Nexus 4 in UK from O2, CW, and Play

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2012

Are you staying up during the early hours at the moment in the hope of securing an elusive Nexus 4 from the Google Play store? In the UK, there are several other alternative ways to get the Nexus 4, although the cheapest and most convenient is through Google’s Store itself, with many consumers anxiously playing the refresh game in their attempts to prize one away at the first opportunity.

At the time of writing, it doesn’t look like the Nexus 4 is available to order yet from the Google Play Store. Orders are still showing as ‘Notify Me’, despite it already been well past midnight on November 13. In the US, it is a similar story as well, with consumers no doubt frantically refreshing the page every minute, with Google confirming that orders will be shipped on a first come, first serve basis.

If you live in the UK though and don’t want to bother with the hassle, you can already order your Nexus 4 now from Carphone Warehouse, on a variety of contract options on either O2 or Vodafone and a range of prices depending on whether you want the phone for free or prefer to pay a small one-time fee in favor of a cheaper monthly contract.

One deal we’ve picked out is the 24 month contract from O2, which costs £29 a month. For this you’ll get unlimited texts, 100MB of data a month, 600 free minutes to cross network mobiles and 500 free minutes to other mobiles on O2. The downside to this contract though is that you’ll have to pay a one-off fee of £30 to get the Nexus 4.

There are other contracts on offer which will allow you to get the Nexus 4 for free, but you’ll end up paying £36 a month as we told you in this article – adding up to an extreme amount of money overall and probably not worth it when the SIM-free version is available on the Google Play Store for £239.

Google’s offer is really the icing on the cake here though, which is why consumers are desperate to get theirs on the Play Store and cut out any expensive contract plans completely. Have you had any luck on the Play Store refresh game yet? Starting to get sleepy, or will you stay up as long as it takes?

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  • Still got my S3 to keep me company till Google pull their finger out and actually provide more units. Till then I will have to practice that lovely quality called patience.

  • Stuart

    90 minutes later and it crashed. Thanks google you utter *****’s

  • jimmbo

    Coming soon, ok Google is that this week, month or year. Thanks for the update!!!!!!

  • arra

    Thanks Google what a complete joke had phone in basket 27 times and would not go to payment. If you are going to start sell your products this way make sure you have the best possible systems in place. S3 here I come.

  • Dal

    Received an email from Google to say the Nexus 4 is now available to order. Unfortunately it’s still showing “Coming Soon” on the GooglePlay website?

  • GadgetPie

    Just had it in my basket then phoof, gone….

    • zimbo

      i know the feeling……just happened to ma…sooo annoying :@

  • Stuart

    My purchase is completing momentarily for 73 minutes now. Awful

  • I almost bought it!! but did not have my google wallet updated as I never used before and when to updated it and booom. Not available anymore, I’m really angry

  • HoT|IcE

    anyone tried ringing Google to see whats going on?

    • Dissapointed

      We know whats going on, they sold out, fast. The system overloaded several times and people lost the contents of their baskets. That is the last we see of the Nexus 4 in 2013

  • bully

    Think I will knock it on the head. Thanks Google yes thanks for nothing.

  • bully

    Has anyone actually managed to purchase a nexus 4, have spoken to 5 people I know and not one has had any luck although they had them in their baskets

    • HoT|IcE

      was in the basket but struggled to add delivery address – would not save! now its coming soon!

      • RAGE

        I had it in my basket about 10 times and it flipping crashed each time! That is the WORST System I have ever used, I was going to swap from Apple but this has really wound me up!

        • HoT|IcE

          Same here – swapping from iPhone 4S, was up at midnight waiting and was up again early this morning to order! GRRRRRRR

        • Scott Thompson

          I managed to order the 16gb version. Strange thing is I thought it crashed out, and then went out of stock. Then about 15 minutes later got a ‘thanks for your purchase’ email ! Not completely certain i wil get one, just have to wait and see.

    • zimbo

      nope….had it in basket several times, but then errors and then it vanishes out the basket and now its on coming soon still :@ GOOGLE fix up!

  • Angry Buyer (or not)


    • And Amazon Marketplace and Play Market. All at over £279 of course…..

  • zimbo

    is it just me or is everyones coming up as coming soon now?

    • Xia Sheng

      coming soon here, too

    • theChipmunk

      Yup. I was expecting one of the infrastructure giants of the world to be a little better at handling traffic…

      • zimbo

        yeah you’d think that wouldn’t you, they were kinda stupid, actually really stupid to not allow pre-ordering, would’ve lessened the traffic on release……but that’s google for you

  • Jules

    Order placed! 16gb one. kept hitting the proceed button after it displayed the error in the basket and it eventually went through to the payment screen,

    • Bob

      I am so jealous

      • Jules

        I think they handled it very poorly and im surprised i got through!

  • zimbo

    not impressed with google! cant order cos of processing orders :@ so frustrating

  • theChipmunk

    I’m as far as having entered all in information in Google Wallet and having hit the final confirm and pay, but it’s hanging on “Your purchase will complete momentarily” and has been for the last seven minutes.

    Hope it clears or at least gives me an error message or else I’m going to have to wait in case it *has* charged me and I try again, incurring a second charge. Not massively impressed so far…

    • theChipmunk

      Annnnnnnnnnd now it’s not on sale…*again*.

    • Guest

      Did your order process?

      • theChipmunk

        Nope, afraid not. But it looks like there was indeed a hold on my money, but no record of the purchase. Well done, Google. Had to phone my bank. Not a terribly arduous thing, but I shouldn’t have to do it, especially not for the likes of Google, who aren’t exactly two-bit operators. And their customer service never responded to me.

        tl:dr: complete farce.

  • zyobe

    The shop button appeared about 40 minutes ago & I kept getting errors on proceeding when the 16gb was in my basket. Now the 16gb is not listed on the site!

  • Hansel Dunlop

    Grrr, it’s available now, but the sites is giving an error when I try and check out.

  • Joe Griffin

    Wow! still not available.. I’m guessing 9am.

    • HoT|IcE

      we’ve all been guessing – impatient now :/

  • my2p

    Thanks for the article, so glad I am not alone. I did consider staying up until midnight, now glad I didn’t. It can’t be long now though… or can it?

  • Dal

    Just got up to get ready for work. Thought I’d order the nexus 4 first. Surprised to see it still not available. Ah we’ll heres hoping Black Ops is delivered on time. Happy Diwali.

  • knab

    you would have to be stupid to buy it from either o2 or cw. I am personally going to buy the 16gb handset from the play store for £279 and load it up with a giffgaff sim with their £12 a month deal which gives me unlimited data, unlimited texts, 250 cross network minutes and unlimited giffgaff to giffgaff calls & texts. When you take these 2 costs into account for 24 months it works out at a monthly cost of £23,63. Bearing in mind giffgaff isnt a contract making this by far the superior method.

    • SirWalrus

      Apart from the fact that GiffGaff are stopping their unlimited data plans…

      • No they are not, they are stopping unlimited data on their £10 goody-bag. Unlimited data is still available on other goody-bags.

        • SirWalrus

          Ah ok, that makes sense

  • sninigami

    No sleep tonight………… 4 and Google music that my game and coffeine

  • iCantbearsed

    ive got black ops 2 to keep me company whilst i wait 😀

    • NgTurbo


  • random guy

    but it isnt even 12am PST yet.
    Wouldnt the midnight release ( if it is ) be based on the us timezone?

    • bob

      yeah… thats what i thought

      • archifishal

        Except it’s already been and gone in Australia apparently, so I suspect assuming the release time is the same across the world may not be correct 🙂

  • Haha, cheers for the article – I found it while doing yet another Google search for “Nexus 4 UK”. I too am playing the refresh game, I’m close to throwing in the towel, then check at 8am.

    • Tired_person

      Yea same. Might set my alarm for 7:55 and see what happens at 8.


      • Tired_person

        I GOT ONE!!!!