Skyrim Dragonborn DLC, expectations high

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2012

With talk on the PS3 Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim still raging high, there is plenty of optimism in the air over the third Skyrim DLC pack, titled Dragonborn. It is due out in December, but for the moment gamers are still in the dark as to whether the new content will be landing on PC as well, or if it will even make an appearance on the PS3.

Bethesda has not said anything else regarding Dragonborn, other than from when they dropped the exciting reveal trailer over a week ago. Expectations have naturally been running high on what we can hope to see in the 1600 Microsoft Point expansion, with Dragon breeding looking to be one of the most requested features that we’ve seen so far.

It seems fairly obvious that dragon riding is going to be a big part of the new content as well, hopefully with a lot more flight options and control than what was previously possible in the core game. One mystery that still hasn’t been cleared up fully, is who the main character is in the trailer, with that awesome looking helmet.

We’ve heard that he could be the primary villain in Dragonborn, with the character actually being the first Dragonborn in the storyline. We’ve also read a lot of feedback from you suggesting that the only thing you want to see, is his headgear and robe up for looting if you have to defeat him.

What are your primary expectations for the Dragonborn DLC, that would justify the 1600 Microsoft Points, or $20 price tag? Is it all about the elusive Dragonborn Dragon Armor for you, or do you want to see a lot more than just new lootable items? Watch the trailer again below and let us know if you have picked out any hidden extras.

Just as a reminder, Dragonborn is due out on December 4, with only the Xbox 360 release confirmed so far. Will it be a travesty if this content does not end up on PS3 and PC, regardless of the PS3 Dawnguard situation?

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  • LetroDrake

    I’m getting very tired of this ongoing debate, if you can even call it that.

    I agree with most of the comments here, and can’t hold back the desire to intervene. To the PS3 community, you paid for Skyrim, you got Skyrim. You have not paid or given anything to Bethesda that makes you a priority and that you should above all receive DLC’s. Like what was said before, DLC’s are bonuses. You are not entitled to them, so take a step back and take a few deep breaths. I know I probably sound like the same broken record that’s going around, but Bethesda are trying to get this DLC on your console, what reason do they have not to? They make games for us, so surely it would be nothing but beneficial for them to give you what you want? But alas, it isn’t that simple. They are trying, so get those ants out your pants and stop acting like kids who had their toys taken away, though like them you have every reason to cry. As for the other people, I don’t care whether you lot didn’t enjoy Dawnguard – didn’t enjoy Hearthfire. Games aren’t always going to please everyone. Thus I think it’s an absolutely amazing achievement that Bethesda managed to make so many people happy with Skyrim, as they have in the past with the legend that is Morrowind. It also irritates me how people can call Bethesda money grabbing and brutal, as if they’ve done something to ultimately remove our appreciation for them. The amount of effort they put into their games is commendable in my opinion. So you didn’t like Oblivion – that’s awesome, really. I’m fed up of people saying companies these days have lost their way and that they don’t know how to make great games anymore. Times have changed, we have no choice but to follow suit.

    So moral of this story I guess, PS3 users- chill the hell out and quit throwing your toys out the pram because you’re not getting what you want, they’re working on it. Xbox 360 users, quit giving the PS3 community crap because you’re getting it and they’re not, it’s not helping. At all.

    And yes I will finish off by saying I am an Xbox 360 user, for anyone daring enough to even begin to reply with a “well you would be on that side of the argument, YOU’RE getting the DLC!” Yes, I am fortunate enough to be receiving what seems to be some great downloadable content. But as some of you are saying if our “positions” were reversed, we’d be the ones acting like spoilt children, I want to say that for me at least, that statement is bull. Truthfully, if I (an Xbox 360 user) saw the other consoles getting the DLC I wanted so badly, I would not be turning to the source and giving them a hard time. It’s not the done thing. I would be very upset (not going to lie I’m a sucker for the supposed Dragon riding and of course Morrowind) at the possibility of never receiving it, but I would move on, or buy the console that has the DLC.

    I guess I’ll finish by saying I am sorry this is causing so much hassle in the gaming community.

    • Kingsley. J

      Well said. It is great to here a positive and constructive comment. I agree with everything you said. Constructive comments would be more proactive, to the gaming community and the developers, than most comments I have read, on this particular topic.

  • Buy an Xbox and pay $8 a month rent on it and you can have all of the wonders of Bethesda. But don’t let the bugs bite.

  • @-Town

    looks like theres a lot of new armor , maybe some new stuff to be made ?? i know theres talk of Umbra being destroyed a few hundred or thousands of years earlier but all the talk of ebiny just has something screaming Umbra to me ?? maybe , maybe not .

  • Mr.Safety

    The dragonborn, in the trailer in one instance stands before an altar, reads a scroll, and tentacles rap around him, after that scene, a Falmer looking creature 9-10ft tall, looks like he’s projectile vomiting.

  • Skylisha

    Anyone noticed the volcano in the background of one of the scenes, it appears to be red mountain! Could this mean more than Solstheim is up for grabs?

  • CompletelyPumped

    Completely pc-controlled dragon riding, especially on the mainland of Skyrim, will be impossible. Because the way cities and villages loaded would prevent it from being practical. If a player was to fly over whiterun all he would see would be horrible/blury textures that are meant to be placeholders. Sometimes these cities have areas that lack and textures at all.

    When these factors are considered flying would completely ruin the games immersion while flying. It would show the players the extures behind the curtain so to speak.

    This is the EXACT reason Bethesda removed levitation spells from oblivion and skyrim that were previously found in Morrowind. Because Morrowinds cities were all open-ended, there were no *loading screens* or giant *loading entrance doors* like there are in Oblivion/Skyrim. There were no “place-holder” textures, what you saw was what you got.

    You could walk through one side of the city and all the way out the other end without having to go through a single loading screen.

    These are the reasons why, I believe, either Dragon Flying will be a rare scripted event or a completely automated travel system. (Where you ride the Dragon from one area to the next but you cannot control him. He takes the path the creators told him to follow)

    • bigice164

      how do all u pc skyrim players play skyrim cuz if u didn’t know there is a download that u can get for ur computer that allows u to use a 360 or a ps2,3 controllers for the game ur playing

  • anthony wilkinson

    0:37 is that a coloseum

  • Me

    I’ve already quit ps3 all together because of the sad play with skyrim… ps3 has officially lost me. I actually have a new gaming PC rig on the way for next week so I can play skyrim as well as a few other games and practical stuff… however, if this DLC is NOT downloadable for the PC eventually, Bethesda is going to lose a lot of dedicated fans.

  • drustin

    cannot wait!

  • Azriel

    Hey whether they’re legally bound to do WHATEVER, I don’t freaking care. I just want Dragonborn! Guys, we’re back in Morrowind! I’ve been hoping to see Morrowind again since I saw Skyrim’s beastly graphics a year and a half ago! If my silly PS3 owning deprives me of that choice….I’m giving up on video games.
    Okay, not really. But I’ll be severely disappointed! (And probably spend a few weeks in a corner)

  • zach

    EPIC! I’ve been playing Skyrim since 11-10-11 on PC and Xbox and am still doing so to this very day, even though I have dishonored and halo 4 I still find myself popping in skyrim. I have over 1500hrs of play and still putting in time. I have seen all of the bugs, whether funny, a hindrance on the quest or even the few that stop a quest dead in its tracks. Despite these very few and unfortunate setbacks the game still pushes on. Games as massive and complex as this are definitely going to have their fair share of bugs, its a given. When there is as much to do in a game like this and you find yourself complaining about one little glitch, most of which have been patched, then you are indeed just lashing out for attention or just like to complain. Why not just enjoy the game for the endless hours of play that it offers. I, personally have witnessed all the bad in this game, but nothing that would make me give up my escape into Tamriel because all of the bad things that have manifested within the game, pale in comparison to the fun to be had as well as the astounding beauty that Skyrim has to offer. There has never been a more beautiful game than this people! It IS the best and most immersive rpg to date. The Elder Scrolls series is the cream of the crop when it comes to making YOUR own character and how he or she is melded into your minds own design. Not just some cliche pre-fabricated character who you have to convince yourself that you are interested in. Also the lore behind the elderscrolls world is unparalleled. 20 yrs of the richest and most fascinating lore out of any game, tv, or movie series. Skyrim is even being used in a course at Rice U to bridge the worlds of medieval Scandinavian and modern Anglo-Saxon fantasy. Basically, the goal is for the students to understand the dialogue between medieval times and the 20th century. Also the Elder Scrolls wins nearly all of the awards that it is nominated for every time it comes out. The whole industry stops and takes notice to it as well. My novel sized point is as follows: For a game with as much history as this garners extremely high expectations from gamers and as such will always fall flat with this sort of hype. People will always want more than they are given even if it wasn’t promised to them, its human nature in todays modern world. And its a joke! Enjoy it for what it is and hope that they never stop even when they do the last province within tamriel there is still more. And when TES: online hits in spring 2013 the MMO scene will be turned on its head! GW2 will look like WOW (crap) in comparison to Tamriel. The best medieval fantasy series ever created. Perhaps even more so than Tolkien’s LoTR. And I’m a HUGE fan of LoTR HOBBITS! YAY! HOBBITS!

    ~Dragonborn will be the most epic dlc yet! you’re gonna have to fight another with dragonblood. the “Hunter of Souls” is what ive dubbed him. and it didn’t look like just solstheim in the trailer because i saw telvanni structures which were only located on morrowind and vvardenfell alike. NOT ON SOLSTHEIM! unless they have colonized it since the second era, which is unlikely but possible. The shots that i saw in the trailer were mainly of morrowind and i could tell by the flora, the giant mushrooms and telvanni structures. Solstheim is like Skyrim, snow and ice covered with mainly nordic and imperials. another thing is the last two dlcs are way too underrated if you play a new game with them installed from the beginning it is way better. i dont even buy the houses in the holds with my newer characters because the ones you build are so much better. I am thoroughly disappointed in all of you people who are downplaying the truly amazing game that this has been and STILL IS.

    As for you ps3 users……. sorry dudes, i feel for ya!!! but hopefully you now see the error in your ways and will not purchase the next sony and get the x720 because it is once again gonna steal the show. Sony is dead in the water and has been for years. I am completely bias when it comes to microsoft though.They own the market! And with current market trends they will hopefully, but not likely, phase out sony in the console wars. I had once said that when windows 8 comes out it will end the console wars because it was supposed to bridge the gap between console and PC with xbox live being fully integrated, but how I thought they would implement that feature was completely different than how they approached it. They made a HUGE mistake with that one. Also with how they went about their marketing campaign. whoever that guy or gal is surely lost their job.

    ZACH- An Elder Scrolls and Fallout enthusiast.

    • jerry

      you make it sound like we ps3 users made a deadly mistake for buying a ps3. We bought the ps3 because we like the system, and have been a sony fan since the ps1. I’ve owned a xbox before and it gained the last red ring within the month. and don’t act like you feel our pain of having to wait half a year for some dlc, as soon as you said bias when it comes to microsoft, i got a feeling of pity and smugness from you. and you can take that pity and throw it in the trash along with every ps3 owners copy of skyrim.

    • I’m a Rockstar Games fan and that will explain why I owned a one system PS3 and soon PS4. The Xbox 720 will try to copy everything the PS4 is doing. Microsoft never has a mind of its own and were never creative nor innovative. Microsoft major function is to seek out others and buy them off and take the credit. You are worshiping the wrong box. PS3 manufacture are filled with people who are creative and inventive. They actually used their own soul and mind to create a game console. Playstation 1 and PLaystation 2 came out way before when the Xbox was but a sperm. Bethesda is a fan of Microsoft because of the easy to program DOS (Microsoft didn’t invent DOS, they bought it off some guy) that is used to run the Xbox. You are loyal to what ever you think is best for you, no need to write a whole propaganda article trying swoon PS3 users to the ghetto box.

      • tim

        My consumer electronic hardware is better than your consumer electronic hardware!

  • shadowviper1229

    I hope that this will reveal more backstory about the dragonborn and the dragon priests. Absolutely nothing is said about the priests. Where did they come from, what was they’re goal?

    • drustin

      to serve the f*cking dragons.

  • Blank

    Hey Ps3 users calm down, I’m still waiting for Morrowind to go on the Wii.

    • shadowviper1229

      Same here, I just gave up and got it on PC.

  • Vincent

    Here what i think the main quest will be : the Dragon followers guild or group try to revive the first dragonborn and when they will have succeeded you will be there and put an end to this or who knows join him, wrecking Tamriel riding dragons. I can wait to destroy Skyrim and a part of posterity 😉

  • jayded

    Im not really that upset about skyrim dlc/dlcs. The game is great but not that great. Ive had all platforms honestly no one is really better that another. It all depends on what the gamer prefers. So children stop trying to be cool by ripping on others ideas and beliefs of the gaming industry. Okay

  • Athuris the Abandoned

    This looks really cool, fighting new enemies and riding dragons, but we all know how it’ll turn out. Bethesda will have released a third DLC before PS3 users even get the first. So while everyone else tells me how awesome it it, I’ll just have to take their word for it ’cause Bethesda doesn’t seem to give a damn about us. To quote Hadvar, “Gods really have abandoned your people”, just in this case it’s the makers of the game.

    • drustin


  • Nathan Marciniak

    If you can ride on a dragon it might possibly, in a small way, make up for one of the most anti-climactic moments in the main game where you heroically capture a dragon, heroically mount its neck, and heroically fly off to…a loading screen. * muted trumpet * In any case, I will be buying the crap out of this DLC. Of course, if you own a PC you already have approximately 80 bazillion Skyrim mods to try out. But Xbox suckers like me have to wait around for the official stuff. In any case, it’s all good.

    • Lewis

      Xbox suckers like you?!?!? I own a PS3!!!! We got royally shafted….

    • tim

      That was probably the most upsetting video game moment of my life. At the least I was expecting a cool cut scene, but I was really hoping to actually be able to ride it.

    • bigice164

      i don’t know about u but i can get mods for skyrim on my 360 and they are awesome and all i had to do is J-tag my console it was really easy now i can get mods for any game look it up on youtube if ur interested

  • Aelex

    I don’t care about the armor pff, I’m excited for seeing morrowind again.

    • Connor

      Technically, Solstheim isn’t part of Morrowind. Nor is it part of Skyrim, it’s just an independent isle that doesn’t belong to any province. Just sayin’.

  • For a loyal gamer like me, i also played morrowind so i will be expecting the expansion to give me that feeling, morriwind had some of the best weapons. spears, throwing stars and such. i would just like all those to be brought back in with this dlc. Good to see that they have included what looks like bear armour. I agree that dragon riding is just another detail bethesda is using to show the people that they have no idea what is good. Dragon riding while in theory would be quite cool, but really is going to be really crap

  • Will Wheaton

    Help! My balls were supposed to drop last week but I’ve been sitting in front of a computer bitching about Skyrim PS3 DLC for so long they won’t drop! What should I do?

    • Conor

      Obvious fanboy troll is obvious. What are you like 5?

  • Dr No

    I’ve never seem a comments thread with so many trolls. Someone needs to study this.

    • senator476ad

      Really? You should look at Bethblog’s comment sections…

  • Bethesda should have taken their Skyrim game software to both Ubisoft and Rockstar Games and have the Devs there look at it and mend it. In less than a week, the game Skyrim and all its DLCs will be bugs free and all the glitches gone. But Bethesda is afraid of being laughed at and made a joke of the entire gaming industry, so they stayed home. Sony Devs were laughing so hard at how immature Skyrim was developed, Bethesda face turned red and refused to release Dawnguard to the PS3. So Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn will never be a PS3 release.

    • Kingsley J.

      Ubisoft is good but to denounce Skyrim as a game that ubisoft can fix in a week is silly and not accurate. There isnt a game developer out there that makes games as vast as skyrim, period. Bethesda, in my opinion, has raised the bar for all other developers. Example; the new Assassins Creed. Good game but know where near the depth of skyrim or oblivion for that matter. FYI oblivion is almost a decade old and it still towers over many games made recently, AC3 included. To say something as arrogant as ” ubisoft can fix it” is lacking in the most basic common sense. Bethesda is at the top of the metaphorical pyramid of video game design. Know one else makes games as vast, as detailed while combining unpresadented amount of choices. The ones to fix skyrim is Bethesda, they are not “lazy.” You can’t be lazy to make a game like skyrim. We’ll leave that up to Activision.

      • Your Statement is entirely wrong, Ubisoft probably could, AC 3 is a different type of Genere from Any elder scrolls game, Made for different coustomer’s, And different fan’s. Ubisoft is by far a better company then Bethesda when it come’s to the fact they care about there coustomers, And still earn profit while doing it. Assassins’s Creed can’t get any more Drawn out then AC 3. So if it is the end of the series, then they will PROBABLY make a RPG. And it will most likely, If not Destroy skyrim. Skyrim is a amazing game, I own both a PS3, and Xbox. And Bethesda is just caught up in the money, It’s Devs are to lazy to fix anything. I know Modder’s on PC that could’ve Freed Skyrim of glitch’s in 6 Days. PERIOD.

        • Char

          When comparing Ubisoft’s AC3 to Bethesda’s Skyrim, you are comparing apples to oranges. I mean think about how many different directions and missions you can do, how many different people, and creatures there are, how many different places you can go, and how many different ways you can get there! In AC 3 yes there are missions, but when going to a destination you have to go the way that is laid out for you. Ubisoft took the easy way out so they wouldn’t have to do as much work, making room for error minimle. Bethesda made Skyrim so vast to appeal to so many people, to make choices, to explore, to do whatever you wanted within the game. It took them 5 years to make this game vs. the 3 years to make AC3. I don’t think any of you realize how much work went into Skyrim. It makes sense that Skyrim has glitches, I have been playing the game since it first came out and I love it, I love how I can go at my own pace and do what I want to do. I have also seen the game play in AC3 and its all in order, do this then do this go see this person, it’s boring and the game play is the same as any other mission games out there. Skyrim is vast and it’s understandable about the glitches. Not every little thing is going to be found and fixed in a couple of days, it’s impossible and rediculous to think that way. You would need to do every single possible route that can be made. Ubisoft should not touch Skyrim, or else it going to be like every thing else out there; stay on the path, do things in the order that we lay this out for you, because if we do it this way it leaves less room for error. If Ubisoft were ever to think they could pull it off, they wouldn’t know whether to scratch their watch, or wind their a**!

        • Kingsley J.

          They are probably working on The Elder Scrolls Vl right now. Considering it is gonna be on both next generation consoles; they have probably exhausted their resources. A team working on the dlc for the ps3, a team working on dlc’s for Xbox and a team working on the new ESVl. Which we can both agree is going to be massive. Maybe it boils down to time and resources. ESVl would take a large team and a lot of time to develop, the main project and the side project would be the dlc’s for the 360 and ps3.

    • zach

      REALLY?? ubisoft and rockstar?? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hybrid_Sausage

    Sorry, but Bethesda had their chance. I didn’t mind waiting a month because of Microsofts deal. I wouldn’t have minded waiting another month if we had been given information. But to constantly be told to just shut up and wait is unacceptable. Having “acquired” both Skyrim and the two current DLC’s for PC, I am glad I didn’t pay for them. Hearthfire was a cool concept, but in reality its just a glorified crafting mini-game, and Dawnguard has some cool items, but the overall DLC was a disappointment for me.

    The real people who make Skyrim amazing are the modding community. I’ve posted this numerous times before, but they deserve more credit than they get. Why is it that a 19 year old in his bedroom can fix major bugs and glitches while a multi-million pound company with all the technology they need can’t? Simple. Bethesda can’t be bothered. They’ve made most of their money from Skyrim, they’ll release a few buggy DLC’s then they’ll move on. They always do the same (look at Fallout 3, New Vegas. Oblivion). All abandoned by Bethesda while major bugs still existed.

    • Michael

      you know it does cost approximately anywhere around $40,000 to put an update on xbox live right….

      • Lewis

        Consider the profits from game sales, DLC sales and the contract from Microsoft to delay other platforms gaining the DLC’s at the same time, and less than 10 updates per platform amounts to pocket change for Bethesda. That contract with microsoft got Bethesda around 25 million alone.

    • The house mods on PC make Hearthfire look like a joke.

    • Lewis

      Couldn’t agree more. Bethesda are effectively a lazy, arrogant, feckless, money grabbing corporation suckling on the teet of Microsoft. Its not about making incredible games anymore for them as they once did, just money.

      • tim

        You’re just being stupid. Companies exist to make money. They aren’t doing anything wrong by making money. They don’t owe you any favors. You don’t like them? Don’t buy their games. I, along with many other people, think that they make great products that really stand out from the paint by numbers corridor shooters that currently saturate the market.

      • Dovahkin 115

        Lewis…….They arent anything like that. you have to remember that they are doing things because they have a “game plan” Literally. They have said numerous times that they want it to be known that they appreciate their fans so much. that they almost feel a connection with us.

    • Dovahkin 115

      I dont know about that bro. i mean the shivering isles and the knights of the nine DLC were amazing. it felt like the shivering isles was a whole new game and the story was spectacular. so i mean maybe you should go back and play those again if even for the first time because those were made by people who really wanted the best for their fans. and i mean that in the nicest way possible. And from my own experience, Bethesda has always satisfied me and has reallly made me feel like i am very important to them and that they relly want me to feel appriciated. And btw i completely agree with you about the modding community thing.

  • Dragon breeding?! First The Sims and now Pokemon? More exploration and less filler please.

  • Coyote

    Well this is probably going to be released on ps3 and pc as well. We should wait until confirmation for other platforms. Maybe they should focus on remaking Skyrim so that the ps3 can handle the engine it uses. Ps3 wasn’t designed to run games like Skyrim, so “dumbing” it down may work.

    • ‘PS3 wasn’t designed to run games like Skyrim’. I wasn’t aware they designed consoles to run certain genres. Isn’t the PS3 a more powerful piece of equipment than the 360? Also Isn’t the fact that the 360 is no more than a dumbed down PC while the PS3 is an actual console the real reason this problem came about and that if Bethesda made full use of the PS3 tech when they originally made Skyrim instead of porting it from the 360 this problem wouldn’t have surfaced. Hell if the port was the other way round wouldn’t the 360 have experienced far more problems?

      • Hippie lol

        Trololol you must be high cause you look like a f***ing hippie how is ps3 more powerful than an Xbox. Hippie gone mad 😀

        • What’s wrong with hippies? Is it they’ve the balls to show their face on an internet forum?

      • Actually, the 360 wouldn’t have faced any problems since it’s a dumbed down console. For crying out loud, the 360 is so weak that they made Battlefield 3’s graphics look like Call of Duty.

      • A guy

        Xbox has better ram

        • A guy

          However ps3 beats it at everything else however

        • It has simpler ram

  • Mark Milklain

    This looks great, mainly for the extra land we will have to explore with plenty of side quests etc. I don’t really understand the obsession with everyone wanting to ride dragons though? I mean yeah it would be quite cool in theory but the reality of it is glitchy, popping-in scenery all the time as the engine struggles to keep up with the increased area of land to be covered when moving around. Also you’d probably reach the edges of the map in no time. This is a novelty that will wear off fast. I’m just hoping it offers more land and interesting quests to do (including new items to find and obtain) and I will be happy.
    The dragon riding being top of everyone’s list is just a teenager type ‘awesome’ thought; the reality of it will be quite underwhelming i’m sure. Still, I for one will buy on Dec 4th. Can’t wait.

    • Floating Holiday

      I totally agree with the dragon riding obsession being a fleeting teenager-like “that would be awsesome” thought. On top of that, there are a lot of “copy/paste” journalism sites out there that seem to be perpetuating that idea which, originally, was only speculation. I’m still willing to bet that the dragon riding we saw in the trailer is either scripted, or an isolated event to get you from point A to B before normal game mechanics resume.
      It’s interesting that so many people can’t see how this as an unrestricted feature would completely go against the lore they have set up. The dialoge, story, and developer interviews have all established that these ancient, proud, powerful creatures, which naturally desire to rule OVER all humans, are not going to subjugate themselves allowing themselves to be ridden or bred like pets (wow, that last idea just makes me cringe). They’d be breaking the immersion to allow this as an unrestricted game feature.

      • Dovahkin 115

        but if the dragons are as proud as you say than why would they put dragon riding in at all?? and what if the dragon you ride is one like odaviing or durnehvir. All im sayin is maybe you have to earn the respect of the dragon you can ride

      • HadToBeMe

        I agree with your argument on dragon riding. The idea is cool but the way LOD distance works on skyrim, i doubt it would be picturesque. As for the the dragons as proud creatures, i doubt all dragons are like that. like all races in skyrim each has their own individual characteristics. For example, not all high elves are as arrogant and supremacist as all thalmors.

    • DragonKing

      what you say is true for the 360 and ps3 but if you have a good pc then it will be completely different story I mean don’t get me wrong I know that there will still be some problems for the pc as well but with all the moders out there some is sure to get it right if that even made sense

    • bigice164

      i totally agree with u the tings im waiting for is the new spells, the new shouts and the new items and land

  • casper13rocks

    as a shafted ps3 owner it’s worthles as day go by it looks more and more likely were getting nothing at all so much for the law and fair traiding dosent mean much when compernys arnt held acountable if bethesda cant give ps3 any content no platform should see dragonborn why should ps3 owner keep missing out

    • John

      Bethesda have no legal obligation to provide Dawnguard (or any DLC for that matter) on the PS3. You are entitled to have the core game in working condition and nothing more. Everything else is a bonus.

      And the “If I can;t have it no one can” attitude you have should’ve been dropped before you hit preschool.

      You are the cancer killing gaming.


        U are so gay cancer killing gaming dats just stupid gaming is far from dead

        • Alex

          You sir, sound like a moron.

        • Michael

          do misuse the term gay either…

        • Michael

          fuckin typos..

      • Nate

        Yes they are legally required. They put it ON THE BOX. Its a contractual agreement between the buyer and the developer.

        • They are legally riquired to provide the game skyrim. You did not buy dawnguard hearthfire or soon to be dragonborn. Therefore they dont give it to you. And bet you they are trying their hardest To even acomplish this for you, THE SOON TO BE buyer.

        • MV

          They are not legally required. In no way does that represent a contact
          between you, the buyer and them, the company. They could be held
          liable in civil court for false advertising IF they never develop ANY
          DLC content for PS3. That however, is the extent of it. They could
          make 10 DLCs for Xbox and 1 for PS3 and be completely in the clear.

      • casper13rocks

        once it was released ps3 are just as etitled as xpox and pc they are not obligated to release dlc but once they have they must by law give it to all platforms get ya facts straight and grow up i dont make the law id just like it enforced and id like what were entitled to wich everthing that xbox and pc have for skyrim

        • Biggsy

          There are no trading standard law in the UK, US or the EU that supports your position. Bethesda are no contractual obligation to do what you are suggesting. Google the Sale of goods act 1979 for the UK version or the Uniform Comerci Code, Article 2 for the law in the US. As for the EU, it’s exactly the same for the UK

      • Actually John, attitudes like Bethesdas are killing gaming. I’m more than pissed off that one system gets a better version of the game than the other, when they are the same price. PS3 version wasn’t in ‘working condition’ until numerous patches, which took quite some time, came out. Further all gamers now expect games from a certain Bethesda to come with DLC. Its infuriating that because I own one system that I am excluded. Even if it the DLC does come out eventually for PS3, the 30 day window for 360 is bunk too. Companies making money off other companies instead of the gamer getting what they like. It is souring people and you can take Bethesdas attitude, but its my dollars and if I choose to not buy TES:Online to protest this bunk, thats my right to do so.

        • zach

          Please do protest TES: online so I, for one, do not have to listen to another whiny ass while I’m trying to play my games. lol. What is it with the sony people thinking that protesting is going to do anything. LMAO!

        • Biggsy

          The problem isn’t Bethesda’s, go read what every game dev says about the PS3. It’s an incredibly difficult platform to develop for. This is something that has been known, since before the PS3 was even released. The blame lies with Sony for not making the machine easier to cod for. As for the attitude that because you can’t have DLC no one should, why? That does sound incredibly childish.
          Im an Xbox player & when I’ve lamented over not being able to get the construction kit on the xbox (Bethesda said they were thinking about releasing it), PC players said buy a PC & I wholeheartedly agree. If you want to play Skyrim DLC buy an xbox.

        • Biggsy

          Oops soz Andrew. I clicked on the wrong person to reply to. I’m using my iPhone to make comments. As such I can’t see the whole screen.

          An actual response to your point would be as follows.

          We all know that the PS3 is a superior piece of kit in regards to tech specs. If the PS3 was easy to code for (like the Xbox is), it would have far superior games then are availiable on the Xbox 360. The perfect example of this is the difference between Gran Tourismo 5 compared to the Forza franchise on the Xbox. Look how long it took for the GT5 devs to release the full game after the release the prologue version. This is because the PS3 is an evil machine to code for. Bethesda are seeing how hard it is to dev for the PS3. My point really is if the PS3 could be easily utilised to its full potential & over shadow the 360 in regards to the use of graphics & physics engines. Would you have a problem. Your anger, if in anyway justifiable should be directed at Sony. I’d suggest that everyone who’s angry about the difficulty in developing games for the PS3, should email them & tell them to make sure the PS4 (Orbit) is far more easier to develop for.

      • Bugthesda IS entitled to add DLCs onto the PS3, because on the back of the cover it says ADD ON CONTENT.

      • Lewis

        Not True. Back of the games case states ‘downloadable content available’ on all platform cases, therefore by law they have to either release content as they have already on the others or make it noted that we will not and offer refunds. I have worked with trade standards; know exactly what people can and cannot get away with.

        • Biggsy

          No you haven’t
          If you had you would know that there are a million reasons why such a ‘contract’ wouldn’t be legally enforceable, as Bethesda reserve the right to alter the terms & condition & you agree to this upon the purchase of the game. There is no contract, in a court case at most Bethesda might be told to remove the bit about DLC from the box. It’s quite obvious that there has been no deliberate attempt to mislead you the customer. So no liability can be afforded to Bethesda, so there is no false advertisingIf you worked in trading standards you would know this.
          In the recent case involving Mass Effect 3 where there was a far clearer case for false advertising, ASA (advertising standards agency) ruled that there was no false advertising. So as you can see legal statute & precedents doesn’t concur with your position.

        • Biggsy

          The contract would’ve existed only if you had per paid for the DLC, like what you can do with the Call of Duty. As they are working hard on trying to make the DLC work on the PS3 there can be no assumed false advertising. As I said in my earlier point. There has been no deliberate attempt to mislead.

    • grpnoles

      You sound like winy b*tch that sits on their ass all day and has never worked for anything. PS3 sucks and nobody wants to write codes for it. Its called free market. Fair trade my ass.

      • casper13rocks

        and you sound like winy troll fanboy piss off and get out of ya mothers basement

      • Conor

        Typical Xbox fanboy. Owning an xbox360 must make people turn into a bitter, obnoxious and just a complete waste of space of a human being. Take off your rose tinted glasses for a second and realize if the situation were reversed, all you xbox users would be doing the exact same thing. Reality is, if you get dlc, we get it too, its that simple child.

        • Kuro Yuuki

          I would request that you take back that comment on 360 owners. I own both a 360 and a PS3 with my copy of Skyrim being on the 360. Now does that mean that I think that PS3 owners are inferior beings, or if that makes me a, “bitter, obnoxious and just a complete waste of space of a human being”-Conor-? No it does not. With that said, I want anyone who bought their copy of Skyrim on the PS3 to have the same access to the dlc as everyone else, so before you go generalizing you may want to consider what or who you are generalizing.

        • drustin

          im with you on that one i have both xbox and ps3 and ps3 is better and it is on fair!!.

    • Bethesda is awsome

      Haha go cry in your mums basement you filthy low life ps3 user. Trololol thank you Bethesda for doing this. 😀

      • Incorrect

        Do you mind? I’m a Xbox 360 user and I believe you give the PC and Xbox 360 quite a bad name. I want the Playstation users to be able to enjoy the same content that we have available here to us, but sadly, they cannot. It is simply due to the game being created for the Xbox 360 and then ported over to the Playstation – Despite the differing technologies. Also, writing code for the Playstation is a lot harder since they are used to working on the Xbox 360.

        Oblivion GOTY on Playstation was a very rare and successful port. How is he low life for playing Playstation? I’m sure he chose it for some brilliant reason and his friends play it as well. Bethesda aren’t doing anything on purpose, it is a true accident.

        I know this because I used to work for a gaming company in Britain (Not naming names) and they simply could not program anything on the Playstation – It was simply too hard to deal with it’s processor speeds.

        Have a jolly good day,
        – Sir Incorrect
        – London.

        • Lol

          No I don’t mind the Internet is free Ivan say anything I like, obviously not a real xbox user lol! Probably a butt hurt ps3 user! Ouch!

    • Incorrect

      I read this certain times before I could stop laughing. They are only legally ‘bound’ to provide the service for you -IF- you have paid for it. You’ve paid for the core game, that has been provided. Have you paid for the DLC yet? No, therefore, they are not ‘legally bound’ to provide you with even a texture file.

      Also, if your logic did work, which by the way it does not, then technically the Creation Kit wouldn’t be allowed on PC, as it’s a piece of software that the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 cannot have.

      Here are your steps:
      1) Think
      2) Think again
      3) Post

      Have a jolly good day,
      – Sir Incorrect
      – London

      • casper13rocks

        yes u should start to think troll

  • To make it worth $20 dragonborn needs to be better then dawnguard in my opinion because while dawngueard was good it had too many glitches and the dragon riding in it better not be just a scripted event like with Odahvin in original, but that’s my opinion don’t have to agree with it people, great tralier though so far so good.

    • Dovahkin 115

      i agree 100% with you. Bethesda should come out and tell us if the dragon riding is scripted or not so we dont buy it and get super excited and find out that all this excitement was just a HUGE letdown. but its only a part of the great looking DLC that they have made