GTA V trailer 2 release time set with countdown

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2012

We were hoping that Rockstar would provide a GTA V trailer 2 countdown on their website, and we’re pleased to say that the company has met our expectations. If you head to the official Rockstar website now, you’ll see that there is a live GTA 5 countdown for the next trailer, with just over 24 hours to go.

It was initially an anxious wait for Grand Theft Auto fans, as Rockstar announced a new release date for trailer 2 after the events of Hurricane Sandy, but didn’t confirm whether there would be a countdown at the time.

However, on Rockstar’s website, a countdown can now be seen along with some official words from the developer, confirming to the world that the GTA 5 trailer 2 will be going live at 11am Eastern Time, on Wednesday November 14. That means 8am for those of you on Pacific Time or 4pm for our readers in the UK – bad news for those of you who may be unable to watch it at work!

What can we expect to see in the second trailer though? Nobody knows for sure, but we would absolutely love it if Rockstar finally unveiled some actual gameplay this time, not just cinematic footage and dialogue as we saw in the first. Then again, their trailer format is brilliant anyway, so there will be no complaints from us if we don’t see any actual gameplay.

It would be nice if we get some confirmation on what music will be featured in the game soon, as we’re huge fans of the endless radio tracks they put into the game – some more 80’s classics would be fantastic. Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days, anyone remember that one?

Now that we have a confirmed release time for the trailer at 11am Eastern tomorrow morning, let us know what your expectations of the trailer are. What do you want to see: some mission footage, the golf mini game that has been confirmed already, or something brand new and unseen yet?

You can watch the trailer on Rockstar’s website when the countdown reaches 0, or you can view it here below as we’ve provided the live countdown here for you as well.

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  • thisguy20

    this is so intense. like a new years eve countdown almost

  • NgTurbo

    Getting excited yet anyone?! 😀

  • jhgf


  • Grand Theft Tony

    I am buttered up and rolling around in popcorn

    • jhgf


  • chris

    is it comming out this month or week i really want to know

    • The game or trailer? The trailer is definitely out today if that’s what you’re wondering. But the game isn’t out until Spring Rockstar have announced. But you can pre-order now from any retailer selling it.

  • The first trailer had gameplay, just without an HUD or locked third person camera. That’s how they roll. Everything’s cinematic.

  • Callum Gunn

    Rumors are going around saying that IGN are going to be releasing gameplay this week, is this true?

    • Dawid Bartel

      Aparantly..but the last time I checked, they said they are going to go over the trailer…nothing abou tgameplay footage. Peace.

    • UmarBajwa101

      No, on the long list of things IGN are gonna be doing that they read out, releasing gameplay was not one of them. They are gonna discuss in-depth the demo Rockstar showed them on Friday but not actually show unreleased gameplay

  • giggty

    Trailer #2 times from around the world*:
    8AM West USA-(Los Angeles) (PST GMT-8)
    10AM Central USA-(Kansas) (CST GMT-6)
    12PM Chille (CLST GMT-4)
    2PM Brazil (BRST GMT-2)
    4PM UK (GMT-+0)
    6PM South Africa (SAST+2)
    8PM Russia (MSK GMT+4)
    10PM Bangladesh (BDT GMT+6)
    12AM China-(Hong Kong) (HKT GMT+8)
    2AM (CST GMT+10)
    4AM (NZDT GMT+12)

    (* This is only to give you an idea of what time it will be in your timezone)

    • NgTurbo

      Thanks a lot, Giggty