2012 iMac release proposal contradicts store

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 15, 2012

If you’ve been following the rumors surrounding a 2012 iMac throughout this year, then you would have been extremely happy with what Apple showed us at a recent event, which delivered a new iMac with a major refresh of specs and design. Shortly after this event we learned what month the 2012 iMac release date would fall in, and this resulted in November for the 21.5-inch model and the month after for the bigger 27-inch iMac. It now seems that these shipping months are in doubt and rumors from insiders state that the new iMac might ship a lot later, and the date could even land in early 2013.

It is not only the Apple fans that are surprised but also the reporters, which is thanks to the unusual long wait for the 2012 iMac to be available for order, and also the strange situation of no iMac available to purchase on Apple’s Store. Normally we’d see the old product stay on the Apple store and then just a few days gap with nothing to order between generations, but this is certainly not the case with the new iMac that is supposed to ship in 2012.

The latest rumor comes from this website, translated from French, and they claim to have an inside source, which states that the problems we knew about in the manufacturing process are a lot worse than first thought. The way the aluminum is welded to create such a thin profile is causing issues, and Apple might not be able to produce enough new iMac’s to ship them in 2012 and as such we might be waiting until early 2013 for a release date.

Apple are not making any changes just yet – if you look at the official Apple Store then you’ll notice that nothing has changed, and if we are to believe Apple you should be seeing the new 21.5-inch iMac available this month, and the larger version next month. Considering we are now half way through November, Apple will need to either update their store with an exact shipping date or confirm this rumor by posting a delay.

Are you confident that Apple will be delivering the new iMac this year? It is also worth noting that a number of PR readers are questioning the 2012 iMac design, and can’t understand why a desktop computer needs to be so thin? Personally we love the design and enjoy technology progressing in this way, but at the same time we can understand the frustration if this refresh leads to a delay and no iMac being available to buy on Apple for a couple of months. Some people just want any new iMac, and one PR reader stated they have sold their old iMac and expected the new one by now. How often are you checking Apple’s store for an update on the iMac availability? If you want to read some more insight into the storage options, then see our earlier article.

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  • I sold my 2007 iMac last week thinking that I could handle a wait of a month for the new 27″, but sheez, SEVERAL months??? Disappointing. I’ve been saving up for ages for this!

  • Liquid Len

    This situation is doubly bad for me as my old G5, by coincidence, finally gave up about 6 weeks ago! I am likely to be without a desktop for several more weeks at this rate!! Gravely bad planning on Apple’s part. Anyone know of ANY new old machines left at all in UK?

  • wonky

    You can’t change the memory or the hard drive in the new iMacs that are currently shipping. I wonder how many people who are buying them realize that. It’s a terrible design because both components routinely fail and those are also the most upgraded parts on any computer. It was also too early to lose the optical drive. I’ve been waiting for the new 27″ iMac so I could replace an older machine, but I expected a more functional design (like the old one). This new version is a step backwards for the apparent sole purpose of winning awards for the look, and now they can’t even build this less practical design in quantity? I think Apple has lost its rudder. Who cares about how thin a desktop machine is? A lot more people care (or will care a year from now) that you can’t upgrade or replace the memory or the hard drive except in the 27″ model.

    • Steve Litton

      I thought the memory was upgradable in the 27″ version?

    • Isn’t the new 27″ more expensive model able to be upgraded after purchase? I thought I read that, check it out I will too lol

    • wonky

      Yeah, the 27″ model can be upgraded. That’s what I meant in the last line above. But the other models can’t be. I thought the smaller models were already shipping. My bad.

  • nooooooo say it ain’t so.

  • z

    some are ordering the refurbished 2011 models, but I want the new GPU ! Checking forums for rumors and apple for updates about 5x daily. Can’t stop myself.

    • I am too! My husband wants my 2011 iMac, that’s something coming from a life long Windows man LOL I want the new iMac as soon as possible!!!

  • Blackberry

    The thing that upsets me is Apple is not selling ANY iMacs. They aren’t
    selling the old ones or the new ones. They actually aren’t selling a
    desktop computer at ALL!

    • They have been under refurbished. They all seemed the same and on a different page than refurbs. I think they are out of the 21.5 but check daily. The Mac Pro is for sale and the Mac Mini too.