Black Ops 2 1.03 patch for PS3 crashing issues

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 15, 2012

It is not surprising for a new game to launch with problems, and COD Black Ops 2 is no different and might see more issues thanks to how big the franchise is, but we didn’t expect the level of problems seen on the PS3 system since launch. We need to see the Black Ops 2 1.03 patch released as soon as possible to fix the PS3 crashing every couple of hours, which sometimes just freezes and other times you’ll get the PS3 just restart when playing Black Ops 2 in zombies or multiplayer. We’ve had hundreds of PR readers experiencing the same issues over the last 24 hours, and our Black Ops 2 hands-on has also been plagued with crashing and freezes, which are not acceptable by any means.

We have to give Activision support credit with their updates on the matter, and we’ve seen messages on Twitter explaining the problems with Black Ops 2 for the PS3, but also for PC and Xbox 360 as well. Some PC players have experienced crashes and these people are recommended to update drivers, although this is not possible for Black Ops 2 on the PS3 and crashing here can only be fixed by patch 1.03.

The tweet below has been published recently with information on fixes to the Black Ops 2 servers, which are part of the PS3 problem and the reason you might get “can’t connect to servers” messages, or have problems connecting to friends and family in multiplayer. Activision are reporting “matchmaking changes” they hope will fix the Black Ops 2 server issues. At the time of writing there’s no timetable as to when we can expect these fixes to go live, which are currently in the testing phase.

Black Ops 2 on PS3 has numerous issues – We are seeing our Black Ops 2 PS3 version crash every couple of hours, but other gamers see many other problems like messages stating “need more players” and “can’t connect“, although the most upsetting issue for PS3 users playing Black Ops 2 is freezing, which is happening to some gamers “every 20 mins“. This means a hard reset and that isn’t good for a hard drive, so these crashing and freezing issues on the PS3 are making some people feel like it’s a bad idea to purchase a new Call of Duty game at release. We expect bugs but not at the level seen with Black Ops 2 on the PS3 platform, and we don’t think restarting a PS3 a couple of times an hour is good for the hardware.

Your wish list for COD Black Ops 2 1.03 patch – if you’re on the PS3 console we’d love to know about the problems you’re experiencing, and of course what needs fixing with the first update since launch, other than the 1.02 patch we know very little about, so hit the comments with your suggestions and let’s hope Activision are listening.

Update: We’ve heard in the last hour from a number of PS3 players that are claiming the crashing is not just in online play, and Black Ops 2 campaign mode is also freezing up, which is further proof that the software needs a patch rather than just some server fixes.

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  • nebulor

    hey if had similar problems also cant join friends online zombies or multiplayer not sure wether its nat types or server problems

  • quadracer

    I am having issues in ops 2 campaign. It locks up, resume story, plays the video, but won’t load my mission, screen goes dark and locks up Xbox. Could it be the new update of the game. Called Activision, but too many said they are closed for support, ugh!

  • volker

    the game will load and half way through setting up multiplayer it will bring up the loading screen then it disappears and brings it back…. its a pain to even try and quit the game

  • Activision and Treyarch I had to HARD RESET 2 times my PS3! Fix Black Ops 2. Make 1.04 patch. I don’t wanna YOLD. My PS3 never freezes on MW3 and Black Ops 1!!!



  • Romulus

    what you should be doing instead of expressing how upset you are. which is about as useless as our our last five presidents (excluding Clinton), is count the number of hours you’ve spent playing. then subtract the number of hours you’ve spent TRYING to play divide that by amount of money you paid to buy th game and you see just how much treyarch thinks your time is worth. next I think you should all count number of hours till Tuesday which I think is long enough to give them to make the crap game playable again and wait around a redbox for someone willing to buy your copy rather than wait any longer for one to get returned.