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Wii U price slated by top gun

Are you planning to pick up a Nintendo Wii U on November 18? We think the next generation console is very reasonable at $299, but apparently some high level execs do not agree. In a surprise omission, Ubisoft’s CEO has said that the price of the Nintendo Wii U is too expensive and that he isn’t happy with it.

Out of all of the criticisms that we have heard so far relating to the Wii U, the price hasn’t been a factor in any of them, as far as we’re aware. We’ve heard about developers cutting content, a lack of universal achievements and problems with in-game voice chat but the general consensus about the console price is that it’s actually pretty reasonable, with most maybe even expecting it to be a little more expensive.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has decided to stick up for the minority though, by publicly expressing his disapproval over the $299 entry price point for the basic version. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, he added that he always prefers lower pricing and that he isn’t happy when consoles are priced towards the higher spectrum.

He wants to see a Wii U price cut as soon as possible, although we doubt Nintendo will be willing to accomodate such a request until perhaps this time next year – even then, that’s probably a long shot. The Wii U may be the most expensive Nintendo games console ever, but it is only $15 cheaper than the $285 price tag that original Wii launched with.

Don’t forget that this touchscreen controller is brand new tech we’re dealing with and the first of its kind that we’ve seen for a home console. These materials cost money and if it were Sony that was launching their new PS4 with a touchscreen controller, it’s safe to assume that it would be priced at a lot more than $299.

Do you agree with the Ubisoft CEO that $299 is too much, or do you actually think that the price is reasonable for the hardware and innovative features that we are getting?



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