GTA V character visuals promote teamwork

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2012

As the entire global gaming community waits for the highly anticipated GTA V trailer 2 to release, Rockstar in the meantime has revealed some brand new screenshots for the game, giving us a fantastic new visual insight into the three main characters that we now know will each be playable in their own separate and connecting storylines.

Now that the Game Informer reveal is out in the open, we can tell you that the three main characters if you don’t know yet will be called Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each character has their own backgrounds as you can expect, with some more financially stable than others – yes, the rough looking hill billy type has now been confirmed as Trevor.

Michael on the other hand is the 40 something year old chap we have been seeing in the flash suits, while Franklin is the young rookie who was originally seen running away from police in the very first screenshots that Rockstar put out. All three characters will come together in Grand Theft Auto 5, with the player having the option to switch between all three members at any time, with solo, co-op or three man missions all playing a part in an epic storyline, on a truly epic open world.

One of the main areas of focus for the three characters seems to revolve around pulling off a bank job and as you can see in the included new screenshot here, Michael Trevor and Franklin will all have to put their differences aside and work together to find a way to take home the cash.

It looks like Trevor is going to be a bit of a rebel though and a tough character who isn’t interested in any teamwork elements. Michael could be the main instigator of the group, while Trevor and Franklin take care of the dirty work involved. The new screenshots that Rockstar have provided are exciting to say the least, and we’ve included one extra shot of Franklin speeding away on a Sanchez motorcycle, for those that can’t wait to use this beast in GTA 5.

What are your thoughts on the unique gameplay in GTA 5, featuring three main characters instead of one? Do you like the idea of using all three to pull off an Ocean’s Eleven style bank job? If you had a preference right now, would you play as Michael, Trevor or Franklin? Stay tuned for more GTA 5 news soon.

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  • Spawn

    They’re trying so hard to make GTA realsitic, but it was never realistic and can never be realistic because it’s freaking GTA. GTA IV was a borefest with tank car handling, repetitive little filler missions, a crappy protagonist that no one cared about, no car modding, none of the san andreas/vice city quirkiness, a dull visual style. the game sucked. now they’re doing the same crap again, but on a lager scale. pass.

  • Spawn

    a sanchez = a beast? Oh don’t get too gushy over the game, will you?

  • are these actual graphics, because these are so cool, cant wait for the next trailer! only a day left!!

  • nutsondeck

    i kinda like the idea . i just wish they allow us to buy houses and shyt . i want to spend my money not hve it just sitting there .thats something they rlly should hve put back in the game .

    • Dawid Bartel

      You will spend your money, do not worry, r* has it covered.

  • judgee

    would prefer one playable character an i think we should be able to create oiur own character not have to be one the game decides for us.hope all the features from gta san andreas r on here tats hair cuts cool clothes. cant wait none the less

  • CantWait4GTAV

    I think the 3 playable characters is an awesome idea. Brings more variety. If you play the game a second time you could do missions with different character than the first time and get a different point of view. Playing the game for a second or third time it will still be interesting and different.

  • I just know that Rockstar is doing 1 hell of a job right now with 2 things. The size of this game and the story (even though we don’t truly know much about it just yet)

    I think Franklin might somehow rebel against Michael and Trevor though in the end , I mean he’s young , always seen in flashy cars.. just something about that tells me he’ll be targeted at some point. could be wrong but it’d be cool

  • GtaFAN

    I would love to travel the map. This new idea of 3 protagonist might not be the best but I think it’s worth trying because you don’t know what it’s like and I think Rockstar won’t dissapoint us

    • Dawid Bartel

      To think about it, the map is so large that its good to have 3 characters…trevor will probably have some airplanes by him

  • giggity

    i can see a potential flaw with the 3 protagonist thing. if there is 3 and they all have different skills, then does that mean if you see a plane/heli you really want but you’re (e.g) Michael, and Trevor (the pilot) is on the other side of the map, then does that mean you’ll have to switch to Trevor and make your way through the map to get it? also, if you see a car that need to be sold and Franklin is the only one who can do it, but he is ages away, then will you need to switch and travel that whole distance?
    that seems to be 1 flaw i can see atm. what do you think?

    also,i personally think that 3 protags is going to be too much. it only worked on GTA 4 because they were not together.
    but we’ll see. “earlier the stage, fewer the results” as my dad used to say… really p*ssed me off when he said that for the 100th time in 1 hour lol

    • No offense but I doubt the majority of players would mind travelling the whole map. It just adds to the realistic experience that we thrive to receive from GTA V. Think about how awesome it’s going to be, though.

      • giggity

        i know, but with everything, it would wear thin after a while. maybe they’ll include a fast travel system to eliminate the need to travel miles and miles for a vehicle that may not even materialize. who knows.

      • Dawid Bartel

        Yea…for the first couple of months…remember gta 4?

    • Goo

      I agree, this game seems like its going to be all over the place the antagonist in my opinion is trevor ( hillbillys are nuts e.g hills have eyes ) or Michael ( because hes old wants to be top dog ) franklin may be CJ’s cousin they should just keep it simple jus really long mission harder and more.

      Still though cant wait

      • Just as i guessed there will be no relations or appearances from any gta’s before Gta IV …so Franklin will have no connection with Cj as will any other characters .

    • Dawid Bartel

      I was wondering that ages ago, thanks for pointing out !!

      This is true, though :/

    • giggity

      another thing i have just thought of.
      if you think about it, if they all had their own talents, then it would be hard, but if that was untrue (they each can do anything/everything), then what’s the point in having 3 protags of they’re all the same excluding appearance and behaviour?

  • Lynne

    allegedly, you play the “protagonist and the antagonist” and you MAY need to kill one at the end (though i am not sure).
    if you do need to kill one, it will be Michael. here’s why;
    1, it won’t be Franklin because he is black and therefore people will claim racism. “The only black guy is the villain none of the 2 white guys. that’s not racist” etc will be what people may say.
    2, it won’t be Trevor because he look like the villain, and who ever looks like the villain is never the villain.
    3 A, he is a rich white dude with a “colourful” past.
    3 B, also, if there is more than 1 white dude and 1 is the villain, go with either: the pale skin, dark haired one, or the one with blue/light eyes because it is extremely rare to find a blue eyed latino, black or asian person (i know because i am the only blue eyed black person i know, and i know lots of people)

    • Dawid Bartel

      You really don’t know R*…(about the racist thing)

      • hello

        she may not know R*, but she clearly knows the law

        • adam

          the law? it isn’t against the law to kill a black character in a fictional world last time I checked. maybe the world wouldn’t be this messed up in terms of racism if people weren’t afraid to do or say things because “it might be racist”

        • you’renotsmart

          you can see her POV can’t you? or are you blind? she is saying it might be seen as racist and predictable. the only black dude, in a group with 2 white dudes, is the bad dude? see why people might think it’s racist. also, you can’t be racist to a white person. my gf can call me “honky” but as soon as i call my gf “n* ” i risk getting in sh*t.
          face it. racism is a 1 way street. if anything bad happens to the black dude in your film/play, you’re in cuffs waiting for the electric chair

        • NeitheRyou

          Green Mile, Jurassic Park 1 and 3, Deep Blue Sea, Candy Man, Glory, Demolition Man, Training Day, Good Fellas, Star Wars Episode:3, Aliens, Gremlins, I Am Legend, The Bucket List, United 93, Heat…

        • random

          Well said 🙂

        • Dawid Bartel

          thats my point you arogant child. England is “politically correct” (reffering to England as you’re probably English) and that’s why you got muslims running around causing distress. You can’t call a black person black, but if he calls you a white prick, its not racist? get the hell outta here. “Educate, don’t hate!”

  • faz

    just leave it as one playable character

    • I think it was a little far-fetched back in GTA San Andreas with CJ being able to fly planes, helicopters, drive cars, shoot etc. With 3 characters it means that we are provided with 3 different backgrounds. For example, Trevor has his flying license from his days in the military.

  • I still rather ply as one, but probably my main character will be Franklin. I still think one or two of them will die of. Trevor being 1st, Michel being second

    • Hatton101

      It would be a fantastic idea for the players character to actually die, however it would be too problematic once the story is complete, R* have already pointed that each of them will have special abilities only they can do, so if one dies in the story, then how can the game reach 100% complete once the story is done? It also make all the mechanics they put into having them run there own lives when not being controlled void, and the technology and development that went into that surely wouldn’t go to waste? Neet idea though

      • To complete a mission, none of the 3 protagonists are allowed to die.

        • Hatton101

          not if only one or 2 of them feature…

        • Dawid Bartel

          you kidding me right?…Oh God…why…