Halo 4 vs. Black Ops 2 sales within 24 hours

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2012

The dust has settled after a monumental launch for Microsoft’s brand new Halo game. Halo 4, developed by 343 Industries has now been on sale close to a week and we have an indication on how the game performed, with some included details on how the inevitable Halo 4 Vs Black Ops 2 sales battle will pan out.

We could have predicted Halo 4 was going to be big, but record breaking big? Halo 4 marks the return of Master Chief once again and it appears that the series is showing no sign of slowing down, despite the departure of famed developer Bungie. Microsoft has just announced that Halo 4 has managed to shift a massive $220 million in the first 24 hours on sale, with the game likely to go on to amass $300 in the first week of sales.

$220 million in the first 24 hours is already a day-one record for Microsoft’s Halo franchise. The big question that will be on many gamer’s minds as well as Microsoft, is whether Halo 4’s first day and first week sales will be able to come close or even topple that of Black Ops 2, which is expected to pull a fortune for Activision once again.

Seeing as Halo 4 hasn’t managed to beat the last two Call of Duty game sales in the first 24 hours, we doubt it will even come close to matching Black Ops 2. The first Black Ops game sold $360 million in the first 24 hours of its release to set a record for the biggest entertainment launch ever.

This figure was surpassed though by Modern Warfare 3 which managed a staggering $400 million in the first day, which as you can imagine has not been broken yet – will Black Ops 2 manage to top this figure or not?

Considering that Halo was meant to be ‘in decline’ after the departure of Bungie, we would say that $220 million in the first day is a great achievement for Microsoft. Many gamers are saying that Halo 4 is going to outmatch Black Ops 2 in sales, but on the evidence of the $220 million figure, we doubt it is going to happen.

How do you see the sales battle going between Halo 4 and Black Ops 2? Easy win for Activision’s latest offering, or has Halo 4 got what it takes to beat Activision in a gradual process?

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  • Gibler

    I have had every halo and every call of duty and here is the difference in the game. Call of Duty rewards bad players and campers (same thing) with kill streaks which causes more camping. You can be terrible at shooters and still be good at Call of Duty. Dont get me wrong I liked MW and MW2. MW3 was a mess, the spawns were god awful. Halo requires skill to kill your opponent. If your shot in the back you can recover and out gun your opponent if you are skilled enough. If you hide in the corner in Halo you will die. If you hide in the corner in Call of Duty you can be rewarded. I enjoy both games but I have seen a huge decline in COD over the past few years. Every Treyarch COD has been garbage and I dont understand why people still buy them. But the difference is Halo takes why more skill to play that is why I enjoy it more because I am actually a skilled player and I like to play against other skilled players for a challenge. And before you say I feel this way about COD because I suck at COD… false my win to loss ratio is over 15 … yes 15 and thats made easy bc everyone in COD hides in corners and doesnt go for objectives.

  • usman

    i want halo 4

  • usman

    black ops 2 multiplayer is better but halo 4 campaign is better

  • WolF

    The reason why Black Ops sold $360 million in the first 24 hours is because they are combining the sales of XboX and PS3.
    However if we compare just the sales of Black Ops on Xbox with the Sales of Halo 4 ($220 million in the first 24 hours) it will clrearly show that Halo 4 exceeds the sales of Black Ops.
    Conclution: Halo 4 win.
    I’m a big Fan of Both Games, so I dont really care who is better or who sales more but if you are going to campare this games try to make some researh.

  • Savy

    Black ops 2 on PS3 is a bugged up mess and the PS Vita version has actually scored 29 on metacritic one of the lowest scores I have ever seen for any game on there..

    Halo 4 has shown that it is still possible to make an outstanding game without just trying to use its brand name to sell units.

    Black Ops 2 on the other hand has managed to do the complete opposite and sold an unfinished bugged game..

  • Dan mandarin

    People don’t understand that Halo 4 is only for the Xbox 360, and it earned $220 Million. Black Ops II earned $360 Million through many different consoles. If Halo 4 was on PS3, I would have been the top hit of the year. If you want to compare Halo and Call of Duty, you have to compare only the Xbox Sales.

  • umbra

    black ops is you see someone. You shoot. They die. In halo. As a good or bad player. You won’t die instantaneously on most occasions. Giving you the ability to fight back. Where skill is involved. Because some ahat can’t camp and just spray your legs when you walk in the door. It takes more skill. Any serious gamer will tell you the same thing. Anyone else is either a casual gamer. A wannabe serious gamer. Or just sucks and likes settling for the easy way out. Im sure cod takes skill. But when you hear the letters mlg. What comes to mind first. Halo. Its where the good players are. F%#$ COD.

  • god

    halo changes every game cod never changes cod every weapon just takes like 2 shots to kill somebody with halo it at least takes skill in the multiplayer cod is for little 10 year old kids that dont know how to play a good game halo is for people that like a great storyline and awesome multiplayer yes cod is more realistic because its set in the present but halo isnt supposed to be realistic its supposed to feel like a game not like a total rapefest with guns just face it cod fans halo takes skill something that you will never have if you keep playing the same game every time thats right your precious call of shitty is the same game every time same guns with slightly modified stats thats it you dont believe me check every cod game you own and tell me im wrong

  • Blystic

    Dude 1st off Cod sales on 360 vs halo is a joke.. any one of the cods beat every halo sales single platform… 2nd Apparently you halo fanboys forget that Black ops 1 from e3 got best game ending in gaming history..

    • NafarianWarMachine

      Oh really is that why halo is the number one best selling game on the 360 while cod has held the number 2 position for quite some time now? Get yur facts straight bot.

  • Juicy Ducey

    Does Halo have NAZI ZOMBIES?????????? Didn’t think soooooooo!

    • does cod have good storyline or community???????? didnt think sooooooooooooo!

      • jusT like earth

        People who buy CoD games are the same type of people who still play world of war craft, bought most if not all of the guitar heroes, and buy iPhones. These people do not understand that they are being taking advantage of. This semi futuristic look in black ops comes directly from the recently released ghost rcin. Almost every bit of the futuristic additions you can see in ghost recon. Fact is,
        CoD entire online setup is a carbon copy of halo’s. sadly, unlike epic games who admitted to making their system resemble halo, Activision doesn’t allow its developers to give credit where credit is due. Halo made online console gaming what it is today. it is the best competitive multiplayer experience any real gamer can find. A person who is good on halo is going to be better than good on CoD. however, that does not work the other way around. Halo, to be very good requires both fast reactions and the ability to out battle opponents. CoD only requires fast reactions and BAM dead guy. To those that say ignorantly that ever halo is the same(even tho their CoD series is even more similar between versions) ask yourself why it is that the changes to each halo is the main reason it loses a good deal of even its devoted fan base. It is not the “same thing over and over”. If it were, the people wouldn’t complain about the changes. Been playing halo since the launch on original Xbox and got Xbox live in December of 2002. Started playing CoD online with CoD 2. I’ve only more immersed with halo. With CoD I’ve grown less and less interested due to its lack of innovation and the overrated recognition it receives. Most true gamers agree that no experience will ever match that of halos

    • NafarianWarMachine

      I do gatta say while both firefight and zombies are fun in their own reguards zombies is better than firefight. However halo has a deeper (but rather depressing) story and with halo 4 superior multiplayer. (reach sucked lets be honest).

  • TeeMo

    Those of you who believe that these two titles are even comparable in sales must have missed the most important point of all…Halo SELLS Xboxs. People BUY the Xbox FOR halo. Yes, COD has a faithful following(mostly young children and people who aren’t actually gamers). Whoever says the majority of Halo players are kids “13 & Under” must be living in an EMP’d shelter somewhere in the tundra. Aside, both are great games but Halo has managed to stay true to its beginnings throughout these past 10+ years, 4 games and more to come.

  • stahphammatime

    It must be fun being 13 or younger and having your parents pay for you xbox games and your xbox live membership…. On the other hand I have a job and a PS3 and I know for a fact that Black ops 2 topples halo’s petty star wars theme 24/7 day and night. Stupid idiots call of duty is for 16+

    • lol so you’re only 16? you must know so much about the quality of the games you pay your hard earned money on right?? you are about as innovating as Treyarch and IW, just recycle the game from last year and rename it and you will just pay like a good little sheep. Good for you kiddo

      • Juicy Ducey

        I think that the Chicago Bears will struggle offensively without Cutler, however if they can get the running game going and manage the clock, their defense will uphold the San Francisco offense. Oh yeah.. Halo is for gamerbaters like WOW. Suck it.

      • Mike

        Matt, are you kidding, all the Halo games are the same, at least COD changes the guns where Halo doesn’t even do that. No original ideas have been on a halo game in 8 years.

        • haloboy

          LOL mike you idiot every cod game is the same with different weapons and every campaign has some stupid story that doesnt make sense -_- and cod releases every year how much different is each game really -_- halo builds on its new elements so stfu halo is way better than cod I have both and the only people who can make that call are xbox gamers with both games ok not some ps3 fan boys who have never touched a halo game in their lives

        • Nafarianwarmachine

          Mike that appears to be the complaint for cod not.halo, you appear to have your titles mixxed up. And just by reading “i have a ps3” and “it must be lucky to have people paying for your xbl.” tells me your opinion is based on jealousy and with no experience or facts behind it and should just be disregarded.

    • Matt Loops

      Lol, probably another kid that bitches about 60$ being too much a year, normal, and yes Halo shits on CoD any day any time, in fact I could make a new CoD game right now, how? Easy, here’s the steps :
      1. Take a MW2 disc
      2. Put a 4 stickers on the 2 in MW2
      3. Voila, you got yourself a nice MW4, enjoy retarded gullible fucks 🙂

    • and it cod sucks anyway so no one cares if its 16+ and your job must not be to good if you ant to waste money on cod

  • jay

    Maybe they should just count how much they sold for the Xbox 360 then.
    Anyway, if black ops 2 generations more than 600M then its better than halo 4 even with overall sales, because there are more users on xbox 360/

  • Zazyt

    Halo is Xbox only while Blak Ops is multi platform. Obviously it will win, Halo does great for just one console.

  • Matthew

    Xbox sales, Halo, Overall sales, CoD.

    Not that hard to predict really.

  • marhorn

    This site does not have a clue…OF COURSE Halo 4 will beat it, on Xbox…but multiplat? thats just stupid!
    Stop your Mongering!
    And anyway…Halo 4 is a thousand times better…..I know cos ive got both (Black Ops 2 came this morning)

    • False. On Xbox alone MW3 sales were approximately $297 Million. That destroys Halo 4. And Black Ops 2 is expected to dwarf that.

      • Dan Mandarin

        Show the proof. Don’t just throw out random facts…

        • NafarianWarMachine

          Let me guess, PS3?

        • PS3 blops 2 is broken

          No NO not PS3, I feel sorry for anyone with a PS3 who has bought Black ops 2, I thought it was just mine that was crashing, locking up the PS3 not being able to play online etc but no it’s ALL PS3s are having the problem… Google it

          I am lucky enough to have both consoles so I have now purchased the Xbox 30 version and it runs fine.

    • Halo sucks only fags play halo

      • well your a fag and you don’t play halo so i guess fags don’t play halo

  • Thank you CPT obvious

    I was going to post the exact same thing. Lol I don’t understand how people compare multiplatform games to exclusive system based ones..

    • Compare HALO 4 to BO2 (on xbox only) that’s what he ment to say with this article.

  • Cpt obvious

    Halo is Xbox only, while black ops is a multi platform game. Idiots.

    • carpe diem

      $220 million on its release day is quite a feat, considering Xbox 360 exclusivity

      • Feelfree97

        Anywhere from 85-90% of the people who buy Call of Duty buy it for the Xbox 360. There are more players on Xbox 360 who play COD than PS3.