Nexus 4 delivery clarification

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 12, 2012

Today could be the day you visit the Google play store more than any other, which is thanks to the Nexus 4 going live in a matter of hours for pre-order and this has seen the refresh button hit continually by shoppers, but the expected Google Nexus 4 delivery time might be a little confusing for some people. Earlier today we heard that Google would be shipping the Nexus 4 right away, although the time it takes to arrive at your door might be a lot different if this rumor is true.

Following our article about the Nexus 4 and 10 leaving Google instantly we noticed how desperate some people are for this handset, and a few of PR’s readers claim to be refreshing the Nexus 4 page several times a day for the last week. They hope to see the pre-order option appear, although the image below is all they see with available to purchase text followed by a date, which is under 24 hours away now.

Nexus 4 delivery clarification – within the last few hours we’ve had a couple of emails from different readers, and they wanted to tip us with a few things in regard to the LG Nexus 4 and its shipping date. One user claimed to have contacted Google and asked if they will do overnight shipping for the Nexus 4, which one Google customer service representative apparently said, “we don’t ship overnight and the earliest you will see the Nexus 4 ship is Thursday“. We haven’t been able to confirm this statement, but it certainly adds up with the fact that overnight shipping had not been offered with the Nexus 7.

If this is truly the case and you get your Google Nexus 4 pre-order in right away, then you might not see the handset until next week, and while we know you don’t want to hear this it might be true. We’ll know in the next few hours, so feel free to keep up with PR for more details in the coming day.

Do you expect overnight shipping with the Nexus 4? It is worth pointing out that Google has been testing different forms of shipping this year, so anything can happen but if we are to believe what some people are apparently hearing from Google, then you might not get the Nexus 4 as soon as you want it. What do you love about the Nexus 4 the most?

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    1 1/2 more hours 😀 Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    BOOOOOO Thursday. I want it now 🙂

  • Ryan

    does it cost money for shipping?

  • Topo

    Hurry up with 16GB version Google! haha

  • Fuze

    i just bought one and i am from perth, australia. estimated delivery 15th november. normal shipping.

    • repask

      Cool, in Perth is now about 10am. That means in UK we should see it available around 10 am as well 🙂 hopefully

      • Feeling tragic

        You’ll want to be quick. I signed up for the email notification but checked anyways. I didn’t receive an email but the 16GB phone said “In stock” rather than “Coming soon” so I placed my order. The 16GB page now says “Coming soon” making me think that they’ve run out of stock in Singapore.

    • denlife

      only the 8GB version is available now in Perth. Still waiting for the 16GB

    • PeterC

      I got one too, estimated delivery 15th November. When I rang Google Play to confirm they said they won’t be shipped until the 15th for delivery 2 days after that. I’m confused and a little annoyed as I arranged some time off work to wait in!

  • Veruca Salt

    I want it noooow!

  • Zomigod!

    Zomg zomg !

  • They do have 16gb version you might wanna clarify that…..