iPhone 6, 5S rumors point to WWDC launch

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2012

The iPhone 5 is now available to buy in most countries, but are you already thinking about the future or held off from buying the iPhone 5 in case Apple decides to spawn another iPhone iteration next year? We have some new rumors to share with you on the possibility of an iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 5S launching at WWDC 2013.

It’s no secret that a new iPhone now launches every year. It is a catch 22 situation for consumers, as those who bought the iPhone 5 at launch will probably regret their decision a little once specs for the iPhone 6 or 5S are revealed, but those who were not tempted by the iPhone 5 have to hold on with the iPhone 4 or 4S with older hardware, in the hope that their decision to wait was justified.

A new iPhone will definitely be coming in 2013, but will Apple release the iPhone 5S, or will they skip the upgraded version of the iPhone 5 to press on with the iPhone 6? History tells us that the iPhone 5S will be next and it could happen at WWDC 2013 instead next year, rather than in Fall 2013 as we’ve seen with the last two iPhone launches.

Whispers coming out of Asia this week have speculated that Apple are planning to put the iPhone 5S into the first production trials in December, with a view to full production starting during the first quarter of 2013. If this is confirmed to be legitimate information, then we may see the iPhone 5S at WWDC 2013 in June, after Apple has used the first quarter of 2013 to produce as many new iPhones as possible.

With the iPhone 5 having just launched in September though, what could they possibly add to tempt consumers into a purchase? The iPhone 5 now has 4G LTE support at last, but it still ships with a dual-core processor – so a quad-core chip has to come at the very least we feel. The iPhone 5S may be too early for an alleged ‘Apple A7’ processor upgrade though, so perhaps we will see this quad-core chip on an iPhone 6 instead later on in 2013.

We would also like to see improvements to the iPhone 5 camera as well, in a iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 refresh. The camera on the iPhone 5 is already very good, but at the moment we do not it is the best camera on the market – this award probably goes to the Nokia Lumia 920 in our opinion.

It has only been two months since the iPhone 5 launch, a device which is still not available to buy in countries like Hong Kong. Do you think it is too early to be thinking about the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 already, or would you welcome a swift hardware refresh at WWDC 2013?

If you have the iPhone 5, let us know what you would like to see upgraded, if Apple were going to tempt you into a purchase again.

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  • AppleDieHardFan

    F*ck apple haters, they should buy them self a new life!

  • baddbish

    Anyone who thinks the iPhone 5 is the best smartphone obviously haven’t tried the Samsung Galaxy S3…y’all sleeping on android but trust they are taking over…wait till you see the s4 bitches

  • Ben

    I own the 5. I haven’t noticed a problem with the battery dieing quickly so I have no complaints. I would like to see the iPhone 6 to have a new exterior that is made of a material similar to silicon or rubber that if it were dropped, no scratches or dents would happen. The previous iPhone 4s with the glass plates front and back were nice, but in the end we end up covering the beautiful design up with expensive covers. What’s the point of Apple putting all that time and money into something when we have to spend more money to cover it up so it won’t break? In our age of technology, we can blast human beings to outer space, so why the hell can’t we build a phone with material that is indestructible or at least a material that won’t break or scratch the device if it is dropped a few feet. I suppose Apple might not consider such an option seeming because they’d lose out on people buying cases for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 if they were to make such an awesome design. Also what’s the point of making a thinner design when we continuously have to go and buy cases to cover it up which makes the phone thicker.

    I can’t stress this enough. Memory, memory, memory….. I really don’t understand why Apple continues to ignore the people on having more space than 64GB. If the iPhone is bigger but has say like 128GB+ there would be a lot of buyers.

    Japan has had this for I don’t know how long but the means of paying for things at the store with your phone instead of with your card. that would be an awesome upgrade. We can unlock/lock and start our car from our phones and arm and unarm the alarm to our homes with our phones moving us away from using our keys…. it would be awesome so that we wouldn’t have to carry around our credit/debit cards with us everywhere.

    the iphone screen should be made out of a new design that is not breakable from dropping the phone. If it falls on a rock for instance from a few feet, the iphone screen should be made out of a new material that wont break or scratch from being dropped from a few feet. Just an idea!

    I hope that some if not all of my ideas are taken into consideration. I think Apple focuses too much on new designs that they think we want instead of LISTENING and giving us what we ask for. More memory, better design that will protect our investment and new technology (debit/credit cards) incorporated into the device. Stop making it thinner because most of us could really give a f***. Are you trying to make it so thin that it’ll blow out of our hand in a high wind?


    You know androids are taking over apple, HTC,SAMSUNG,LG and all, I myself own the Samsung Galaxy 3, honeslty,it functions better.

    • Ben

      I’m not here to have a battle of wits with you, but Apple will always be the leader. Just look at their history. Android may have other capabilities such as using Java script, however, those cellular devices are much more susceptible to freezes, crashes and obtaining a virus or potential malware. The Apple devices on the other hand have software that is remarkable and one of a kind that has a history of many many years of being unique. Unlike Android, samsung or any other devices, it’s mind boggling to me that either one of them can come along and after just a few years think that they can compete with someone as so far advanced as Apple. I think it’s hilarious that they have antivirus apps and other apps to remove malware from those inferior devices that you speak so highly of.
      Good luck with all that.

      • Mike

        You’re comparing Apples and oranges. No Steve Jobs= orange.

    • Makmed Armed

      Actually Nokia and Windows are taking away Android shares but not Apple. Good luck lol

  • narash

    battery drain sucks big time! Muppets!

    • Ben

      this is inevitable for anyone and a lot of it has to do with the user. I however do not have a problem. I have had the iPhone 5 for about 5 to 6 weeks now and I’ve had no problem. My previous 4S i didn’t have a problem either. I suppose if you watch a lot of movies, play a lot of games and do a lot of streaming, they make battery cases for the iPhones. It wouldn’t matter if Apple made a battery for the iPhone that gave the users 100 hours of talk time, people would find ways of draining the battery in less than a day and then b^^^^ about it.

  • leniin

    i think that the 5 is awesome

    • Ben

      it is but it could be a lot better. Apple has so much more potential than what we’ve been seeing lately…