Black Ops 2 Zombies Galvaknuckles at a premium

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2012

We have yet more juicy Black Ops 2 zombies information to share with you, as we head towards the 24 hour countdown before the game is finally available to buy. We have previously informed you about the various Pack a Punch weapons on offer in Black Ops 2 zombies, but now we have the first details on a new Black Ops 2 premium weapon that is available to buy.

If you are a seasoned zombies pro, you’ll know that the Bowie Knife previously held the record for being the most expensive item available for purchase from the zombie ‘wall’. Players could pay 3000 points for the large blade and recoup the points almost immediately thanks to one hit knife kills racking up tons of points – an excellent strategy when trying to save up points for the pack a punch machine.

The only problem back then though on maps like Der Riese, is that the Bowie Knife was only useful until a certain wave, when zombies wouldn’t go down in a single hit any more, changing your whole strategy in the process. With Black Ops 2, Treyarch has added a new premium zombie weapon for you to find and we can tell you that it comes in the form of the Galvaknuckles, which are going to cost you a precious 6,000.

What it will give you though is electricity currents in the power of your hands and the ability to kill zombies in a single hit, right the way through the game until you start reaching around level 24. This is an obvious improvement on the Bowie Knife (which is still in Black Ops 2 zombies!), but 6,000 points is a lot to spend, so there’s risks.

The animation when using the weapon is excellent too, as you’ll see in our images above. Another downside to using the Galvaknuckles though, is that it will replace the Bowie Knife or Ballistic Knife if you already have that equipped – so bear that in mind before splashing out on a near fortune for a set.

Aside from being available on both Tranzit and Survival zombies, we can also confirm that the Galvaknuckles are located on Nuketown zombies as well, inside the red trailer – good luck finding out how to access them though, let us know in the comments if you are having any difficulty with this.

Have you used the Galvaknuckles yet? Are they better than the Bowie Knife weapon in your opinion and worth the 6,000 points or not? Stay tuned for more Black Ops 2 zombies news as we get it, including details on the ongoing Tower of Babble Easter Egg hunt.

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  • Sossover115

    It’s a must for black ops 2 the meelee time is also much faster so u can pound through hordes of zombies fast without getting hurt much it’s an awesome weaponget it as soon as you can and use it as much as u can until round 14 to make it worth while and warn some big points:D

  • Yoymaster

    I bought them last night and they were fuckin sweet. I believe its 1 shot kills till round 14 or so then its 2the shots till like 24. It just feels badass pounding away at zombies with your fists though and for double the price of the bowie you get one shot kills for a lot longer time so its kinda worth the 6000 pts

  • jjb

    so how do we get nuketown zombies

  • yomomma117


  • LAngels15

    I hope Ray Gun has more levels to pack a punch! 4 levels would be awesome. A third won’t be bad either though! Just hoping to see some new kick ass weapons for Zombies! There better be 10+ new weapons for it. I will be very disappointed if there isn’t.

  • TemporalPick

    I have seen plenty of leaked footage of zombies and it does NOT REPLACE the bowie knife or ballistic knife, you can actually have a combanation of ALL THREE for an even longer one knife kill streak, that last even longer than that if you intend to pack-a-punch the ballistic as well. If you pack. then it should last around 27-29 rounds before it turns in to a two-knife-kill, which lasts even longer.

  • Rick

    F@#K yeah we are using are hands to kick-@ss, finally a little realistic, looking forward to it XD. ps…….first comment.