Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to lead with multi-carriers

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2012

Can anything stop the runaway success train of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at the moment? The device has just amassed a cool 3 million sales since going on sale and the device hasn’t even become available on all US carriers yet. Verizon Wireless are seemingly keeping Note 2 release information a close guarded secret for now, but is there a clear black and white sign emerging that the Galaxy Note 2 is going to be the most popular smartphone ever in 2012, even eclipsing the iPhone 5?

At the moment, the Galaxy Note 2 is freely available to pick up on four of the big five US carriers, with the likes of T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and even US Cellular beating Verizon to the punch, with Big Red’s version not expected to go on sale until the end of this month.

Right now you can pre-order a Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, with the company stating on their website that all initial orders will reach consumers on November 27, although this date may be subject to change as we grow nearer to the date. Has Verizon made a big error in not prioritizing a Note 2 release for its consumers, or in actual fact have they done it on purpose, so that they could focus on the upcoming Droid DNA smartphone exclusively on Verizon instead?

The Galaxy Note 2 is steamrolling all other devices at the moment and it could even end up as Samsung’s most popular Galaxy device after the S3. The Nexus 4 is going to be available for order within hours as we told you in a previous article here, but is the Galaxy Note 2 still the superior device overall?

The Nexus 4 is arguably the ‘hottest’ Android phone right now, with its ability to support the very latest version of Android, 4.2 Jelly Bean right out of the box – the first Android phone to tout such a feat. On the other hand, Samsung are still struggling to get Android Jelly Bean out to all carrier Galaxy Note 2 models, so is this the main danger that Samsung needs to look at as they try to fend off new competition from the Nexus 4? This device is a pure Google device remember, so they will have no problems getting the next version of Android first – the same definitely can’t be said for the Note 2.

Let us know what you will be owning during the busy Holiday season. Is the 5.5-inch Note 2 a clear winner in your opinion thanks to the massive display and dual form as a smartphone and tablet? Or are you actually interested in picking up a new Nexus 4 or iPhone 5 instead?

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  • chris d

    I couldn’t live solely on the cloud so the Nexus 4 was not a consideration. The note 2 is the best phone I’ve owned. I was lukewarm about the size, but I quickly got used to it. Now everything else falls short for me in comparison.

  • I love the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. BUT while the S3 is available in the 32GB version at US carriers, the Note 2 is not. Bloggers have lamented that users are complaining about running out of app space on the 16GB model. Impediments block transfer of apps to the SD card. I can get the 32GB and 64GB versions from Korea but no LTE there. There is some LTE in the UK but again only 16GB Note 2’s for it. The larger screen size suggests users will want to transfer some laptop and tablet use to the phablet. So I predict the Note 2 will have a short shelf life. I am already planning my move to a 6″ phablet a year from now.

    • chris d

      sounds like people are just going app install crazy if they are out of space. Or maybe they don’t have a large capacity sd card installed and have pics and video in internal memory. I have over 70 apps installed and haven’t used half of my space. From what I’ve read only if you root can you take advantage of moving apps to sdcard. This is the best phone I’ve had to date and its not gaining on the top purchased phone to live a short shelf life.

  • Dom

    Note 2 for the win

  • Steve Conrad

    Re Nexus 4 – No SD Card Expansion, No LTE

  • randy

    are your pictures stretched? they appear to look that way (verticle)