Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update on T-Mobile, Verizon waits

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2012

It looks like Samsung Galaxy S3 owners on T-Mobile are going to be very happy over the weekend. We’ve just heard that Samsung is now starting to rollout an official Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile US, with Samsung’s Kies software now showing up with Android 4.1 for many users.

It is about time as well. There had been considerable frustration in the air after many Sprint customers had already received their Jelly Bean update and strong rumors that AT&T will be providing an update as well. Now it appears that T-Mobile are next to the party, unfortunately leaving Verizon Galaxy S3 owners in complete oblivion again, with not even a hint from Big Red on when Jelly Bean will be available on their device.

If you have your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 at the ready, proceed to Samsung’s official Jelly Bean update FAQ here. The update is now available for the SGH-T999 model and will give users a new baseband version of T999UVLJA after updating. As the guide states, there are three ways to get hold of Jelly Bean on the T-Mobile Galaxy S3.

You can either wait for an official OTA notification from T-Mobile to start the update automatically, or you can head into your device settings and about device, to see if the Jelly Bean update is ready to be pushed manually. Failing that, you can open up your trusty Kies software and update to Jelly Bean from there – if you haven’t tried Kies yet, you can download it from the official website here.

It’s always nice to see another carrier Jelly Bean update pushed out, although we can’t help but wonder how Verizon Galaxy S3 owners must be feeling. Not a hint of any information from Verizon on their respective update so far, but hopefully this will give Big Red the nudge they need as surely, they don’t want to be known as the network who provides updates last time after time again.

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 users – have you received a notification to update to Jelly Bean yet, in your area? If so, tell us what update method you used and your initial impressions of Jelly Bean so far.

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  • sameer

    My gs3 showing lagging phone, msg and contacts icons while taping.. after getting jelly bean update from ics …i can fix it?

  • dmitry


  • dmitry

    No update available here in nt

  • Donny

    I hate Verizon Im going switch theg are the worst for updating

  • Atrocitus

    Once again last to the party… Not really seeing an upside to being with Verizon. This is the final straw. Leaving as soon as my contract is up…or I can find a way to get out of it.

    • Quadruckus

      Ditto. Verizon is annoying. First they make you buy phones out of contract to keep your unlimited data, then we can’t even use the phones to their full potential.

  • AweBeyCon

    Got the update through a manual push yesterday around 3pm. Was available when I check at noon but had to be fully charged to install and then I fell asleep.

    Anywho, it seems to be quite a bit of the same. There are some nice subtle animation differences. Still playing with it but I like is so far