykes thats what i have to pay to own this baby….

  • Joe

    I dont understand the obsession with a Verizon logo. Get a life people.

  • Jamie


  • Tom Technology

    This branding nonsense is the result of a overzealous under imaginative marketing type at Verizon and has nothing to do with the GN2 specs. I hope to have one before the end of November. It is sad the poor Verizon marketing has front stage rather than brilliant design and engineering from Samsung.

  • Andrew

    Verizon announced at the end of last month that they are releasing the phone at the end of November. They are already taking in preorders which are shipping out on the 27th…….

  • Bryan

    IMO, who cares if its got a Verizon logo on the home button really? I assure you that will not Be the reason I am purchasing the Gn2. Can’t wait for it to be released. Would of really Loved to have seen the Droid DNA step up to the plate and really be a competitor Against The phablet, but from reading the specs there just isn’t any comparison between the two. I am a Droid fan, been using the Droid x for a couple o years now. Was hoping to see something come out with a wow factor from Droid.. oh well maybe next contract they’ll step up and surpass Samsung..

    • Eboni

      I agree man! I don’t get why so many ppl are freaking out over the damn logo on the home button. Sure, it might be obnoxious on Verizons part, but a lot of people are acting like it’s a horrid eye sore that’s gonna kill their grandma, kick their cat, and ruin their entire livelihoods. Chill with the histrionics ppl, and go waste 10 bucks for a button conver on eBay if it’s going to kill you so much to look at the VZW logo. Me personally, is ay SCREW the logo…….i’m more excited about getting the phone tomorrow!!! w00t w00t.