GTA V character visuals promote teamwork

As the entire global gaming community waits for the highly anticipated GTA V trailer 2 to release, Rockstar in the meantime has revealed some brand new screenshots for the game, giving us a fantastic new visual insight into the three main characters that we now know will each be playable in their own separate and connecting storylines.

Now that the Game Informer reveal is out in the open, we can tell you that the three main characters if you don’t know yet will be called Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each character has their own backgrounds as you can expect, with some more financially stable than others – yes, the rough looking hill billy type has now been confirmed as Trevor.

Michael on the other hand is the 40 something year old chap we have been seeing in the flash suits, while Franklin is the young rookie who was originally seen running away from police in the very first screenshots that Rockstar put out. All three characters will come together in Grand Theft Auto 5, with the player having the option to switch between all three members at any time, with solo, co-op or three man missions all playing a part in an epic storyline, on a truly epic open world.

One of the main areas of focus for the three characters seems to revolve around pulling off a bank job and as you can see in the included new screenshot here, Michael Trevor and Franklin will all have to put their differences aside and work together to find a way to take home the cash.

It looks like Trevor is going to be a bit of a rebel though and a tough character who isn’t interested in any teamwork elements. Michael could be the main instigator of the group, while Trevor and Franklin take care of the dirty work involved. The new screenshots that Rockstar have provided are exciting to say the least, and we’ve included one extra shot of Franklin speeding away on a Sanchez motorcycle, for those that can’t wait to use this beast in GTA 5.

What are your thoughts on the unique gameplay in GTA 5, featuring three main characters instead of one? Do you like the idea of using all three to pull off an Ocean’s Eleven style bank job? If you had a preference right now, would you play as Michael, Trevor or Franklin? Stay tuned for more GTA 5 news soon.



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