Wii U appeals to broader consumer base

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2012

It turns out that the upcoming Nintendo Wii U is going to have a few extra features on board when it releases on November 18. The system is finally equipped to play hardcore games, but we have word that the console, or specifically GamePad controller is also going to come in very handy when in the hands of non-gaming consumers as well.

Although not a brand new feature confirmed this week, we can tell you for those that are not aware yet, that the Wii U GamePad is going to double up as a universal, all-in-one TV remote. Using Infrared technology, you’ll be able to turn your TV on and off and control your TV just as you would with a standard manufacturer remote.

Nintendo has also added support for Cable TV boxes as well, meaning that you can now put away the collection of remotes lying on your coffee table, and just use the Wii U remote for both gaming and television viewing. Nintendo hasn’t made a big fuss about this either, but we think it is a great little extra thrown in there that hasn’t been discussed in detail yet.

As far as we’re aware, there is currently no way that the PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers can function as a universal TV and Cable remote either (excluding the likes of PlayTV and so on), so that is a nice little advantage that Nintendo has there for Wii U launch buyers. You may argue that the Wii U is for gaming and not TV purposes, but if the PS3 has acted like a generalized living room entertainment hub for years, why can’t the Wii U do the same?

Using the Wii U GamePad, you can also use the touchscreen to easily switch between TV and gaming with the touch of a finger. Let’s not forget the main focus for Nintendo here – aside from general TV support, Nintendo has properly included this nifty little feature so it works seamlessly with the TVii application.

This is going to provide Wii U users with access to the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube, so being able to navigate around these services on a touchscreen is going to be a lot more convenient than perhaps using a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller – Youtube navigation on the PS3 remains a painful task to this day. We would like to assume that trailer watching is possible on the GamePad, in a different room when the Wii U console is turned on in a separate room.

What are your thoughts on this semi-hidden feature on the Wii U – will you be putting away your collection of remotes to take full advantage of this?

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  • bob

    maybe there will be a PS4 maybe there wont be.if there’s no PS4 than one less console compete with wii U

  • AvatarOfRevenge

    I just wonder with Samsung kicking the crap out of Sony in the TV biz (not to mention the earthquake a while back) if there will even be a PS4, Sony is having some $$ troubles, and IF Windows 8 flops will MS be hurting bad as well, the big N is in the next gen game and the 3ds is killing the Vita as fa as sales goes will the Wii U stand alone?
    Just something to ponder…

  • Trollface is in denial and so are all who think like this loon …Wii U is next gen and he’s too busy crying about it…Get of it troll boy

  • Igotdiarrhea

    You should hope Nintendo succeeds, like they always will, it would help out the console industry that has been dropping, you idiot!

  • Greena42090

    Trollface i have a 360 but im gettin a wii u.. I jus like havin fun with videogames im no fanboy i don’t care which one is better

  • Trollface

    I can’t wait until this fail of a console flops and all of you nintendo fanboys finally man up and buy a 360

    • OcnCtzn

      Sure I should man up and play some more shooters, great. How does choices of gaming determine one’s manhood? Lmao, Look at me I’m hardcore ’cause I shoot virtual bad guys. Get real buddy. Fun is all that counts.

      • nintendo fagboy

        Don’t mind him! In a few years, when the shooter genre dies, nintendo will still be making the best games on the best consoles. They just needed to get the crap systems out of the way hahaha.

    • Anton

      Troll face, you put one negative on Wii U, you put negative on me, got it?

      • why are you guys getting mad at this guy. His name is trollface lol. you just did what he wanted you to. he’s laughing his ass off watching people bicker over whats better. who cares? if you like nintendo buy a damn nintendo. if you like xbox then go play xbox.

        • bob

          i dont whats better.i just care about the new gameplay the wiiU has to offer

        • Trollface

          Someone understands. You’re the only person on this sight that has a brain.

      • Trollface

        Oh no! I put a negative on Anton!? What ever shall I do!?!

    • Bucky

      You really hope one of the founding gaming companies fail, I hope you don’t call yourself a gamer cause everybody else will just call you looser and before you go calling me a fanboy I own a 360 a PS3 and Wii and enjoy playing them all cause I AM A GAMER not a bias moron

      • Trollface is in denial and still lives in his parrents basement living on welfare so he can’t afford a Wii U he’s stuck in the past

        • Trollface

          You misspelled parents, idiot.

    • Noyesdue

      Trollface I would also like to point out that unlike the stupid 360 (of which I own) the Wii U won’t make you pay for internet services (Which I am already paying for….) and is letting people use feature like TVII without charging more (Microsoft wouldn’t even do that in a gamer’s dream >.>) So the 360 has got to be the stupidest thing to “man up and buy” imo. (proud gamer and owner of PS3, 360, Wii, and many others.)

      • Trollface

        If you owned the 360(which you don’t) you wouldn’t be such an idiot.

    • Dude are you in denial…yep your in denial and hate to tel you but 360 is dead and 6 years old so go back to your basement and play a 6 year old out out of date console and we real men will play next gen…sorry truth hurts huh?

      • Trollface

        Just wait till this WiiU thing flops.

    • AvatarOfRevenge

      After the disaster (Wndows 8) that even the Presedent of Valve along with Blizzard says will be the death of PC gaming and has everyne flocking to Linux and Apple, u try to defend MS, really I mean really how many Halo games are they gonna make for that obsolete Directx 9 consle before they call it quits, next XB will be a Surface tablet rebadge the way they r headed, the big N is not going anywhere!!

      • Trollface

        Nintendo will only stay because idiots like you and little four year olds will keep buying their stupid consoles. Ps3 and Nintendo – For kiddie gamers. Xbox – For hardcore, intelligent gamers like me.

        • bob

          finally someone who says PS3 is for kids and not real gamers.they usually put PS3 with xbox and set the wii apart.

        • Intelligent ha now that is a laughxbox is the worst of the 3 when it comes to online to play online for xbox you have to pay for it so no thanks…
          Wii U 4 Life

    • bob

      why do u hate wii U so much?it may be the only next gen console if microsoft or sony for some reason doesnt role out their next console.what will u say than?

      • Trollface

        I hate nintendo because its not Xbox.

        • bob

          yeah your right,its not xbox.its a game company,not a console.lol i totally agree with u.

        • bob

          wait you probly meant wii u not nintendo.well who cares,nintendo is a bigger game company than xbox i mean mirosoft i mean xbox.wait xbox is a console not a company,just like nintendo is’nt a console which YOU,trollface said it was.

        • Facepalm!

    • Trolllalalala

      Nah, I’ll just wait til the 720 and I’ll end up going through 10 of them all thanks to the return of the RRoD! Bwahahahaha. Or I could just buy one system that’ll last me quite a long time. Seems like a tough choice.