Black Ops 2 Zombies Tower of Babble for Pros

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2012

At last, we can finally say that Black Ops 2 Zombies is officially upon us. We have been providing you with early gameplay and inside information on Pack a Punch weapons and Wonder Weapons, but now we switch our attention to the main easter egg secret hidden inside the game.

Most zombie players right now will be just trying to get to the highest wave possible, learning the map and all of the weapon locations as they do so. However, for those that got the game early – there is a big easter egg to solve which will award you with the Tower of Babble achievement and as far as we’re aware – nobody has solved it yet so we don’t know what the rewards are.

To point out, this easter egg is different to the musical easter eggs which you have to find teddy bear locations to activate – details on this side quest can be seen in our previous article here. Now, the Tower of Babble quest is a different beast all together and it reunites you with Richtofen, the infamous character from the first Black Ops game.

It appears that you have to search for various items scattered around the map and to complete this easter egg, we have heard that you need all four players to complete – so it won’t work in solo mode. Furthermore, we’ve also heard that you need to select normal difficulty mode as well, as it won’t be possible when playing on easy.

We’ve gathered up the latest progress on the Tower of Babble easter egg for you here, but obviously we’re looking for your input on any further stages that you may have got to so that players can read this and work through the easter egg together. The primary objective that we can see, is that you have to search for pieces need for table parts.

There are five confirmed parts so far including the table – these have been identified as a card reader, a nav card, a radio and a meteor. The bus depot is a good place to start looking, as you should be able to locate both the nav card and the meteor at the bus depot. The other items are scattered around the map, with some items like the card reader turning up in different areas – we found it at the farm house.

Below is a video that we’ve found which should help you out with the achievement. It provides a nice format to the easter egg, but only part 1 is available for the moment – so keep an eye out for part 2 when it becomes available. The video also mentions that there may be two parts to the main easter egg – one with Richtofen and the other with Maxis.

Treyarch has clearly made this easter egg a lot more difficult than the easter eggs contained in Black Ops 1. If you consider yourself to be a zombies pro, let us know how far you have got on the Tower of Babble secret and if you can offer up any further progress for our readers. We’ll provide updated details as we get it.

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  • drew

    Where do I look for part 2

  • james

    both sides of easter egg are completed, but i dont no what to do now

  • froggyhammerness

    you don’t need 4 players as this article states, me and a buddy were playing last night with just the two of us, we noticed that as the round starts we couldn’t find the meteor outside of the bus stop. when we got frustrated after 15 minutes of restarting thinking the game was glitching out we had the idea to just check out the corn field and to our surprise the area underneath the powerlines was already put together for us, we just needed to assemble the thruster cannon wonder weapon. still don’t know what to do with it tho

  • goodNight

    I picked up the card before knowing what to do with it and so far it has stayed with me since i picked it up in like a side slot. Is this how it works for everyone or once you use it in one game you will have to find another one? Add me 360: Nightwarrior317 I am loolking to figure out this EE

  • Apollo

    I cannot figure out if there are 2 navigation cards or if I am just doing something wrong with the navigation card I have, but the table keeps telling me I don’t have the right nav card. Any suggestions/answers?

  • i have noticed several light posts (one at the bus stop and one at the stop with the mystery box), that are glowing green and put off a strange sound, perhaps this is a step to the easter egg. add me if your wanting to figure this out GODZIRRAA psn

    • The green lights are only for when a Denizen jumps on your head if you run under them it digs a hole which turns into a teleporter that rnadomly sends you to town farm bus stop or the power house

  • Edyy

    PLEASE post the real ending!!!

  • Thisfreakinguy

    jk but i will tell you the real ending if you want i really did finish the EE. Its actually not so hard if you use my tactic….. Let me know if you want to hear it cause im not going to post a spoiler THIS FREAKING BIG unless someone just really wants to ruin the surpise

    • GamerGirl

      You should totally post the real ending. Just make it clear to everyone else reading that its a huge spoiler, then they will have been warned and they can’t be mad.

  • Thisfreakinguy

    Finished the easter egg… And WOW!!!! ******SPOILER****** you will not believe what happens, richtofen reveals that the electric man …”him” is actually dempsey and he has changed him into that form and them dempsey pulls out a flower and gives it to the girl and there is a rainbow all across the sky…. Ahhhhhh so pretty… But then you get attacked by nazi roaches who survived nuketown 2025 and the eat your face aaaaaaahhh

  • Justinsipod3

    We have gotten to the table