PS Vita Black Ops Nuketown in your hand

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2012

If you were previously uninterested in buying Black Ops: Declassified for the PS Vita, we have one final gameplay video for you to watch, before it goes on sale this Tuesday. The Black Ops port has already reached some lucky PS Vita owners, and we now have some exciting Nuketown gameplay to show you, giving you an exact look at how the popular multiplayer map looks on the 5-inch OLED screen.

It doesn’t actually look too bad to tell the truth. We admit that we were very skeptical on Declassified after witnessing a lot of delaying tactics from Activision and Sony, followed by the initial round of screenshots that didn’t really impress us that much. Having said that, we’re pleased to have changed our minds about the game as the weeks have gone on, with more recent gameplay suggesting that Declassified actually looks decent on the Vita and could be well worth taking a look at on November 13.

We’re well aware that the game doesn’t come with zombies which is a major disappointment, but the 4v4 online multiplayer mode does look pretty fun, even if it isn’t the higher player count like traditional multiplayer on console. In a new gameplay video, we see a live online match on Nuketown (Nukehouse in game) going on, with the environment and screen text, almost exactly the same as we’re used to seeing on console.

There are notable differences in texture quality compared to the console version, although nothing too major to criticize. The famous killstreaks have made it into Declassified multiplayer as well we’re pleased to say, as you can see Care Packages and Sentry Guns being deployed, just to name a few.

With six players playing in this particular match, it does seem a little quiet than the usual carnage that we’re used to seeing on console. Two more players to make up the full 8 man match should improve the situation, but then again – playing with 3 other players on a handheld, against 4 enemies online is not a bad result on the PS Vita.

All in all, this looks pretty tasty. Do you still have doubts about Black Ops: Declassified, or have you now decided to pick up a copy this week? Have the developers Nihilistic actually done a good job on the game or not?

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  • ok so its not like black ops but look at it, the graphics are sick for a handheld and atleast the makers tryed there best (witch is really good game of what i see!) and i think this game will be great they may add dlc for the game we just have to wait and see :D!

  • gill

    Im finally loving my ps vita purchase! Ac3 liberation is awesome and now this just a couple weeks later…i literally cant wait to get to work lol

  • Vita memory cards need to drop in price and games need to be bigger. The bigger games, like need for speed are awesome. But take up so much room, why is it 50$ for 16GB of data in 2012?

    Madness. PS vita doesn’t need a price cut it needs a price cut in memory cards.

    I’m glad to see more real games come out on the VITA. : ) I really hope this game doesn’t turn out like resistance…

  • Detroitsports50

    looking at these comments are hilarious this game is going to be good. Everyone is expecting way to highly and the zombies feature might be a dlc. looking at these comments are a fail. PS VITA IS AMAZING

  • AvatarOfRevenge

    Vita will never catch up to the 3DS (just as DS killed PSP), they claim to have console (current soon to be last gen) graphics, and features they need to at least not leave out key elements, I mean a BO game with no zombies = fail

    • Guest

      Vita has better graphics than the 3DS, so that must make 3DS….? Last Last-gen , OK hope this shuts you up considering this is a Vita topic and not a 3DS topic (Which your totally not biased towards *Sarcasm*).

      Thanks 🙂


        Im not a fanboy but as far as games go ac3 is the only DECENT game for my vita, and it wasnt even doing that good. I feel like the rear touchpad is gimmicky and thats about it. I definitely thibk that sonys going to have to MAJOR price drop to compete with 3ds.

        • Well then you clearly haven’t played Gravity Daze, LBP, MGS HD Collection, Rayman, Sound Shapes or Uncharted then, have you.

    • Jesus

      No Zombies was Activision and Sony not green lighting it. You know nothing stop spouting bull.

    • casualgamer

      ok first of all, ds didnt kill the psp, the psp killed the psp. potential was there but it died largely do to the lack of games. second the 3ds is just a slightly better dsi with a dumb battery draining 3d feature. And no this game will not be perfect but the multiplayer looks like a HUGE step in the right direction for fps on the go. Will you ever have anything like this on the 3ds ummmmmm… no this game will be sweet so you enjoy your 3d mario i dont have any more time to waste on you

    • kingvita

      lol ds is for 7 year olds my little bro has one, soon as i pull out the vita he is in ore .. but his hands are to tiny to play on it..hence ds is for babys(;)) you… oh i have cod on vita, at first i wanted to blow up the devs.. because the first bits of footage had me raging i have it in my hands, its the best fps everrrrrrrr!stick to you mario loser lol

  • Think I’ll be purchasing two versions of Call Of Duty tonight !

    • are u able to quickscope lol i love to do quickscopes 😀 ps ds can go die in a hole xD

  • Spawn

    There are no FPS games now. They’re all online shoot em ups.

  • george

    no they haven’t