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Nexus 4 and iPhone 5 bumper preferred

It turns out that while Apple made the bumper case famous with their iPhone 4, it looks like Google want in on a piece of the action too. Along with the release of the brand new Nexus 4 smartphone, Google has now made the somewhat surprising decision to unveil $20 Nexus 4 bumpers on the official Google Play Store as well. Will Apple now regret not providing iPhone 5 bumper cases we wonder?

Nexus 4 bumper cases are now an official product from Google and regardless of whether they ‘stole’ the idea from Apple or not is irrelevant now, with the rather high $20 price point a much more debatable issue. Unfortunately, the Nexus 4 bumpers are unavailable at the moment according to the Play store, with no indication on when they will be back in stock.

Official product details from Google are non existant as well, which is a bit strange in our opinion as we would expect Google to make a big effort advertising these if they want to charge $20 for each one. Have they just uploaded them to the store now, knowing that they won’t be available for purchase, just to make iPhone 5 owners take notice and gloat a little bit perhaps?

The reality is for iPhone 5 owners is that they now have to make do with third-party bumper cases, as Apple has basically said that the iPhone 5 is now built in a way where it ‘doesn’t need’ a bumper case any more – unlike the iPhone 4, which spawned the infamous AntennaGate problems and hence the birth of the bumper as well, which Apple initially handed out for free.

What are your thoughts on Google’s decision to sell Nexus 4 bumper cases – do you say fair play to them? A lot of consumers are still very livid over trying to actually order a Nexus 4 though, so we doubt they will be too pleased to hear that Google are charging $20 per bumper case.

Will you be getting one of these or will you search for an inevitable third-party Nexus 4 bumper which will be cheaper in comparison? For iPhone 5 owners, is this another wake up call to Apple that iPhone 5 bumpers should be available?



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