Skyrim PS3 DLC secrecy after Dawnguard digging

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 13, 2012

We now know that some Skyrim PS3 DLC is on the way, which some gamers hope is for Dawnguard finally coming to PS3, although a fair number of people would like all the downloadable content to finally arrive on the Sony platform. This means Skyrim Dragonborn as well along with Hearthfire on the PS3, but the facts for this DLC are still well and truly under wraps and no amount of digging on Twitter seems to be revealing those juicy details.

The tweet below had been made within the last couple of hours by Pete Hines, the well known Bethesda man that has recently made it clear that his Twitter account is for personal use as well, although this tweet is directed towards business and from a gamer that wants to know more about Skyrim DLC on the PS3. Dawnguard would be at the top of that wishlist for most people, but the recent confirmation of “content” arriving on the PS3 is pretty vague and could mean almost anything.

Constant pressure on Hines from PS3 gamers after Dawnguard – some people have gone to great lengths to get a reaction from Hines, although most never hear a direct word in relation to one of their tweets, but Mr. Liberacki in the above tweet just happened to be one of the lucky ones. After asking if they made their tweets more “insulting” would it help to get a response, directed at what the Skyrim PS3 DLC would be and when it would see a release, Hines answered that he had no information he “could share“.

It seems like someone else is directing Pete Hines over what he can, and cannot say, so it’s obvious that he can only share the information when the time is right. Take a look at the above tweet and leave a comment with what you make of it, although we can’t help but wonder how much power Hines has when it comes to choosing when to share information on Skyrim DLC for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360?

Have you ever tried to ask Hines or Bethesda directly about the lack of Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3? The flow of information and lack of communication is the only issue we have, which is shown perfectly from the recent tweet that states “new content” is coming to the PS3. Skyrim players worry that no mention of Dawnguard at that stage could mean some other content instead. You can read about the price some gamers are willing to pay for Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3 in our earlier post, so feel free to take a look and to share a comment below with your expectations for the so-called new content on the way.

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  • Alex they awesome

    It’s not like its the first time we have been excluded, Xbox have minecraft and halo and now skyrim.

  • Me

    So xbox user how does it feel to finally get a browser?

  • bugthesda

    Everyone here is missing the effin point.
    Its NOT about console wars or “sony sux xbawks wins”
    Its about INCOMPETENT DEVELOPERS who sold the world a broken game.
    They lied about performance, they lied about TONS of attention.
    They still havent fixed bugs on the vanilla game and pump out dlc for $$$.

  • Jacob Bielema

    My god, enough of the console wars! God, I just want my damn dlcs so I never have to play another Bethesda game ever, I was even planning to get Oblivion! Guess what, not happening now!

  • Jeremy Simpson

    Honestly, Skyrim had the potential to be one of the best games EVER. And it would of been remembered and talked about for years and years like Morrowind. Unfortunately they did a piss poor job. I really don’t get how you could have such great success with the Fallout serious, and the previous Elder Scrolls games and then just totally botch this one. I’m really not disappointed that it isn’t on the PS3 even if it WAS available on the PS3, it still isn’t up to par. No imagination, no difficulty, and repetitive boring tasks. Sounds like they are taking a page from Blizzard.

    • bugthesda

      Well hopefully they learned from this.
      A game that was beautiful in concept but ruined by
      A rush to meet a silly date 11/11/11
      A total lack of testing.
      And just plain laziness and not giving a Shh…

      Todays gaming community demands a game that not a $60 beta test-!

  • Smiley007

    Hearthfire for me! For Xbox users, I’m not going to waste all my money on a 360 platform just to buy DLCs for one game that I’ll have to buy as well as the platform, nor rush to buy a PC Skyrim to install on my cheap computer that doesn’t work. I’m going to be patient, hold onto my money, and see what happens. I have a feeling they will release some sort of a DLC for PS3, in fact I feel almost hopeful and delighted to find out!
    I think even if they don’t release anything by January, then perhaps yes there will not be any DLCs for PS3. So what? I still have my game Skyrim, plus many other PS3 games I find quite entertaining to play. If they don’t make any DLCs for PS3, then it’s their fall: they lost a lot of money they could’ve had. Personally I have played all these consoles, and between the Xbox 360, PC and the PS3, I will always choose the PS3 console. 🙂

  • MysticHobo

    Welp, if the Fallout 3 and New Vegas DLC is anything to go by the Skyrim DLC with be wonderful for about 20 minutes then proceed to lock up and lag to the point of breaking the game! It’s time to take a stand and show game devs and publishers that this BS isn’t going to fly. Go, go gadget class action lawsuit!

  • cowill101

    He obviously is withholding information, but at least they announced that something would come to the PS3.

  • Ryan

    If the Xbox is so great how come ubisoft has realised exclusive dlc for assassins creed 3 on the ps3 not going to bother with skyrim any more or purchase anthor berthesda game ubisoft u are the new ps3 champs

  • I thought it’s goin b dawngaurd because he said it would be 4 ps3 AND pc

  • Superscot101

    Hopefully if another skyrim dlc or another elder scrolls game comes out mabe will get it first

  • Superscot101

    Xbox get everything I like skyrim and I don’t like this exclusion

  • Superscot101

    I don’t see why Bethesda are warming us up trying to surprise us with which one we’ll get, frankly if we don’t get dawnguard then what have they been doing all this time

  • Ps3 users tsk tsk tsk

    See look at these ungrateful ps3 users, they clearly do not deserve a dlc after the way they treat Bethesda.

  • KBC

    The dlc has not come to PS3 because of a problem with the PS3 in which both Bethesda and Sony have been working to solve. It’s not a big plot against ps3 or for 360. They are working hard trying to get something out to a large portion of their customer base.

    And, It is an add on, and by that I mean, you aren’t being cheated by not having it, it’s extra. If you didn’t really love the game when it was released them why do you need extra dlc? If it wasn’t fun before and you expect the dlc to drastically change skyrim, it’s not going to. It’s more story and more skyrim to get lost in. If you loved skyrim and you just want more and you have a ps3 I am sorry, it will come.

    • Majin_Romulus

      No. Your whole post, just no.

      • Smile

        I agree with KBC. It seems a lot more level headed and reasonable response to this whole dlc mess than the usual conspiracy theory, school yard “my console is better than yours” arguement. It totally sucks that the DLC is beyond late but BETHESDA IS A COMPANY. They want our money. Given time they will release it to us.

    • DarkBrotherhoodCeej

      actually it isn’t a problem with the PS3, it’s a problem with how Skyrim was ported to it. Bethesda openly admitted months back that the PS3 version was simply a tweaked 360 port. Besides, one point of the development process is to actually make sure the game works on the consoles it’s released for, which PS3 Skyrim didn’t, they’ve had 5-6years to learn how to code a PS3 game correctly, and yet they still can’t, shame on them

    • in addition to your dodge post KBC the dlc is what balances the updates so when the game updates lets you get t level 81 but your followers are stuck at 50 the dlc is what comes in to save the day with new followers with a cap of level 81. Then again Bethesda is a company and they have the means to get it fixed and if they continue to “play favorites” it will escalate to sony them self dropping the hammer either way you look at it the consumer fan base is what dictates the direction of a company and company ties. Also facts show that favorites have been made ticktock its going on 4 months since the DLC has been out its beyond beating around the bush its borderline lack of progress… I’m a nintendo fan myself (go zelda) but im only stating the facts both business wise and gamer wise…. Bethesda take the led out f your boots

  • Bethesda is not going to make Dawnguard, Hearthfire, nor Dragonborn for the PS3. They haven’t even started yet and they never will! Here we are thinking we’re getting it for free and Bethesda is already on another project with their Elders scroll Online exclusive for the PC. You MUST buy an Xbox and Must pay the online fees and Must pay for the online play and a $3000 PC to play anymore of Bethesda exclusives games. Good Luck to myself and to all of you who owned a Playstation. Wait for GTA 5 because the Xbox will have huge problems playing it with their old DOS operating system.

    • Tyler

      If I could like this comment a million times, I would. I can’t wait for GTA 5. PS3 may have had problems in the past by ANON but like a few earlier posts stated, ANON hacked the CIA operating systems. If they wanted to, they could easily hack Microsoft. They probably just don’t deem it worthy. The graphics of every game are enhanced on a PS3 because EVERYTHING runs off of a blue-ray quality, not just blue-ray discs. Anyone who thinks Xbox is better is retarded. You pay 60 a year extra for a few more perks, earlier demos, slightly earlier releases, a better online experience. When it comes to downloadable content, you can’t sit there and use that as an argument point. I’m perfectly fine with Xbox getting 2 skyrim DLC releases a month early. But this is far beyond your exclusivity of the game. This has gotten to the point where Bethesda rarely releases any information at all to fan questions. This isn’t about Xbox being a better system, because trust me it’s not. Graphics, engine, quality, interface, even xbox users seemed to lean more on the ps3 side. Hell, most people who got xbox only bought it because they were too poor to afford a PS3 at the time of purchase. Aside from Bethesda, in the quality of an all around greater gaming experience plus the features and interactivity, PS3 definitely takes the gold. SUCK IT microsoft dick-riders.

      • well said, i was once a xbox and 360 gamer i do miss halo and other games,but i went and bought a ps3 because there’s no red ring of death and some of the perks are really good. don’t forget if you buy playstation plus its the same as being on 360 but cheaper i think its £40 a year and you get so much more such as free games and extras..

      • DON-EAZY-E

        Hell yeah rockstar is going to own 2013 with gta 5 they’ve been my fav gaming company ever.I also agree to all you said i’v been saying it on other post’s also about the blu ray quality and the engine the ps3 has running for it.Just some xbox players are too ignorant to listen their mostly kids any way.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      I agree also of what you said as well.I’d like to add that just think if xbox players were playing gta 5 they would have two discs and probably like L.A. N.O.I.R.E. they woul load the rest of the map on the other disc to play the full game LOL.

  • Jeremiah

    Dawngaurd should be free at least then set a price for the rest of the dlc at $10 to $20 but vanguard should be completely free given the fact they made us wait for months and that its getting old now. Their are new dlc coming out and some already out they shouldnt even charge us for dlc that isnt even relevant anymore.

    • Nyght

      Game Companies aren’t Pizza Delivery places bro, you don’t get crap free because its late. Thats like saying people should get a free game if they postpone the release. But really If they are smart Bethesda would knock of $5 to make it $15 with all the new games out (Black ops 2, AC3, Borderlands 2, etc.)

    • cchiu

      vanguard? wut

  • Maxwell Hensgen

    Xbox will probably get a DLC that allows them to become a Deadric Lord and change the fabric of the universe. The same day we PS3 owners will probably get Horse Armor with a Horse Poop Shoveling mini game.

    • Hahahahaha that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!!! Unfortunately your probably right

    • TuxedoCartman

      Yeah, and when I went to scoop poop, my game glitched, locked up, and deleted fifty of my saves.

      • U made me cry how much I laughed !!! hahahahahah !!!!

    • That the saddest thing i’ve seen all day 🙁

    • Luiggie

      Funniest thing ever!!!! Although sad knowing that is probably truth. Hopefully the Poop-shovelguard DLC will come with the added bonus of pet cats, so it will probably be a win for us.

    • U made me cry how much I laughed !!! hahahahahah !!!!!


    hmm well this is a prime example of Xbox 360 favoritism why should we be punished for having a different console ?

    • SonyCanSuckIt

      Because it sucks. Duh

      • David Randolph

        Says the fanboy who enjoys paying 60$ for their own Internet use.

        • Circa 9

          Correction, says the person who has all the DLC for Skyrim and won’t have to buy the game again because they chose the wrong platform the first time. In other news, at least my online service hasn’t resulted in my credit cards being hacked or shut down completely by two bit keyboard junkies living in their parents’ basement.

          But hey, you’re right, the PS3 is much better. At least you can watch Blu-Rays while you can’t play online. Oh, and way to stick it to Microsoft and Bethesda by switching to a PC. You realize what Microsoft owns, correct?

          Sixty dollars to play online and shut down PS3 fanboys? Is gladly pay twice that, any day.

        • Nyght

          X-Box must not be that great if you have nothing better to do with your time then comment on a PS3 news article about Dawnguard. >_> also PSN was hacked by anon who also took down the CIA site and that was 2 years ago bro. Let me go ahead and go back in the past and talk of the Red Ring.

        • IIIIlIIII

          rofl@ Microsoft owns. I run Skyrim on Linux for both PC/PS3 screw your virus collecting operating system. btw, the hacker(s) *AKA Anonymous* explained why they hacked the PS3. and I support there actions. Xbox however cannot stop the hacker(s) cause they aren’t even aware of them.

        • hebrewhammer

          Microsoft owns windows. Thats an operating system, I’m sure i can get a computer with a Linux OS.

        • Linux

          Linux is not a gaming OS.

        • IIIIlIIII

          Linux can be a gaming OS. (Ubuntu for example) there are over a thousand different distro’s out there. *google* lol, Linux is what you make it.. I use Gentoo for my gaming but I’ve tested Ubuntu & Fedora and I prefer Gentoo overall but building from ground-up can be frustrating.. but to sum it up, Linux can run and become a gaming system just fine with the right configuration.

        • IIIIlIIII

          btw;..Installing it over the PS3s default system makes your $300.00 gaming system into a couple grand super computer. which can sell on ebay for over $1200. (learned they are doing this over in Japan)

        • BackTrackFan

          No, but it is far better than Windows when games have actually been written for both platforms(natively). Windows is just an easy market because, well people like it.


        • Jeremy Simpson

          You’re paying $60 for 13 months of service. Granted its better service, better servers, and you’ll be the first to get all the new content. You get what you pay for I guess, definitely not going to complain about that.

          Only reason I’m commenting is Microsoft doesn’t own PC. They own Windows which is an OS which runs on PC’s or Laptops which are manufactured and designed by companies not owned by Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft doesn’t even make a computer.

          So while you could say I’m supporting Microsoft buy purchasing a PC/Laptop because you inherit the cost of the OS in the cost of the PC/Laptop… I could buy a MAC, now what were you saying about Microsoft owning?

        • Robbie

          The last of us, Heavy Rain, god of war, Uncharted (Naughty Dog in general), infamous, Resistance, Ratchet and clank, ICO and shadow of the colossus, Heavenly sword and metal gear solid…. Just naming the exclusives, but that’s ok you can have Halo and gears of war lol seriously PS3 rapes you when it comes to diversity of exclusives.

        • suckbox

          Instead you can get hacked by some canadian in their hut and have swat sent to your house

    • David Randolph

      Exactly the reason I’m switching to pc, don’t get me wrong I love playstation but things like this are just idiotic it’s all about greed. Also pc has a betting modding interface/community

    • Mr Noodleface

      my god man get over yourself im sure the dlc will come out soon. Besides xbox is the most common played console and everyone favours the xbox not just Bethesda

      • cchiu

        i don’t like the xbox so its not everybody. and how do u know its the most common played console? i’m pretty sure its pc if it counts as a console anyways

      • Majin_Romulus

        PS3 is the most played console(or is it the wii?!) Xbox just has more money becuase they force gamers to pay to play.

      • That Guy

        Actually besides the US, PS3 is preferred over Xbox

  • casper13rocks

    i have sent dozens of emails to bathesda asking for any information at all about dawngaurd and other dlc but i cant even get the standed auto email responce to say they recived my question and will endevor to respond in next 24-48 hrs all comunication has been cut to the public hines is just a tool with no power he says what he is told to and as far i can see this is only bad news for ps3 owners where is the fair and equale treatment for ps3 bathesda?

    • SonyCanSuckIt

      You spelt Bethesda wrong.

      • Tyler

        Look at you talking about grammar. “Spelt” isn’t a word. The past tense is spelled. You’re winning!

        • Circa 9

          Actually, spelt is a word, just not in the way it was used.

          But, carry on.

        • JBZ

          You’re both dead wrong. Spelt is a perfectly acceptable, British equivalent of “spelled.” Circa 9: you’re less wrong. Spelt is also a type of grain, chiefly found at food co-ops and whole foods.

        • OniZenBuddha

          Yea as a New Zealander, we speak PROPER English. “american “English” isnt English it’s a defiled and silly form of the language. That said, imo the battle of the consoles is a race thing…sorta. american companies from what ive seen kinda like to be better than competitors in every way, and it seems they have a rivalry of a more friendly sort with Japan, Kind of like my country and australia. xbox has been competing with ps since ps2/orig. xbox war. before that sony had pretty much everyone in their pocket for games. since the release of xbox the 2 companies have been contracting game developers to make games that play ONLY on their consoles eg. Fable 2-3 for xbox360, GT 5 for PS3. there are a lot of games and stuff that are unique to either consoles and unfortunately for us we have to pay more to get the best of both. im a PS gamer, if i had more money id get a 360 as well.

        • yahwehman:!

          this is about skyrim dlc not grammar school

        • OniZenBuddha

          yeh yeh lol

  • we want to know the release date though

  • Jeff Dion

    Your a goof. No really.