Black Ops 2 1.02 patch a mystery on PS3

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 13, 2012

If you picked up a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 today you might have seen an update right away, which we found on our PS3 copy and it asked us to install patch 1.02. It is normal to see games receive updates at launch, and Black Ops 2 is no different although some people are wondering what patch 1.02 is for? There have been a number of guesses so far, but nothing official has been confirmed at the time of writing.

Taking a guess at COD Black Ops 2 patch 1.02 – the consensus is that this update is for activating online play, which would not need to go live until the Black Ops 2 release date, so anyone receiving an early copy shouldn’t be able to access multiplayer. There had been a few rumors in forums that certain countries had access to online play before the launch date, so if you were in one of those countries feel free to leave a comment below this article. There are also a number of other ideas being thrown around for Black Ops 2 patch 1.02, which include changes to trophies and a reset of stats, although we cannot confirm any of these so if you know more feel free to comment.

We just took a couple of screenshots from our copy of COD Black Ops 2, and above you can see a screen with the zombie bus and below you’ll see another image from the same zombies map. This page also contains a screenshot from within the zombie bus, and also our Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition in-hand with a quick look at the extras. You can read about the Nuketown DLC in our article from earlier today, which might not be so exclusive after all.

Did you see the Black Ops 2 1.02 patch after starting up your PS3? If we find out about any fixes this update includes, then we’ll let you know, also if you have found any problems with Black Ops 2 then share them in the comments. Currently we’ve only played the game for a couple of hours, and we’ve had a few connection issues with online play but other than that everything looks great.

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  • xCrazyChris

    no render button in theater.

  • Matnetic

    The 1.02 patch for PS3 includes the Multiplayer map ‘Turbine’. Sadly though, it also ruins the graphics for the game, making everything blurry and low quality. Its really bad. If you delete the patch data (242mb approx) from your PS3 menu, boot the game and DO NOT update to 1.02, then start a local game with bots, you will see the graphics as they are truly meant to be, which are very sharp and high quality.

    Since 1.02 was out straight away at launch most of us would have updated, and never seen what the graphics were meant to look like before the patch.

    So obviously the 1.02 patch has done something wrong to the PS3 graphics…

  • alex408king

    to fix this remove update then reinstall it agin work

  • goggio

    after patch 1.02 the game is blurry

  • I cant import my elite changes any suggestions?

  • Ryan

    It worked on my normal account again!!!! YEA!!!!!

  • Ryan

    I created a new account and it’s letting me play. Still kind of glitchy though, and I had to start from lvl 1 again.

  • John

    There’s nothing to do about the online problems just sit it out until a patch to fix the servers it’s like this every COD game.

  • Danielle

    It won’t let me play multiplayer either

  • atm777PS3

    I can play zombies..i can be INVITED to play multiplayer…but I can’t search for games and join cuz as soon as it takes me to the pre-game lobby…it takes me right back out saying an error has occurred. Wonder if that patch caused this.

    • Same thing Here have you heard anything about it getting fixed?

  • atm777PS3

    Im having that same issue’s frustrating me! Anyone got any suggestions!?

  • wgrassassin

    Showing error when trying to find a game online. Waiting for extra people when full. Game freezes. Kicked off after getting shot first time. Friend says joinable but still getting error.

  • Sam

    Keeps freezing cant get online and balances with full game lobbies I love this game when I actually get to play it

  • seriously pissed off

    Ive been having the same issue KILLERBOY… it worked fine when i first got the game but now its impossible to find a game… my psn wont load for the lobby, but other accounts on my system will….wtf activision!!

  • This game keeps freezing even after update, I would of thought the developers prepared for world launch…instead they wait until players start complaining. Why?

  • Andre

    same thing, before i could play onlnie now everytime i join it gives an error, it only works if i join a friend but then keeps freezing.

    • atm777PS3

      Thats what keeps happening to me

  • Dino

    im having the same problem online with freezing then i have to shut my ps3 down .
    I really liked the mid night launch and it was worth it:) but not for this 🙁
    I hope they fix this soon i dont want to feel like i just wasted my money fix soon please !!!!!!!~!!!:)

    • Dino

      my psn addy is specter2022 if anyone want to play zombies

  • Luke

    How did u fix ur black ops 2

  • raash

    I nickname my assault class “ass” and before the update I was able to rename it to that. However, after the update when I tried to make a second class and rename it to “ass 2” it wouldn’t allow me to stating that I couldn’t rename it to that cause of profanity.

  • Cod junkie

    I’m in uk,, got the game on Saturday and was able to :))))) just as well seeing as I can’t seem to connect anymore like many others:(((((

  • PS3AndroidHacker

    PS3 BOPS2 Hardened Edition here and have multiple issues with games lobbies trying to find players,the game freezing A LOT, and now multiplayer game play is inop and keeps giving an error message when trying to get into matches. I’d rather give my Hardened Edition back and stick to MW3!! Treyarche need’s to get with the program and get their “such a great game” in order and functioning correctly!!

  • Samalia

    Not impressed that I’ve bought the hardend version and the map pacs arnt included this time round and as I don’t play zombies ive payed an extra £20 just for nuke town 2025 ! Not good and to top it of I’ve taken 3 days of work to enjoy it and I’ve had nothing but connection problems and we are unable to get into a lobby as a team ! Get it sorted trearch !

  • the code for hardened edition whice is nuketown and nuketown zombies dosent work??//?? happeing to manu people so help

  • Flargiex

    I can’t even get the patch, it says an error occured and then gives me an error code, same thing happened with the original Black Ops 2 years ago.

  • Ragnar

    Hi I am from Denmark. I got the game and the update saturday. Been playing fine from there until last night. Now I cant connect and it freezes all the time.

  • delete the patch and you will be able to play offline

  • michelle

    Have had issues in multiplayer! can even get into a game keep having that error try again message. So annoying.

  • choked gamer

    Every time I attempt to join a game it goes briefly to a loading screen and reads: An error occurred while trying to find a session…epic fail on behalf of the tech support for the game its been like this for a few hours this is looney

  • dave

    got it yesterday and still cant play on line saying cant connect to server any help out there

  • Ryan

    Multiplayer freezes my console every hour or two. I think if I keep playing this damn game it’s gonna kill my ps3. 🙁

  • killerboy

    everytime i try to find a game it says an error occured any suggestions?

    • Liamjackson

      Same with me I don’t know what to do

    • zzStreetKingszz

      Yep I keep getting the same message everything

    • Blaze

      Same issue here. Still persistent :/ Any solution would be welcome cheers.

    • Dirtknap

      I had the same issue last night, so I decided to give league play a crack. I got into a game with no worries on a 4 bar connection yet experienced visibly horrendous lag. Something hasn’t been quite right when I could get into multi, I have been dying fast, like, quicker than MW3 insta dead, fast. Anyone else finding the same?

      • mjtbarr

        Yes word for word same issues and still now I cannot connect to play a normal game!

    • jkillz

      wait till they fix it or everyone buys an xbox

  • jusbusiness103

    game keeps freezing. havent played yet.

  • Playing online this morning fine now suddenly can’t join any game modes at all says an error occurred trying to find a session please try again! WTF I have installed the game and nothing and worst thing is other people online on my friends list are playing!!!!!!

  • F BO2

    In addition to all the server issues the game itself on multiplayer is garbage nothing is fixed that they said would be spawn trapping is rampant, massive lag and glitching are still there. save your money if you havent bought it yet the game is garbage.

  • Havoc

    COD:BOps2 killed my Ps3 after the update

  • Dude who’s pissed at COD

    Need help my ps3 won’t connect to online services and freezes at just about every loading screen WTF!!! I can’t even play the game I just bought for $65!!!

  • Russ

    Its something to do with the servers. freezes @ logo screen plays fine offine using bots, dont sign into psn.

  • jtab4994

    Fat PS3 keeps shutting off playing B02 after 10 or 15 min. Other games worksfine.

  • Blair

    sometimes when I get in a party with friends in black ops 2 multiplayer my ps3 freezes, I’ve heard the same from others too.

  • jamie

    Everyone, i had the same problem with freezing, go options > install. it will put the maps graphic on your HD so it doesnt have to work the disc so much. mine runs perfect now

  • Shane

    Ps3 just gave me the Red Light Of Death after playing Blackops 2

    • Havoc

      Same for me updated the game then my ps3 shutoff blinking red tryed to turn it on I got a yellow light for a sec then red blinking

  • John

    Freezing all the time online, have to cut off my ps3 about 4 times already

  • Fish

    Keeps freezing up online wtf?

  • brandon

    game freezes at activision logo. cannot play. at least i know who’s responsible.

  • matt attacksalot

    i have a glitch that it freezes the ps3 if during a match you try to change your custom class wtf!!! 69 bucks alot of money to waste.

  • jaybird69

    Freezing up when I start the game, no other game on my PS3 ever does this.

  • Ashleybaaaby

    when ever i start the game it says that the blackops2 thing is offline which is fine but it freezes whenever we are not trying to play online… what does that mean

  • jesse

    It’s giving me a really hard time trying to join a friends lobby

  • greg

    have issue with BO2 shutting down my PS3 Fat style… no other game i own does it… lets me play for about 5 or 10 mins then it shuts off… Sony and Activision are NOT responding to requests for assistance….. took my game back to the store… will try it on my XBOX which does not make me happy as i refuse to pay for online multiplayer…

  • xXoCHRiiSoXx

    Add me on PS3 xXoCHRiiSoXx – I got blackops 2 🙂

  • tray

    can not get online with black ops 2 ps3 somebody help me please.

    • john

      same here, it wont let me play multiplayer at all

  • Tristan Inglesfield

    I got the hardened edition today (PS3). I had several issues with navigating the multiplayer menus being slow and it taking ages to load up my emblem. Once or twice it said connection interrupted while I was playing a match and at one stage it said that the servers were unavailable. I managed to reconnect to the servers about 10 minutes later. Apart from that the game is fine. It is very different from MW3, as expected. It feels just like the original Black Ops and I am enjoying it so far. I am level 11 and I have a positive KD so all is well! I would highly recommend either the hardened edition or care package because Nuketown 2025 is amazing! It is so much fun and it really raised my KD when I was sniping from one of the houses.

    So far I am enjoying the game and apart from the glitches (which will hopefully be fixed soon) the game is excellent.

  • carl

    cant get my downloadable content. when i enter my code it says that it is either invalid or has expired. please help

    • James

      Me too, mine says invalid or entered incorectly and I bought care pack edition. Just carry on trying apparently it’s to do with their servers being bogged down. So try especially after a new patch. Add me on pan so we can try work this out… My ID. youngblood-71

  • emag9874

    Having freezing issues also when lobby is full.

  • iluvredsox1132

    Same here, i cannot get it load. Says searching for more players when full, keeps freezing! Cant play online! 🙁

  • Ant d

    Can’t play online. Anyone else have this problem. Keeps freezing

  • Stu

    Played for 4 hours online turned off lost all I had earned

  • harrison

    everything works fine for me, but how and where do you use the challenge tokens to get the gun camo

  • David Eaton

    keeps freezing i delete the 1.02 patch and it works fine its the 1.02 patch guys i called support it says there closed im freaking out i waited in line for 2 hours

    • peter

      how did you delete the patch and does your game work?

  • ps3user

    mine freeze in campaign and sometimes work online

  • goon

    Game freezes so does my ps3.. i want my refund.. 🙁

    • nachoz

      yeah it bs

  • Kajar

    download keeps stopping at 99% then says error

  • I went online patch free at 12:45 last night, woke up this morning and had to update. No biggie though!

  • Chris

    Not working online!!!!!

  • dan

    Had multiple issues with having to wait for more players to balance teams when we had a full lobby