GTA V unnecessary for Sony PS4, Xbox 720

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2012

It’s fair to say that GTA V looks like one of the most graphically superior titles ever seen on a console. When the world saw the very first screenshots for the game, many thought that GTA 5 could land on next-gen consoles such as the Sony PS4 or Xbox 720. We obviously know now that this won’t be the case with the game releasing next Spring. However, Rockstar has admitted in a recent interview that it was always their intention to make GTA V playable on current-gen consoles, with the team now more knowledge with the PS3 and Xbox 360 than ever before.

We have to say, there were times when we too pondered on the possibility of Rockstar skipping current-gen consoles, to bring out Grand Theft Auto 5 on next-gen consoles instead. The months went by with complete silence from the developer and we thought that Rockstar may have decided on making GTA 5 the ultimate launch title for next-gen consoles if they were announced next year.

In a revealing interview though, Rockstar’s Dan Houser has said that next-gen development wasn’t in their minds for GTA V, adding that now (Spring 2013) is the perfect time to release GTA V with the hardware now at a mature stage where ‘all the best games are releasing’. Houser stressed that development on GTA IV was difficult at times due to a learning curve with the Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware, but as a result they are now better equipped to deliver an enhanced game on the same hardware thanks to previous experience.

We wouldn’t have complained if GTA V did end up as a next-gen PS4 or Xbox 720 title, but Houser does make a valid point to say that all the best games are releasing at the end of the PS3 and Xbox 360 lifecycle. Halo 4 looks like the best Halo game in the series to date, The Last of Us is probably going to be the defining game for the PS3 before the PS4 and Ubisoft has saved their best Assassin’s Creed game till the very end with the graphically stunning multiplatform title in AC3.

Has Rockstar made the right decision in your opinion to make GTA 5 their last Grand Theft Auto game on current-gen consoles, or would you have actually preferred to see GTA 5 a next-gen title instead? It now means that if the Xbox 720 and PS4 arrive at the end of 2013, we could be waiting another 5 years until GTA 6 is ready for release – that is an awful long wait for the first Grand Theft Auto game on a next-gen console – think about that for a second.

If they chose to keep GTA 5 underwraps until next-gen, then we could have seen the game in 2014 instead, assuming that they would be working on the next-gen dev kits now as rumors suggest. We have waited a long time indeed for GTA V to land compared to GTA IV’s release in 2008. Are you prepared to wait another five years for GTA 6 on next-gen?

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  • Shrek

    screw all this console bs just release it on pc for crying out loud

  • PC already surpasses the next two generations of consoles, games will never look as good as they can be due to money, why is it so difficult for a developer to put more effort into higher res textures for PC ports?

  • dmitry

    of course games get better as consoles get older, its because games get better as time goes on…and i think that theyll port gta5 to next gen consoles kind of like ga sa and 360.

  • Hackers

    Love grand theft auto
    Great that the game is at the end of this generation
    Of consoles, it will really show what they are capable
    Of and will really end this generation with a bang!!
    I have completed gta IV over 10 times and more including
    The episodes of liberty city…
    If we have to wait 5 years for gta 6 so be it!!
    Number 5 will never bore me and the longer rockstar
    Take in development and production the better the game will
    Bring on the next generation and many more
    Sequels to the amazing gta series!!!

  • Gta Fan

    its like the mob lol even if rockstar wanted to stop the series, they couldn’t haha

  • boilingover

    GTAV looks incredible but then so did GTAIV. If Rockstar can reinvent the genre they invented then this game will succeed where its predecessor failed and I could not give a damn which generation of console it appears on.

    I agree with Houser that games get better as the format matures (Shadow of the Collosus and MGS 3 showed just what a powerhouse the PS2 could be when really pushed). Frankly you would be mad to release a new £400+ machine in the current economic climate. Instead I am glad to see the current generation pushed to its limits, now its time to see if developers can do likewise creatively.

    Red Dead 2 next gen launch title?!

  • Arman

    Well, I am sure that the console versions (PS3, and X360) will be better than the PC versiom, so we won’t be even able to compare the console and PC version, but if it was going to be on next-gen consoles, we won’t even be able to compare PS4 and X720 to PS3/X360 and to PC.

    • I know the GTA IV PC Release was Awful. I Think they got there Porting Issues Straight though. Max Payne 3 Was Dazzling on Pc And Had no porting scars.Let’s just hope GTA V Will have no issues No matter what system we own were all in this Together

  • name

    i have not even begun thinking about GTA 6, because i can’t wait for V, but when I saw the release window, and PS3 and XBOX 360 I will admit i was relieved, although I was almost certain this would be the case. I own a ps3 and I didn’t get it until a couple of years after its release because of the crazy high prices, I got GTA IV and it was alright, especially since I knew nothing about it. But I have followed GTA V almost from the get go, so I am very happy its on this gen, cuz i’ve never been so excited for a game in my LIFE.

  • Mr M

    The numerical GTA games have always been released very far apart, and have raised the bar in terms of gaming quality significantly every time. When it comes to a select few games like this, the developers clearly know best. In all fairness it wouldn’t be too soon for another generation of consoles to be imminent, but with games like GTA V on the way, i can’t help but feel there’s still so much more to come.

  • aq

    But all the screenshots not ps3 or xbox at all don’t wish so

  • asdfgh

    next gen would have been so much better

    • disagree new tech to learn this may have ended up like gta4 theres nothing wrong with current gen devs are just reaching the pinacle of what can be achieved this will be the san andreas of the current gen not the gta4 of the next

  • well i think its a wise decision! yes, ppl will do speak abt the games wch were best on the platforms before they get upgraded! so naturally when ps4 gets older u dont listen to ppl sayin like ‘hey der its gtav which debuted this console’ but rather they’ll speak abt the games which they enjoyed a lot on that particular console. Thumbs Up Rockstar!

  • reechuk

    Better for fans to released on current consoles . rather than making us all have to buy a new console . good to see dedication to fans and not just make people have to spend out . just like forza games of late releasing same cars as dlc and then you have to rebuy them for each new game (moneygrabbers) .

  • Where is my Dawnguard on my PS3 ?