Nexus 4 UK lacks stock, an embarrassment

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2012

After all of the huge anticipation and build up to the Nexus 4 smartphone launch on the Google Play Store, we have to say that it has been a very frustrating experience for a lot of consumers. The Nexus 4 stock status in the UK and US are both now listed as ‘coming soon’, with the majority of consumers unable to get past the ‘basket’ stage of purchasing.

It looks like Google, the internet powerhouse of a company were hit by classic server overload problems, with the company unable to provide a basic contingency plan in case the inevitable happened with millions of consumers worldwide planning to buy their Nexus 4 after Google themselves didn’t offer any sort of pre-orders.

As a result, Google appears to have shot themselves in the foot – big time. We’re getting numerous complaints, most of them in this initial report, stating that you couldn’t get onto the payment stage of the Nexus 4 and then after a period of many tries, the Nexus 4 stock status changed to ‘coming soon’.

If you did manage to order one, consider yourself very lucky indeed. You should get your Nexus 4 on Wednesday if Google stick to their day one shipping promise, but we have a feeling that the company are going to come under fire for not being able to manage their website accordingly and prevent their website from crashing when encountering a heavy, but simple amount of traffic.

At the moment, there has been no word from Google over their embarrassing ordeal, but we’re sure there will be some sort of apology issued to those that got stuck on their website numerous times on the basket stage. We even read one situation where a consumer had their Nexus 4 in the basket a staggering 27 times, unable to reach the payment stage at all before the stock changed to coming soon.

What a sad ending to what should have been a wonderful occasion for Google. Let us know what your experiences were like when trying to order a Nexus 4 from the Google Play Store. Did you get stuck trying to access the payment stage as well, like so many?

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  • Wezi

    I’m just gona echo the comments of one review I read, as it sums it up perfectly. 08:39, received email, Nexus 4 now available. Clicked on link 08:40, Nexus 4 Coming Soon.

  • Rob

    In the uk it was beyond a joke! Checked all morning and saw the 8gb version briefly for about a minute for sale then vanished! Never even saw the 16gb version on sale! What a pathetic attempt to destroy apple, person responsible should be sacked and named…
    Really put me off google now….crap…

  • ICS

    Yes I am afraid that like many others I was stuck many times (in my case 8 times) at the checkout stage. I could put the phone into my basket but I was totally unable to get to the payment stage.
    I was wanting to buy the 16gb version.
    My attempts were between 08:32am and 08:45am London time on the so called “Launch Day” – what a joke!

  • The process was borked from the off!

    Put all of my details in twice and click accept and buy twice and it still failed.

  • Olivier Zanchetta

    “Boo-hoo-hooo I can’t buy my gadget!” – Get over it folks! It will be back.

  • MarkG

    How can 30,000 Nexus4 sales in 30 minutes in the UK alone be an embarrassment? Clearly they are struggling with demand for the handset.

    All I know, is if this was Apple, this article would be spun VERY differently.

    Lame, REALLY lame…

  • PeterC

    I got my order through and have received a confirmation email. As for when it will be
    delivered Google don’t seem to know! On the email it states 3 – 5 business
    days, on Google Play’s shipping and delivery page it states “All packages will arrive via TNT within 1 – 2 business days of your order.” On another pages is states shipping estimate 15th November or delivery by 15th November by DHL!

    I rang Google Play last night and the gentleman there could only give me a guesstimate of Friday or Saturday the 16th, 17th November. I’m fed up, as I don’t know which day to wait in!

    • Mee to I’m the same it says different companies we just want our nexus 4s google!!!

  • Gurpreet S Deol

    I have heard Apple bought all nexus 4 because they were going so cheap, they are going to use as iPhone 6. 🙂

  • logkrish

    Really annoyed with Google. Tried to order it from 8.00 Am on Tuesday and had a similar experience to what is mentioned on the article ! Had it in the basket a few times and it failed when trying to load the payment dialog… what is more annoying is that some people have had their orders duplicated because they were tying many times as the order were failing and they have been approved allowing them to sell the extra ones on ebay for ridiculous amounts !

    Google you really have put up a very poor show ! Shame on you !

  • Gareth

    I’m so pleased to finally find an article that tells it how it is. Most of the other news stories around simply mention ‘Nexus 4 sold out in minutes’, which is what Google wanted to generate a marketing buzz.

    The truth of the matter is, they massively understocked on purpose and left a lot of people feeling frustrated, myself included. I just hope we don’t have to wait long for the restock!

  • I managed to get to the personal data stage in the checkout 3 times but kept getting kicked. what hacked me off was that i was trying for a good 90 minutes using wifi and laptop then you hear that people managed to order one using their phone on 3g. what a joke!

  • emmy_bec

    I waited up til 3am because I’d seen some people posting on twitter that the launch might be delayed in the UK… After that I went to bed and got on the site at half 7… I went into google wallet about 4 times, at first it refused my card details and removed everything from my cart so I tried again – and again – and again, got a payment confirmation then it crashed and removed everything from the cart. No emails, and my google wallet is saying I haven’t made any transactions!

    I wouldn’t have felt so disappointed if I’d simply missed out because I didn’t get there in time, but the fact that I had it in my cart, and I was ‘paying’ for it really peeved me off!

    They should have taken a set batch of pre-orders to at least test the response, but they’ve jumped on the Apple hype band wagon by attempting to make it some magic unobtainable item… whereas idiots who want to overpay £600 for a phone got theirs from 02 at 8am… Way before it went on sale online!!

    Google should have known that a serious iPhone/Galaxy Series contender is going to get some attention… Payment checkout problems and server issues, from one of the biggest server owners in the world is just seriously embarrassing!

    That said, I’m still waiting for my Nexus, one day we will have one :'(

  • Jason56d

    When will these so called tech giants, Apple, Google and Microsoft ever get a product launch correct? They are all a shambles and am sure they muck us about to create free advertising! Will not be getting a Nexus 4 now if this is how Google treats it’s customers. Gave up trying after 4 times added to cart, each disappeared after trying to pay for it! Sod Google.

  • Senorita

    SO… waited up on a work night until 1215, nothing, thought better of it and went to bed. Get to work log in at 0815… I can get so far (in basket) then error/’oops’ messages by 0830 had the phone in my basket several times, then suddenly it goes to zero in basket and I’m forced to start again only to find the phone is ‘coming soon’ again. oh and I got my notification email at 0839… real useful thanks Google 🙁 someone else at work bagged one though so they must exist….

  • Robert Leather

    Despite having registered long in advance, I never even got the email. I guess by the time I would have, it wouldn’t have made the different. Frankly, I’m so brassed off I’ll get an Samsung Nexus off eBay. People are selling decent ones cheap to get the money for this crap. Screw you Google!

  • Sandyd

    I was up on my computer at midnight thinking it would be
    available at the first stroke (I know a bit keen). When nothing happened or
    changed I presumed I’d get an e-mail notifying me and I could buy it then.
    Which I did……….. at 8:43!!! What a farce. Well done Google

  • Andy

    Absolute complete farce, clearly manufactured for hype. Will now not by one new in protest. Will buy a second hand one off ebay in Jan to deprive LG / Google of a sale.

  • Don

    Obviously there were more customers than there were phones. It was always obvious that a lot of people will be upset. You can not blame Google for that.

  • Adam

    Google would have been well aware of the demand, completely messed up the Nexus 7 launch anyone? For a multinational company who handle 4,717,000,000 searches a day and would have been fully aware of the demand it’s a truly poor show.

  • titas taskunas

    i couldnt even turn my computer on and load the page before it was sold out -_-
    . was really looking forward to it. Not impressed.

  • Simon Keogh

    the same happened to me: as soon as I received my email, I went to the play store – only to find that the 16GB was “coming soon”. I assumed they hadn’t yet released it but in fact they’d already sold out. Not impressed.

  • Jono MacDougall

    I had an page change notifier polling at 5 second intervals. I was on the site within ten seconds of release. I tried for 30 minutes to buy the phone with no success. Horrible.

  • Roberts G

    Spent half an hour re-adding the Nexus 4 to my basket and not being able to check out, only to have it removed from my basket.

  • The Monkster

    I got through to the payment and delivery stage then it crashed Booooooo…..

  • Flame885

    Google kept telling me there was an error and to try again so I did… somehow I now have six (!) devices ordered and my five cancellation requests were declined! It’s going to be an expensive month…

    • nellisuk

      Not really. They selling on ebay for £500!

  • Benboy

    I added one to my basket at 8.30am & when I started to put my card
    details in I got a message ‘oops your basket seems to be empty’.
    I think they did it on purpose cos they had no stock !
    I don’t think the device is into its full production stage & the units available are
    sort of final test batch !
    Even Foxconn have said how difficult the nexus 4 is to produce !
    So in a way we are all probably quite lucky as this 1st batch probably have
    some defects.
    Awaiting full production variant :-{}

  • Kash

    No matter how many times I refreshed around 8 – 9, I never saw the available button so I couldnt even add to cart

  • TJ

    Had a 16GB in my basket, after site kept crashing and 10 attempts I was able to get to the payment stage and complete the order, however no confirmation and nothing in order status so assume the order was not placed and will have to check with bank to see if my card was charged.

  • billyb

    I got as far as putting in my card details then crash. We all behaved like those Pavlovian dogs slavering in anticipation and then get beaten.Marketing 101 Cynical Cynical Cynical Marketing.from another Arrogant provider Google.Via my Playbook whatever happenned to them? Nokia etc., Microsoft will bin Nokia soon when windows 8 phones established Google The Chinese are coming already here.

  • Beast

    Yes same problem here, checkout stage and then an error at the top of the screen in a yellow bar saying “there has been an error processing your payment, please try again later”

  • Flesz

    i got to the stage when I was entering card details, when I finished I pressed proceed and then I got an error occurred lol , I new it will end up like that, crap. Will they offer more from google play?

  • Adam Riley

    I really want a nexus 4. had to go work and checked the site all day when i could, surprise surprise by about the 10th check of the day it was sold out. really annoyed, why cant we just pre-order them. I want to just get my name down on a list and wait till my turn. now were going to be playing this same game all over again. next batch will be ready then 5 seconds later gone again. i’m now going to get frustrated and check for stock everyday just to let my hopes down. sort it out Google. and at lease admit that you got it wrong and sort it out.

  • mattlad

    What really brassed me off was that I received e-mails / g-mails at 8.39 and 8.40 respectively saying that the Nexus 4 was ready to purchase when it was already sold out!

  • dan

    such a joke the number one search engine cant run a site selling under 5 physical products im unsure to use google if they can even handle a launch day

  • didnt seem to stop hundreds of resellers obtaining them and posting them immediately on Ebay for as much as £500

  • Cyprus rent A Car

    I am going to order order a Nexus 4 for sure

  • AM

    Had a very similar experience to, and can’t help but agree with @404527a0423cf8776a1298247639fde4:disqus. It also smacks of wanting the headlines when they’re allowing the lucky few who managed to get through the basket stage to buy their devices by the bucket load so they can flog them on ebay.

  • Frustration

    Tried about 25 times from minute nexus 4 went on sale. Once got as far as entering credit card details before the payment ‘engine’ timed out. Simply unacceptable. What should have been ‘first come, first serve’ turned into a lottery.

  • RW

    Had a 16gb in my cart and called Google CS to help make payment. They gave me an order number and confirmed a completed order. Calling back, when no email arrived, turns out the agent gave me a nonsense order number.

    I’m guess they were getting a few irate calls and just wanted me off the phone. Pretty poor CSE

    • Don

      Nice try Apple.

      • theChipmunk

        Normally I’d agree, but I emailed customer service this morning to see if my card had been debited (Google Wallet couldn’t (and still can’t!) “retrieve my transactions”) and have never received a reply. Exceptionally poor customer experience all round. Had to phone my bank instead and cancel the payment, having waited to see if an order confirmation email would be forthcoming. 🙁

  • bauer

    Tbh I probably had the item in my basket that many times or more. UK user I refreshed at 08.10 GMT when they first became available and then spent the next 20 minutes or so failing to be able to buy the thing.

    Disgusting really. Google’s websites never go down. Things like youtube… I dread to think how much bandwith it needs yet they can’t even operate a simple online store?

    This stinks more of deliberate understocking to generate hype.

    • Beast

      It’s certainly worked if that was the aim!

      • g47

        Do we know when the next stock will be available?

        • jj