Black Ops 2 problems galore with PS3 freezing

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 14, 2012

We have been hands-on with Black Ops 2 on the PlayStation 3 for over a day now, and just like most PS3 gamers we’ve experienced a lot of problems with Black Ops 2 freezing at certain points, which includes audio that sounds like a rap when you get freezing for a few seconds during online play. You’ll find a phrase repeating itself over and over occasionally, although this hasn’t stopped us playing the zombies mode in Black Ops 2 but of course the problems are extremely annoying.

The good news is that Activision are aware of the Black Ops 2 problems targeting PS3 users, and confirmed today in a tweet that a fix is being worked on for connection issues and freezing with the PS3 version. You can see that tweet in the image below, which has received some messages from angry gamers. Some people are telling other PS3 players not to bother using Black Ops 2 on the platform until these issues are fixed. One gamer said, “I’ve had enough of not being able to connect in Black Ops 2, and it keeps freezing“. Others are explaining how “stressed” they are and hope Black Ops 2 is fixed on the PS3 before the double XP weekend starts.

Shortly after starting up the PS3 version of Black Ops 2 yesterday we noticed patch 1.02, although nothing official had been said about what this update included but we did have a few ideas that we reported in this article. These included making online play live and other ideas like bug fixes for the launch, but that article received a lot of comments about Black Ops 2 problems and connecting in multiplayer with freezing on the PS3. One of the most common complaints is in regard to error messages asking you to try again after you can’t connect to server, which we’ve also experienced a number of times over the last 24 hours.

Black Ops 2 multiplayer freezes on PS3 – this is the problem we’ve experienced the most on our review console, although a few PR readers have had things a lot worse than us, which is thanks to their PS3 console freezing completely “every hour or two” and crashing. This meant a hard restart, and we know that’s not something we like to do under any circumstances.

Have you had any problems with COD Black Ops 2, and if so is it with the PS3 or Xbox 360 version? We might see patch 1.03 rushed out to update the PS3 system with better performance, so we’ll let you know if this happens, but for now hit the comments with any server issues and freezing that you’ve experienced. It is also worth noting we’ve seen a few glitches with people flying around in Black Ops 2 as well, so not sure if this is just us.

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  • helmut_hedd

    These problems are far from my biggest, but I won’t be buying any add ons until I see it run a little smoother.

  • Jay

    For some reason “Drone” is the only map that I can’t play. If it gets picked, the load screen before the match stays on one spot and it freezes. Just that map for some reason.

  • dan

    hope some one can help i put on black ops 2 today (online)and it said it had reset all my classes now i can only use one class cause if i pick one off the others it crashes i cant even turn ps3 off have to turn it of by the main button thanks

  • xx_okc_killer_xx

    I cant even get into the multi player screen. It has been three days now that everytime I select multiplayer it goes to the black loading screen and freezes up. It is doing it on both my ps3’s. I can play campaign or zombies no problems but can not get to multiplayer.

  • brendan

    I preorder and when i type the nuketown code in psn it downloads and installs, but i cant access the map In multiplayer

  • Haha

    The ps3 is on its ass again lol ha ha pmsl rottflmbfao

  • Ads

    Give em time, PS3 is really hard to write games for. Sony think their so special that their hardware should be completely different to everything else on the planet. Not only that but their hardware is a joke, by far way out of date. If you take a look at the hardware it scales up to your tv using low res graphics LAME!!!!!!! at least scale up from 720p like the 360 not 538p thats why i don’t own either there good for a year then way out of date in hardware standards and on top of not working they make you pay for it…….good on ya Sony. I’m not saying don’t own one but at least expect delays much of the time. Want a real experience buy a decent PC. At least they have real time support!!!!!!

  • matonking

    Why do you people continue to buy these god awful games. Do they even play test on the PS3? or, is it simply a case of them being too busy pushing the 4th xbox controller up their ass.

  • Holden Zenator

    The update didnt fix much and made alot of the online worse, the thing i hate the most about online is that its always “migrating hosts”…


    this is what happens when these games are rushed every. single. year.

  • riz

    I am still having the same “Error…server not available” issue. In addition, my campaign (whether i’m signed in or not) freezes. I have the last patch released. Does not help me. To top it all off, activision site gives it a “Defcon 4” all servers are enabled status with a few minor maintenance windows scheduled here and there. What?!?!? Been following Blackops for months now, seen every video by tmartn on it and now this…i have a $60 worth coffee coaster. I expect activision to work on this issue through the thanksgiving holidays….they owe it to us. Take 4 days off AFTER you’ve fixed the issue, done your job and justified our $60 and months of following you guys.

  • D. Boy

    With ps3’s you get what you pay for online wise! NOTHING!! Spending 40 a year don’t seem so dumb aye! I await the swarms of fanboys scimpering from their ps3 branded mosh pits with abuse and ps3 coolness facts!

  • Anthony78

    the simple solution to this problem is in a few steps:
    1. sell black ops 2 and all your ps3 games.
    2. Sell ps3.
    3. sell anything you have that has to do with your ps3.
    4. buy an xbox 360.
    5. buy black ops 2.
    6. buy gold membership.
    problem solved

  • Michael

    It still is freezing after the 1.03 update… Wtf?

  • Toonaddict69

    i did a quick format after i couldnt get on call of duty black ops2 because a message saying corrupt data kept showing + it seemed 2 work 4 me im now back on line.

  • asagecalledq

    anytime i go to a game the ps3 shuts down after a 3-5 minutes. every…single….time. their should definitely be some compensation for ps3 users. this is ridiculous.

  • glenn

    Instead of receiving an error message, my PS3 turns itself off when I try joining a game, but this doesn’t happen when i try to play different games. Help!

  • Baldog124

    Yup, my ps3 keeps freezing after 3 or 4 games in the multiplayer screen. Have to do a hard reboot. This is freakin annoying!

  • Aron

    Definitely not Sony’s fault. Go play any PS3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone; they all play fine. Whatever lag you see on PS3, you’ll see on Xbox. The console itself has nothing to do with your connection unless there’s a faulty wifi adapter or ethernet port. I’d rather not pay $120 every year to play a game for a year. That’s ridiculous. So if you’ve been playing Call of Duty online since CoD 4 and payed for Xbox LIVE, you’ve payed $720 just to keep up with it, more if you’re payed for lower timed cards. That’s why I switched to PS3, it’s pointless to pay for a free service. Sadly, we have to deal with crap ports from AAA companies.

  • nite-wolf86

    I join my team mates, when in the loddy waiting to start the game. Soon as the count down hits 1second my whole console freezes and i have to reboot my console all over again

  • Hobbyking

    Can’t play solo zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve

    before i even get the game up and going, it has been freezing it just before i get to the main menu, and i have to turn off my hole systum. It dose not do this with blackops 1, has anybody eles had this problem. PS3

  • yupyuppickuptruck

    Somebody needs to have their ass fired!!!

  • Frustrated Mom

    We are having alot of freezing on PS3 but nothing on the XBox 360. My son wants to return the game but I guess we will wait for the fix.

  • Dame2012

    Game keeps shutting down and rebooting in campaign mode……….. wtf.