PS Vita Black Ops review from hell

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2012

Black Ops week is now officially upon us. Whether you have picked up Black Ops 2 on console or Black Ops: Declassified on the PS Vita, there is going to be plenty of gamers eager to check out reviews online before picking up either game. On recent evidence, we thought Declassified looked very good, but one Black Ops Declassified review that we have seen has ripped the game apart in all areas and it isn’t pretty reading unfortunately.

The Vita version of the classic Black Ops original is now available to buy or download from the PlayStation Store. Alarm bells were ringing with this game from the very start, as Sony and Activision stalled for months on any official information, only waiting until the last minute to inform us that Resistance Burning Skies developers Nihilistic Software were developing the game.

Now these fears have apparently been realized, with a new review published by Metro. In their no holds barred review in which they’ve awarded Black Ops Declassified with just a 3/10, they have said that the game is “insulting, shamefully undeveloped and a disgrace to the PS Vita hardware and the Call of Duty franchise” as a whole.

Talk about not holding back. We also hear how this game could spell the end for the PS Vita with Black Ops Declassified the ‘final straw’, and with Sony and publishers to blame for making the handheld ‘self-destruct’ – according to Metro. We love the PS Vita, but we do have to agree with them in the point where it does feel like Sony isn’t doing enough to get major console quality games out on the system.

There are also mentions of technical problems when trying to join a multiplayer match online, problems which Metro say ultimately save you from further upset and disappointment. We didn’t expect Black Ops: Declassified to be the savior of the PS Vita after finding out about all of the cut content – but is it actually much more damaging to Sony seeing reviews like this, in terms of the reputation of the Vita and attracting developers in the future?

If Activision had a good relationship with Sony, we still don’t see why a small division inside Treyarch couldn’t have made this game. We would have had zombies, a proper multiplayer mode and none of these complaints on it being a rehashed, watered down port of the original with little effort.

Instead, we have this frustrating DLC war where Sony favors EA and Microsoft favors Activision – with Black Ops: Declassified appearing to serve as nothing but cannon fodder. Have you picked up Black Ops: Declassified on the Vita? Read the full assessment from Metro here and let us know if they are being overly critical or not.

Answer us this hypothetical question: If Microsoft had a handheld system out, would we see this exact Black Ops: Declassified on their device, without zombies and an 8-man multiplayer and without Treyarch developing? It just wouldn’t happen.

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  • Daire

    I also am enjoying it, like resistance it’s a hard game and the checkpoints are unforgivable as usual, but still a fun game. Why all the Hate,.

  • Chris

    Why did I waste my money on a vita and this game

    • NgTurbo

      Really that bad Chris?

  • Rety

    Terrible game, glad I only played it on someones else’s Vita and didn’t buy it.

    The PS3 Vita was in trouble before this release (It only sold 4,011 in Japan last week.) the outlook now looks worse.

    • NgTurbo

      Was you talking about multiplayer specifically?

  • the joker

    The price should be more like £15. Full rrp is a bit too much for what you get. Saying that the multiplayer is actually quite good fun! Maps maybe small but with the full 8 players its quite hectic. The reviews are a bit too harsh though. If it was lower price then I’d say its worth the investment.

  • David

    I bought it and I think it’s fun. Not the best game ever, but is fun and WAY better than Resistance.

  • saert

    Currently 29 on Metacritic and Metro are not the lowest score there.
    This could be in the top 10 lowest scores ever on metacritic at this rate.