GTA V trailer 2 analysis visualized with specifics

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2012

You just knew that the GTA V trailer 2 was going to be well worth the wait, and Rockstar definitely hasn’t disappointed. The developer has finally unleashed the second GTA 5 trailer and we now have a very useful gameplay analysis video for you to check out, which lets you study every single aspect of the new footage in closer detail.

If you are a self confessed Grand Theft Auto fanatic, you are really going to want to watch the analysis video below. Rockstar has a tendency to overload their trailers with non stop action without letting gamers have a second thought, so it really is a good chance to see all of the hidden extras that Rockstar put into the trailer when watching a second time.

The new footage unsurprisingly focuses on the three new characters in GTA 5, those now being identified as Michael, Franklin and Trevor. We get a brief insight into each of the three character’s lives: with Michael living the life of luxury but surrounded by multiple family problems, Trevor being a general low-life type of person with a violent temper, and Franklin who is a repo man who gets tempted into corruption as we see in the trailer when he decides to steal a motor.

The graphics as you expect are jaw-droppingly good, especially the moment when we see Trevor jump out of a vehicle mid air as he begins his descent into Los Santos via parachute. Here we see just an example of the massive scale Rockstar were talking about when they confirmed that the world would be bigger than GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas combined.

We also see a portion of the trailer where Franklin is racing against others on a Sanchez motorcycle. It looks like these races are one of the game’s many mini games which you can play when not doing missions, on top of tennis and a full round of golf which have already been confirmed.

After watching this trailer, we’re finding it hard to think back when we were this excited about a game before. People talk about Black Ops 2 breaking all kinds of sales records within 24 hours, but imagine what GTA V is going to pull in when it hits in Spring 2013.

Check out the excellent analysis for yourself and let us know your reaction to trailer 2. We will be picking out specific parts ourselves and talking about them in more detail later on. On a side note, we have to say we are loving Rockstar’s decision to use Stevie Wonder’s Skeleton tune from 1987 as the theme song in the trailer. What a perfect fit for the gameplay on offer and let’s hope that it shows up on one of the GTA V radio stations as well.

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  • Skyrim? Never heard of it.

  • Jerome

    when do you think it’ll be released?

    my date would be possibly: 22nd or 25th of march 2013. yours?

  • asdfghjkl;

    gta will be chronic mark my words for it

  • Brian badonde

    What’s this demo they talk about In New York around 8:35 and where can I see it

  • MOFO


  • Hatton101

    “Franklin who is a repo man who gets tempted into corruption as we see in the trailer when he decides to steal a motor.” The game informer article has explained that the car was being repossessed, he works for a high end car company that send him to be a bit of muscle to get the cars back when people cant afford the payments…
    Not reading the biggest release of the game since it was announced before righting this article…. minus 10 credibility points

  • thechesnokov

    i thought i tweeted you guys, but the guy that talks about his son i think is christopher walken

  • Ri5ival

    this will be the best game I’ve played since San Andreas I can’t wait to get my hands in this. I’m gonna play good in GTA 5 I’m going to obey the rules of the ro

  • I already pre-ordered xD but yeah trailer 2 was simply the best GTA stuff I’ve ever seen. Gonna be playing as all 3 when I get my hands on the game

  • laydback10mm

    Yeaa!!! Here we go again..another fantastic journey from the masters of modern gaming. Can’t wait. One more thing, if cops in los santos are anything like LC, please throw us a silencer or two.