Wii U price slated by top gun

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2012

Are you planning to pick up a Nintendo Wii U on November 18? We think the next generation console is very reasonable at $299, but apparently some high level execs do not agree. In a surprise omission, Ubisoft’s CEO has said that the price of the Nintendo Wii U is too expensive and that he isn’t happy with it.

Out of all of the criticisms that we have heard so far relating to the Wii U, the price hasn’t been a factor in any of them, as far as we’re aware. We’ve heard about developers cutting content, a lack of universal achievements and problems with in-game voice chat but the general consensus about the console price is that it’s actually pretty reasonable, with most maybe even expecting it to be a little more expensive.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has decided to stick up for the minority though, by publicly expressing his disapproval over the $299 entry price point for the basic version. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, he added that he always prefers lower pricing and that he isn’t happy when consoles are priced towards the higher spectrum.

He wants to see a Wii U price cut as soon as possible, although we doubt Nintendo will be willing to accomodate such a request until perhaps this time next year – even then, that’s probably a long shot. The Wii U may be the most expensive Nintendo games console ever, but it is only $15 cheaper than the $285 price tag that original Wii launched with.

Don’t forget that this touchscreen controller is brand new tech we’re dealing with and the first of its kind that we’ve seen for a home console. These materials cost money and if it were Sony that was launching their new PS4 with a touchscreen controller, it’s safe to assume that it would be priced at a lot more than $299.

Do you agree with the Ubisoft CEO that $299 is too much, or do you actually think that the price is reasonable for the hardware and innovative features that we are getting?

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  • Sorry but I played the WiiU and this system is just to complicated. It’s playable but I got a headache and motion sick with constantly focusing on two different monitors and bobbing my head up and down. Look at tv, then tablet, tv, tv, tablet, tv tablet, tablet. Youch. And this was just using rayman. Sorry but if you’re going to expect me to stand, jump around and w/ motion devices, it’s a little much at times. I’ll stick with my ps3 or Wii for now.

  • How about a new policy where Nintendo pays chinese factory workers extra wages for producing a console that can be sold for a higher price. Fair trade video gaming anyone?
    Just kidding, but really Microsoft and Sony use the same manufacturer.

    $299 dollars? That’s great. It’s a pity that in England Nintendo aren’t allowed by law to pin down a price.

  • Paul Hughes

    Wow wii u price is slated by Top Gun….which one? Goose or Maverick?

    Just kidding…I think the price is reasonable for launch and am sure it will reduce in price over the next year…..Just get Zelda out Nintendo, I know you are hiding a new one! and oh yeah the mass effect trilogy would be nice also, but part 3 doesn’t make sense, as why would you buy part 3 then buy the trilogy? Surely you would wait for the trilogy, but no, Bioware want to see how well mass effect 3 does…hmmmmm……D.O.E.S.N.O.T.C.O.M.p.u.t.e…..:(…..

    sorry for going off topic, but yeah I think it’s fair for a new consloe……PS4 will probably be dearer and in 2014!…XBox360^2 or whatever will probably be slightly cheaper and these two consloes will probably cancel each other out at launch, so hopefully reducing there price faster….so I’m going for a Wii U for 2/3 years, then a PS4/XBoxwhatever for after that?…makes sense no?…..:)…I just want ZombiU…looks gooooood……good bye people…simple people….sexy people……ok I’ll shut up now…..phew! :p

    • NgTurbo

      Ice Man

  • Abarnes

    It’s priced to compete, their previous systems weren’t up to par with the technology available which is why they were cheaper. Wii U is up to par with the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and deserves it’s current price.

  • Paul Phillips

    I dont think he feels it’s overpriced as a lot of these articles suggest, I think this chap is just expressing his want for the console to be cheaper so it’s a more attractive prospect to potential buyers as at it’s current price he knows it’s still going to be the hardcore nintendo crowd or gamers who are really dying for a new console to play with rather than the impulse buyers over the holiday season. Nintendo already announced that for the first time ever they’re taking a loss on the console so I’m happy they’re willing to give us it at the best price they can possibly justify as a business.

    Monsieur Guillemot though would think the console wont take off properly until the development costs can be reduced and the price of the console can be cut, so probably next holiday season when the new XBOX and Sony consoles are announced (hopefully) Nintendo can cut their price and once again be the cheapest on market making it a truly must have item for Christmas presents and birthdays etc. It’s at this point in the consoles life when the games developers will get back more return on their investment too.

  • harry

    ps3 500gb Cost 300$ and its 6 year old hardware i m sure that nextbox or Orbis aka Ps4 wont be less then400 $

    • Anton

      Sony however, I understand Video games are good but Sony however they don’t care about people, they only care about is money.

      • Anton

        I still like Wii U because it’s the best console and I’ll support Nintendo to make the Wii U better.