Nexus 4, 10 leaving Google instantly

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2012

We have an important shipping update for those who have registered an interest in either the new Nexus 4 smartphone or Nexus 10 tablet from Google. Both devices are due to launch on November 13, but we have since learned that pre-orders won’t be able on the day itself.

It now looks like it is going to be a crazy day on November 13, with Google meeting Nexus 4 demand on a first come, first serve basis. Cunningly, Google has yet to reveal the exact time when orders will start, or when the orders will actually ship once you have successfully placed an order.

What we can tell you though is that Google has confirmed that they’ll be shipping the first Nexus 4 orders on the same day – so if you theoretically order at 2am from the Google Play Store and select overnight shipping, you should be line to have a lovely new Nexus 4 delivered to your door the next day, November 14.

The same will apply for Nexus 10 orders as well, as if you visit both the product pages right now, you’ll see that pre-orders are still unavailable, with Google displaying a ‘Notify me’ message for quite some time. Some dialogue between Android Police and Google confirms that orders will ship on the same day as ordered though, provided that there is sufficient stock.

That is really going to be the key factor then, as when the first batch of Nexus 4 stock run out, we have a feeling that Google are going to be backlogged with vast amounts of Nexus 4 orders that they can no longer promise to ship on November 14, or maybe even before the end of the week.

If you really want a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 at the first opportunity, it looks like you are going to have to sit down at your desktop or laptop and play the infamous refresh game. Will Google go live with Nexus 4 orders on the stroke of midnight, or will they keep users up till the early hours of morning so that their website is more manageable for the hardcore following who don’t mind staying up regardless?

Let us know what you plan to do, now that you know Google will ship orders as soon as they have received them. Are you playing the refresh game right now even?

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  • Lukas Dettlinger

    This is so stupid. Why on Earth does Google not do pre-orders? They are a wonderful company but my goodness they are as disorganized as they are innovative.

  • lgftsa

    Ordered 10mins ago from Australia. CC was debited within a minute, so I have to assume it’s shipped.

  • utilitybelt

    Being on the west coast has advantages. If they hit the button to change the option from “notify” to “order” at midnight EST, it’ll only be 9 for me and I’ll still have my whole night lol. I’ll be up until midnight PST if that’s not the case.

    • Sam Sullivan

      Looking like midnight PST…here’s to 3AM!

  • CreepyDude

    This is total BS. I’m sure there will be better and cheaper phone by Christmas. Good luck refreshing your browser, I have better things to do.

    • Crash Redux

      Haha, no, there won’t.

      • Joel J

        There will always be a better phone. That’s the game. You keep waiting for that better phone coming out next Christmas, and the next Christmas, and the next Christmas…. while we enjoy our new N4’s.

  • MB

    I checked with Google customer service and they mentioned they dont have overnight shipping and they even mentioned that the earliest the phone would be available is Friday (possibly Thursday scenario). Please can the author or someone else mention the source for the overnight shipping option mentioned in the article?

    Also I have another question is it possible to cancel an order if you are late your order is backlogged by a week or multiple weeks?

    • utilitybelt

      That overnight shipping comment is BS. I ordered a nexus 7 and 2 day was the only option. I couldn’t even get a slower, cheaper option. It’s 2 day or nothing.

  • AndroX

    Its my tablet and i need it now…

  • Joseph Glenn Hartley

    I will be at school hopping on that computer.

  • Dan

    I’ll refresh…again. I only hope to have it fast…I want to have it in my hands the next week-end. Otherwise, I surely won’t be happy…

  • Thomas

    Does anyone know whether N4 will work with Bell mobility? I broke my GS1 and need this phone…

    • FredH5

      It will, it supports the 850Mhz and 1900Mhz Bell Mobility are using. It will work on the HSPA network, however, not LTE, but you knew that already.

    • Unless I’m mistaken, it will work on ALL Canadian carriers, even the new entrants.

  • NgTurbo

    Good luck to everyone. 🙂 Don’t break your fingers though by any means.

  • nicolas

    Let me put it to you this way I will be getting it first.

    • Boaz Thomassie

      Challenge accepted

      • utilitybelt


  • Kevin Olson

    I’ll be up playing the refresh game tonight for sure.

  • my new phone, only concern is that I cant find a case for it, only those sleeves that dont protect your phone if you drop it whilst using it.

    I finally get rid of my iphone 4 and get away from the now unjailbreakable ios.

    And If i or anyone else gets bored of it you’ll get most of your money back on ebay and not have to worry about a new contract!!

    • utilitybelt

      I sold a broken thunderbolt and 2 iPod touches to make sure I could get this phone. I’m on Verizon but I’m using the N4 to test T-Mobile. Verizon gets the boot if T-Mobile meets my expectations. I’ll sell my galaxy necus to pay the ETF.

    • Have you seen the $20 case they sell for the N7, very nice. Has a front cover too.

  • Bear3825

    I’ll stay up playing the game tonight….I been doing without a smartphone for over a month waiting on the Nexus 4…
    I will have you my precious….lol….

  • Joey Mendler

    Im playing the refresh game right now! haha I cant wait for this beastly phone

  • Joel J

    I’ve been refreshing for a week hoping to see a pre-order option