iOS 6, 6.01 untethered jailbreak interrogation for iPhone 5 / 4S

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 14, 2012

It is not such a bad thing for people to keep interrogating the hackers, aka security researchers, in regard to the iOS 6 and 6.01 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 / 4S. Some Twitter accounts remain silent without giving anything away, pod2g is one such account, but others like that of planetbeing is delivering clues as to what we should expect for the iPhone 5 jailbreak on iOS 6 or 6.01. Most tweets are ignored but some have received answers, and if you study them you’ll notice certain clues as to what we should expect to see in the coming days and weeks.

The image below has recently been posted to Twitter and shows an iPhone 5, which is certainly closer to a jailbreak than a few weeks ago, but the purpose of this tweet had been for planetbeing to explain about a scammer on the App Store. The hacker pointed out they “help make IntelliScreenX“, and someone on the App Store is apparently “ripping off” both users and those behind IntelliScreenX.

One of the most active people on Twitter talking about the possibility of an iOS 6, 6.01 untethered jailbreak is planetbeing, which the tweets are very carefully sent to make sure they don’t give too much away. There had been a number of direct questions about the release date for an iOS 6 / 6.01 untethered jailbreak, which the tweet below revealed it’s a lot closer but “critical pieces” are missing, so until these are fixed it won’t see a public release.

We’ve already touched on the failbreak planetbeing mentioned previously, although seeing new images and tweets showing progress has raised more questions, and some people wonder if we are starting to see much more than a jailbreak. Some users wonder if an early iOS 6 jailbreak is in progress, and could we soon see it released on the iPhone 5, 4S, and other iDevices?

Trying to narrow down a release window for an 6.01 untethered jailbreak – when a number of people quizzed planetbeing about the release window, not a date, for the upcoming iPhone 5/4S jailbreak it seems that a direct answer explained a lot. The tweet below had been a reply after one person asked if we are looking at weeks or months? In a nutshell it seems that even if this were known, “clubs” would come out if this information is shared, so it looks like the answer to that question will stay within a very small circle of people.

Expect the iPhone 5 and 4S iOS 6 jailbreak to release simultaneously – another tweet reveals that the iOS 6/6.01 jailbreak will “probably” arrive on most devices at the same time, which cleared up a few worries about the possibility of an iPhone 5 being favored over the 4S model. This shows us again that there are certainly things to be learned from tweets, even if it’s not the main release details we all want at this time.

Are you using Twitter to find out information about the upcoming iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 and 4S? We keep an eye on @pod2g and @planetbeing, but we’d love to know if you are following the conversation and learning things from Twitter. Over the past couple of years Twitter has proven to break news before a number of outlets, including main stream news, so you can count on it being one of the first places to reveal that the iOS 6 jailbreak is live. Did you update to iOS 6.01?

You might also want to read our article on impersonators trying to catch out jailbreaking newbies, and also see what’s available for pre A5 devices here.

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  • Tim

    Noob here, but can’t we “Downgrade” our 4s back to 5.1, and then JB?

  • Jane

    Gs3 does not need jailbreak. You can tweak and install whatever apps you want. The iPhone 5 looks really gay. Why not make it wider not just longer. It looks out of proportion. Some people are so stupid as they camped overnight to give money to Apple for this phone.

    • MDNA

      Stop using the word “gay” to describe something you dislike

      • Pete

        My god when i initially saw it I thought it was a girly phone. It is long and narrow. It is super gay. The 4S is better.

  • random

    nice looking galaxy s2! why is there an apple on the back?

  • stupid iphone 5 :p

    the iphone 5 is gay as frig!!!!!!!!! the apple maps suck

    • Jane

      It is the gayest phone ever. Not cool.

  • hfhfhg

    worst phone ever. never get it!!!

    • apple user

      Also the worst IOS ever.

      • Assmon

        Amen to that. People are blind thinking this is better phone than Samsung s3. Either stupid or high on dope.

  • AppleEnthusiast

    I have always purchased Apple products (Macs, ipads and IPhones). If January comes around and still no jailbreak for ios6, I will be switch to Android. I am TIRED of AT&T and Apple dictating on what they think I want or that they think they still own the phone I purchased. I own it now not them and the courts and congress agree with that, that is why Jailbreaking is still legal. AT&T and Apple are becoming ridiculous and that is an understatement.

  • jukebox

    Im using the tethered jb from redsn0w and i havent run into any snags yet… its enough to hold me over until the untethered finally comes out

  • Red Army 19

    Mike and John! You wish you worked for Apple! If you did you wouldn’t be commenting on forums about jailbreaks and patches etc!

  • Kayla


    • next time think before you act. it’s your fault so what’s the point in being impatient.

    • CraigMack

      why would you willingly upgrade knowing you were going to lose your JB ? especially without a future JB anywhere in sight ! Cydia is and will ALAWAYS be far superior to any version of IOS that crapple releases !

  • John

    I have been involved in the ios development for the last few years and I will tell you we are doing everything we can to close all exploits. Don’t count on your jailbreak.

    • CraigMack

      and the Dev’s are doing everything they can to find all exploits, so what’s your point ??? a JB on IOS 5.1.1 is FAR SUPERIOR to any version of IOS that crapple will EVER release !

    • Apple user

      Can you tell me, why did apple remove you tube? is it good for apple or not? Thank you.

    • a2cntryboy

      Well then you just suck as it has been stated it’s my phone I should be able to do whatever I please with it.

  • i will deffinetly stop buying more apple products because apple devices will be un jailbreakable from 2013 which pointless using very basic looking crap phone without jb.
    android is the best one and cheaper,

    • CraigMack

      android is also an open source OS and about 90,000 android users were affected by malware around october. that sucks having to worry about being infected. i device customers don’t EVER have to worry about what the download to their devices and being affected by malware. you don’t want to lose your beloved JB ? DON”T UPGRADE then until they release the current JB.

  • Mike

    I am a developer at apple and I can tell you that by the time IOS 7 arrives they will not be able to JailBreak the device the same way as they currently do.

    • apple user

      I am the guy that buys apple products and helps fund your paycheck … if u cant JB them ill buy something that i can …simple as that !

    • St1001

      Maybe not but they will find a different way to jailbreak it. If apple could stop like you are suggestin they would have done it already.

    • d patel

      how about you tube? thx.

    • The only thing that I want to have my phone jailbroken for is the fact that with the updates they took cellular data… I paid for my phone out of pocket and want to use it on Straight Talk, and in order do so, I have to change cellular data. It’s not available 5.11 and up…

  • disqus_sAbA3oeKXv

    I have heard and seen so many people saying they will be going back to android or leaving apple to go to android for the first time. we shouldn’t have to wait for a jb to come out to customize our own phones. Android makes it so much easier on many things to make your phone your own and has so much freedom compared to the iphone. Even if they continue will jailbreaks later in the years for iphones it seems it’s getting harder and there will be a time where they’ll just stop it like they have the ipad making it now illegal to jb it. I can’t wait in a couple months when my husband and i will be switching to the samsung s3 and note 2. my husband and i have had the iphone since the very FIRST iphone came out and we’re now switching to android it was fun while it lasted iphone but we’ve seen the light.

    • ApplePerson

      lol you will regret that decision

      • k

        you know what? you can say what you want but i already know that i won’t regret it. like i said i’ve had the iphone since the very 1st iphone ever came out i’ve had my share of the iphone for years and have had all of them except for the 5 because i dont think its worth upgrading. i have friends who got an iphone and switched back to their android and i have friends who just recently went to android for the first time switching the iphone to the s3 and they couldnt be happier. obviously there is a phone out there for everyone. i honestly think it’s the s3 for me i love that i will be able to add themes and fonts and things like that without having to hassle and jailbreak and if you look on the bottom of the page someone had already said int he future they wont be able to jailbreak the iphone like they can now. So you can say im going to regret it but i wont. if you like the ios6 and the iphone that’s good for you.

        • I think Apple just need to make the phone more configurable so that people can do the stuff they want but without the ability to use pirate software.. I guess they’re discussing it now.

        • Apple_Guy

          It’s official I’m leaving Apple and AT&T. Going to Android because I can customize MY phone as I see fit. Going to sprint because they’re the only ones that don’t dictate how I use my bandwidth videos etc… They are still unlimited one of the few left. Let’s support these companies!

  • Lasher

    To make a point to apple, why hasn’t someone started a poll to see how many people would stop buying iPhones If we lost the ability to jailbreak for good. I bet it might open some eyes. I know that my 4s will be my last device from apple since it is so hard to jailbreak.

    • Apple should allow you to jailbreak but it cancels your warranty. I think that’s a fair tradeoff. The reason they don’t want jailbreaking is because of piracy and piracy would kill their appstore which is the reason they are successful – the developers.

      How could they ever suggest that it’s okay to Jailbreak? That would be like saying FU to all the developers on the Appstore. Will never happen. Having said that, most people don’t pirate software on other platforms (or do they?!?!)

      • Davvve3

        Why do people think that jailbreaking is all about piracy!!! I have a jailbroken phone only because of Apple’s unusual idea of not including basic tasks like sending files via bluetooth, being able to copy files to your phone without having itunes on your pc and assigning mp3’s as ringtones. etc etc etc. People who think its all about piracy are just believing the hype from Apple. I admit the iPhone is amazing but…….it has its limits. Jailbreaking opens up the iPhone to what it can be. Jailbreaking is not all about installous

        • Read my previous post on this page – I’m not saying JB is all about piracy. I’m just saying that APPLE allowing jailbreaking would be the same as allowing Piracy – that’s why they can’t. Read closer

  • I just hope it comes out soon cause I am dying with the stupid ios 6 and no tweaks.

    • Masakado Minamoto

      me too 🙁 I’m really sick of this,I’m waiting for long time with any programs and games
      my iPhone 4s is half dead :(, it was a huge mistake that I done that 🙁 ……

      • you could always pay for the apps and games, why do you think they want to block jailbreaking? Those games and apps aren’t free – someone worked really hard to make them and deserve not to be cheated. If you want free apps, try one of the apps that show you price drops and take them legally.

        I like jailbreaking because it opens up the device, but piracy is still piracy and although I’m not suggesting I never do it – we should keep in mind that it is stealing, and not just assume piracy is the norm.

        • CraigMack

          agreed ! I don’t support things like installous or unofficial repo’s from Cydia. that’s BS if you need to steal a $1 or $2 app and or tweak.

        • The only thing I want to do is change cellular data… That’s it! Apple ruined it when they went to 5.11…