Nokia Lumia 920 takes on new leader

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2012

In the midst of Samsung’s apparent Android domination right now, have you ever considered picking up an alternative device that can match the leader of the Android pack in the Samsung Galaxy S3? The Nokia Lumia 920 has been available for a while now and despite the fact that it runs Windows Phone 8, it is a very impressive device indeed and definitely holds its own against the S3.

Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered the cream of the crop. It is a handset that is in the hands of a lot of happy consumers right now, cemented in the fact that the Galaxy S3 is now the official best selling phone in the world, beating the mighty iPhone 4S in the process – a feat which Apple are not going to be too happy with.

That means it’s an extra headache for companies like Nokia, as they have to convince consumers that new flagship handsets like the Lumia 920 are pretty capable devices in its own right, compiled on top of Samsung’s superior brand awareness. If consumers were to take a look at the Nokia Lumia 920 specs vs the Samsung Galaxy S3 though, they’ll find that Nokia’s device actually beats the S3 in a number of categories.

While Samsung may have the edge in processor speed with a quad-core based Exynos chip compared to a dual-core Qualcomm effort in the Lumia 920, Nokia’s device beats Samsung in display quality, with the Lumia 920 providing a much crisper display in all conditions – notably when using the device in direct sunlight thanks to a combination of ClearBlack technology and PureMotion HD+.

It’s no secret that the Lumia 920 has arguably the best camera on any smartphone period as well. The built in PureView optical stabilisation ensures that photos and videos produced are of the highest quality, eliminating any sign of camera blur if a user’s hand happens to shake before shooting. This is something the Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t match, although for the average consumer, picture quality on the S3 is still more than adequate.

If plenty of storage is important to you, then the Galaxy S3 is definitely more favorable between the two, with a choice of either 16, 32 or 64GB to play with – extendable with MicroSD cards to increase total storage space even more. Unfortunately, the Nokia Lumia 920 only has support for 32GB, so this is a factor you’ll have to consider if you are planning to pick one up during the holiday season.

The Nokia Lumia 920 also matches what the Nexus 4 can do, with support for wireless charging for those that require it – how many people knew the device supported this feature? Overall though, despite the very impressive hardware specs, it’s a device that ships with Windows Phone as its OS – a platform that consumers are still skeptical about.

It’s clear that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the new leader on top of the Android spectrum right now, but does the Nokia Lumia 920 deserve a little more praise than it is currently getting perhaps? Let us know if you have been keeping an eye on the Lumia 920 and whether Windows Phone 8 is one factor that is putting you off from buying one.

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  • Niecy

    Can’t wait till O2 have the 920 in as my contract for my blackberry is due for upgrade and I am desparate to get the 920……

  • Aaron

    I have just bought Nokia Lumia 920. Great phone. But not as great as the Samsung Galaxy S3. I have given the 920 to my brother. S3 works great for me.

  • S.Z. from USA

    I want it, but the fact that I have no choice but to buy unlocked one, pulled me back a little. ebay now raised the price from 699 to 750 to 860 due to high demand and low on stock. This kind of pricing just make me want to buy other phone, but I know very well that buying other phone will not make me satisfy knowing what Lumia 920 can do. I don’t follow the iPhone-stream or the Samsung S III urge. I feel like this is the kind of phone I want – something different.

  • I just went for the S3 to 920. Both have their perks. To tell you the truth I was looking for something different; the 920 has done that job. I picked it up on release day and I love it. I know that there are not as many apps as Android and iOS, but with the release of Win8 I know that there will be more down the road (since AppDev for Win8 and WP8 are very close). As far as the camera, I would have pay double the price ($100 with contract renew). The photos are amazing. I know many cell cameras take amazing day photos, but the 920 takes amazing low light photos. Sadly one down side (mostly At&t) they did not have the wireless charge in stock.

  • Me

    I just got my Lumia 920 over the weekend, and I absolutely love it. It was so worth the wait! As far as people’s complaints about apps, there are plenty of quality apps to do what I want with the phone. Also, not as many apps are needed, as everything you really want the phone to do is already built into the Windows 8 software. If you have upgraded to the Windows 8 software on your pc, it provides a seamless experience between your phone, computer, and tablet. At last, everything works together easily and seamlessly!

  • great deal

    and £40 cashback

  • great deal

    Lumia 920 – Free phone, free wireless plate – free windows pro 8 – 600 min – 500mb data – unlimted push email – unlimited txt – £26 a month as upgrade on orange from phones4u 🙂

  • Stu

    I can’t prasie the Lumia 920 enough! Mine arrived on Saturday and I can’t put it down – it’s brilliant. I don’t know why people are skeptical about Windows Phone 8. I never got on with the Android interface but I loved iOS. Just like some of the other comments, I got bored with it though which is why I’ve switched. Genuinely, this phone is absolutely brilliant. The screen is massive though – I’m trying to get used to that!

  • Allthingsmobile

    Just got the white Lumia 920 on Friday and it’s an amazing phone! The build quality is exceptional and the software is so smooth. The feel of typing is soft and responsive. The phone is heavy but it adds to the solid premium feel in my opinion. I’ve had a few iPhones for the last 4 years and while they are good devices the Lumia just seems and feels more valuable and cool especially compared to the iPhone 5 and the galaxy S3. By the way I dragged and dropped all my songs and movies in 3 minutes…no itunes, no fuss. I believe it’s the best phone out this year.

  • opteron opteron

    I’ve found that most reviewers out there are just iSheep and they do not compare specifications before making their conclusion. Imagine how many lumia 920 features iPhone is missing: NFC, Augmented reality, wireless charging, DLNA, offline navigation, Optical image stabilization, microsoft office, etc…. Most of these features need hardware support and that’s why Nokia Lumia 920 is slightly bigger than iPhone in grams!!!! It’s just because iPhone lacks features and they won’t say it aloud. — just wireless charging requires additional coil in the phone and if iPhone had it supported, it should have almost the same weight as lumia 920.

  • Derrick

    I have been eagerly anticipating the Nokia Lumia 920 for some time. I used to have an iPhone, but have since become bored with iOS. The iPhone 5 has some significant changes in design, but adding one row of icons just doesn’t cut it for the screen size. I’ve also been purchasing iPhones for over 5 years, so I’m ready for a change. I am very tempted to try an Android phone, especially an LG Optimus or Nexus 4. However, the Windows Phone 8 interface is very cool. I like the color schemes and upbeat look to their devices – not the same old black device. I think Nokia’s phones make a bold statement to differentiate themselves from the rest. So I decided to go with the Nokia Lumia 920. Can’t wait to get it in the mail!

  • Nokia and my wp suuuuks

  • We have had iPhones since day one. I had been waiting on the 920 to compare to the iPhone 5, because the iPhone doesn’t seem to have been going anywhere, and just didn’t feel as fluid as it should. I had an HTC Trophy (Windows Phone 7) for a backup work phone and really liked it, but not enough for a primary phone. Went on Friday morning to check out the 920 versus iPhone 5 and was blown away. The build quality is amazing, the display is gorgeous, the camera is great, the ease of use and response is better than expected. I dumped my iPhone and bought my 920 on Friday morning, and had to buy the wife one on Saturday morning (which we were lucky to find one left in town). Skydrive works amazingly well, you don’t even realize that it’s not local storage.

  • Just Kitted another whole office out with phones and tablets, 90% went for Nexus 7 and Galaxy S3 combo, and the rest with iPhone and iPad.

    Last of the blackberrys are now gone, and no one even mentioned Nokia, well one person did, but that conversation ended abruptly when I showed them an article saying Nokia were about to go Bankrupt.

    Like you recommend a phone that could leave someone stranded with no warranty if the company went bust ???,,,,,,,thought so.

    Anyways the 920 weighs too much for a 19″ TV/DVD combo never mind a smartphone.

  • Mke5Mke

    Windows Phone 8 is one of the main reasons I made the switch from Android and picked up the Lumia 920. That, and the fact that Nokia made it.

    Nokia, how I have missed you!

  • The fact that the S3 is the most popular phone is exactly why I wouldn’t ever buy one. I’m not into “mainstream” products, music, media and so on.

    The 920 is a solid product, looks much nicer than the flimsy ugly S3 that’s for sure and I have seen both in the flesh (Own 920, work colleague has the S3).

    • Lol

      Your such a non conformist lol get a life u fking tool.

  • Aytan Malka

    After what seemed like many months of waiting, I finally managed to get my hands on a Nokia Lumia 920. I had to call round so many stores for days on end before I was fortunate enough to find a store with one they were willing to hold for me but only if I could get to the store within an hour. In the UK (London) where I am based Phones4u are the only retail store advertising the 920 sim free at £459.95.

    I hurried down to the store and was given my Black Lumia 920 by the very friendly and helpful sales rep. I paid the sim free price as marked clearly on their info section of £459.95.

    I made my way back home and excitedly put my sim card in the phone. (An o2 sim) a message popped up saying the phone could only be used with certain types of sim and that I should phone customer services for a lock code. Initially I called my provider o2 thinking it was my sim that needed the lock code, after all the phone I had purchased from phones4u was clearly marked sim free. O2 told me the lock code referred to the phone being locked to a specific network and told me I would have to call phones4u for the code.

    I called phones4u technical phone support who immediately apologised to me for my troubles but said although the phone is sold sim free it is still actually locked to the EE, Orange & T mobile networks.

    I complained and said well then it is not sim free. No where in any of their stores do they explain what they mean by sim free. They don’t state the above. All that is said is: sim free £459.95.

    At this point the technical support guy got a bit shirty and said: look what do you want me to do? I replied: I was sold a phone I have been waiting for, for ages, I now cant use this phone. I have wasted a few hours of my precious time sorting something out because phones4u as a company hadn’t bothered to state correctly what they mean by sim free in this case. I want some sort of acknowledgement of this in the form of compensation.

    Anyway to cut short an already long story I took the phone back to the store the next day and was given a full refund and a £25 accessory voucher.

    The good and bad thing about this story is this. I have been so excited about the 920. I literally could not wait to get my hands on this phone. The thing is having had it and used it for a day and night, I am no longer excited. Yes it is a nice phone. Windows phone 8 is fantastic and a worthy competitor to iOS and android but apart from that the phone didn’t live up to the hype in my experience. I took a few night time shots with both the 920 and my iphone 4s and honestly the 920 was only marginally better. I used nokia maps and although it was very good in my opinion it still isn’t as good as google maps with street view. Nokia music and xbox music worked well and looked good but was nowhere near as user friendly as spotify which still is not available in the windows phone store. I know it and other apps will come and it really pains me to talk like this because I am a windows phone man. I am willing both windows phone 8 and even Nokia to succeed. The fact remains the fact.

    Nokia have well and truly let themselves down here. The 920 should not be exclusive to any one provider it should be available through all and sim free. If it was then despite my deflation of excitement having used the phone I would of continued to use it and perhaps ended up loving it, who knows. Now however I am no longer in such a rush for it. I have decided to wait. I will be getting a windows phone device that much is sure. I will be waiting a few months to see if Microsoft bring out a surface phone or if HTC bring out a phone with more memory. Failing that samsung will get my money for one of their ativ’s.

    Nokia want to regain top spot well my experience which I am almost sure will be shared by others will prevent them from achieving it.

    Windows phone 8 10 out of 10

    Nokia windows phones 7 out of 10

    Nokia business strategy 0 out of 10

    • Seriously this needs to be stated far more clearly, I also went and bought it sim free on 10/11/2012, and by definition believed that meant I could use it on any network, like I could with my s2 that I bought from phones 4 u as well. I didnt have a micro sim so also got a sim only deal for 3 my network of choice as in my area they provide the best 3g speeds, and EE doesnt have 4g here yet. I waited almost 24 hrs for it start working thinking maybe the error message was just because the sim hadnt activated yet, but when i rang 3 to check they also told me it was due to the phone being locked to a certain network, and dispite my protests that i bought a sim free phone, had to give up and go back to phones 4 u on 11/11/12.

      Now i could of just rang phones 4 u but they had also told me i would get my free wireless charger by redemption, which i could find no details of on nokias website, phones 4 u’s website or a lot of googling. I find the guy who had sold me the phone the previous day and start about my complaints and explaining whats happened. Another sales rep says that the phone is locked to EE, T-mobile and Orange, even though its sim free, to my surprise and the surprise of the other reps that also didnt know, who believed as i did that sim free always meant fully unlocked and open to all networks. Well i wasnt convinced and just wanted to see if i had been given a dodgy handset so asked to try other sims to see if they work, and sure enough a few seconds after the orange sim went in, it got signal and looked good to go.

      Heres where we differ as i loved the phone enough and had enough faith that most missing apps will come out sooner or later, that i still wanted to keep the phone, so i took a sim only orange panther deal, downside is that this is more expensive than my 3 deal and has less data. Upside Orange seems to have a good signal even in my room, which 3 rarely did and i now have 2g signal to fall back on. Orange does seem to be slower than 3 was on my s2 when i ran speed tests, though thats a bit unfair to compare when im not using the same phone to test both networks.

      Now that i was sorted with a working sim card, i wanted my wireless charging dock, and so asked again like i had done the previous day about the dock, and was given a slip of paper with a website link on it to get dock from, but apparently i cant do that til the 16/11/12 according the website, and according to a rep at phones 4 u i also had to of waited 14 days after getting the phone. None of this can be proven yet and with current listing putting the chargers at £60 each i really would like to get one free and then pay for a second.

      Overall i think the biggest let down was from Phones 4 U not Nokia, and not Microsoft, the lack of information provided in store and online was the real cause of my problems. I like the phone, though i still have plenty to learn and get used too, its a shame my experience like yours and assume many others has been so poor in regards to the sim free issue.

    • Sean

      Spotify is already available for Windows Phone 7.5 for long time and it seems currently under rebuild to works better in WP8,you may find it soon in WP8 store…..

  • V1k

    Not only is the 920 a fantastic device in its own right the fact that it runs Win 8 is the main reason this will be my next phone. I’ve grown bored with the elegant but archaic IOS and grown frustrated with the immense fragmentation of Android (I own an Ipad3 and a GNexus running Jellybean so know what I’m talking about!). Windows 8 for me strikes the perfect balance in a mobile OS and the 920 is the perfect device to showcase this on.

  • allen

    Walmart is offering the 920 for $49.99 & 820 for free w/contract

  • Mike

    Its nowhere close to competing at the the top end. Any site that claims this, is basically being bought my microsofts marketing budget.

    • You’ve obviously not seen one. Spec sheets tell you nothing about how a device performs, looks and feels like.

    • shenzhen2112

      ‘It’s’ not “Its”

    • zenobi97

      you have no idea what you are talking about……

    • Jakob Rosenberg

      What are we talking about here? Overall build quality? Screen quality, resolution PPI? Camera? Charging capabilities? Cross-platform compatibility? Consistent user experience? Audio? Connectivity? Signal strength? Ease of use? Usability in conditions ranging from sunny to freezing?

      You seem to confuse market share with quality. The exact sort of ignorance that certain manufactures exploit and capitalize on.

  • Pete

    I saw the 920 yesterday, and I was exceptionally impressed. the comments about it being heavy and more like a brick are totally unfounded. I have small hands and the 920 felt very comfortable and not heavy in the hand. the build quality makes the iphone feel cheap. I will definitely be buying one when the unlocked are released. i have also ordered an 820 for my wife.

  • Shep

    Bought the 920 the morning of release here in the US and let me tell you…this phone is incredible and so is the WP8 operating system. Everything just works and the included Nokia apps are the best I have ever used. Wait until you use the battery saver option or turn on the Nokia City Lens. Screen quality is great. Everything syncs with SkyDrive so you have seamless device transitioning of media. Not an ounce of lag anywhere..
    haven’t had any freezes or errors even with a few dozen 3rd part downloaded apps. I applaud Nokia and Microsoft for this gem. Camera quality is really good but its not leaps and bounds over other phones IMO, however the panorama, animation and multishot apps rock. You will not be disappointed.

  • Raji

    Eagerly waiting for Nokia Lumia 920, have been using Noika N8 and Galaxy note

  • MajorRockStar

    I had ruled out the S3 when I compared it to the Note 1. The note screen was brighter. The Note 2 carries on the tradition. I went to check out the Note 2 and 920. Both are great. The Note 2 is a beast with a beautiful screen, and the 920 is simply stunning. Its a glamor phone and you can see what clear black mean…absolutely beautiful screen. I like the 920 screen a little better because everthing seem to move more fluid than the Note 2 and because the colors seem to stand out more on the 920 even though it didn’t seem as bright as the Note 2. Maybe it was because ATT was releasing the Note 2 and 920, but the whole time I was there no one even looked at the S3.

    While I was there, I talked to some customers who were getting a 820. They were iphone users who wanted to try something new. So there is also some migration going on among the software platforms. Also, the weight thing regarding the 920…it does catch you at first, but as everyone was passing it around it became a plus rather than a minus. The phone just felt like solid state equipment. Waiting a couple of weeks before I purchase any of the phones (waiting to hear the complaints and quirks first), but after seeing and feeling the 920 it definitely has my attention.

    • My beef with the Note is that the screen is bigger but the resolution isn’t. So it is a pretty lazy design, they’ve just scaled everything up a bit.

      • MajorRockStar

        I agree. When you compare the Note 2 to the S3, it is a lazy design copy. But the Note 2 does have some advantages such as the bigger screen, screen writing, bigger battery. As for the resolution, the bigger screen actually smokescreens the disadvantage of the reduced pixels so you really don’t notice it as much as you would think. I would say that the brightness of the Notes is really what stands out and made me wonder why it wasn’t made available for the S3, but the battery may be the reason.
        But on a related note, I saw a drop test today of the iphone 5, S3, and the 920 and you could see then the quality of each. In the end, the S3 came apart and stopped working, the i5 was working but the screen would need to be sent in for repairs, and the 920 was working and scuffed. So there is something to think about in regards to the quality of the Samsung products.

    • Michael88

      Can wait to get 920 .. as it hasn’t arrive here in Singapore ( but soon ).
      I always like Nokia for its stylish design and solid build quality , my N8 ( 3 years ) is doing well seldom give my any problem , N9 ( 1+ years ) as good as it gets , and I love the MeeGo OS which is one of its kind , my latest Nokia addition was the N808 ( early this summer ) . I have never regret of owning all these Nokias .
      Again, can’t wait to get the latest L920 with Window 8 OS . Kudo to Nokia !

      • Rohan

        Dude..!! N8 launched in sept-oct come you have it for three years..?? 😀 i know this cuz i bought an n8 when it launched..still works beautifully..!!! Amazing phone and a stellar camera..!!! Bt yes..920 looks really tempting to me..amazing phone..!! M torn between that and the iphone5…if i buy the ip5, i’ll trade out ma iphone4 and keep the n8, or i’ll trade a 920 for the n8. Any opinions ppl..???

  • Ricky

    still waiting for lumia in India
    I hope the price will be lesser the SIII in India like other countries

    • me too waiting for 920 🙂

    • Hunny

      Same here… 🙁
      thinking to ship-in, getting impatient.. 😛

      • Mele

        same here, waiting for the Indian Launch, oct30, nov9, nov 11, nov 13th… man when will they launch it….????

  • Erwin

    I´m sure this is going to be nokia´s turn around, maibe not many people will buy it, but this will start the perseption change that the poeple has about nokia

    • MS 31684

      Don’t knw how people in US has perception abt Nokia but as far as I know they never built any bad phones…built quality has always been good…they were beaten in smartphone just bcos of limitation of Symbian…they got better OS in terms of windows phone and they are back on track…

    • shenzhen2112

      920 users just have to be more aloof and pretentious, and need to start hanging around Starbucks more. Then and only then will it be the top selling phone.

  • suyash

    I want the 920 really bad …when will it come to india ?????

  • Mike

    I just bought a 920, upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy SIII. It really is a revelation, stats do not do the Nokia justice. I’d completely forgotten the thing that made Nokia great in the past , build quality. After only a day my wife forced me to upgrade her iphone to a 820, which is a very impressive phone in its own right , and I woudn’t be surprised to see it be the surprise best seller.

    • cool story bro………….

      I fly to work on a pig called Henry…………….

      • That wasn’t even remotely funny.

        • my Wp really suuuks no games and apps

        • pdexter

          No games and no apps is a bit rich when it got over 110 000 apps and it’s growing fastest on software of any platform.

          People jumped on Android and iOS when Symbian had well over 20 000 apps and iOS had non for much over year or two. iOS has always had more apps than Android.

          Myself picked Lumia 920 just yesterday and loving it. Android UI was is kind of the poor mans smartphone like Symbian was back in the days. Though did love iOS, just getting boring.

        • yes. i got bored by iOS in a year but it’s good anyway. Android freezes me the hell out with it’s dual-core that i would trash it in a few months. i really like people say there is no app on windows phone. and the NO is a joke that makes me lol. in fact, the numbers of apps doesnt mean quality at all. Android users arent poor at all as i see they have to upgrade their phone every year or every seasons to keep it up not freeze that much. and the money they used for the Samsungs mostly gone to make promotions for their next products as i guess. i dont even bother to check the producing cost of those galaxies cuz i can see it with their resell values as the day i wanna resell my galaxy note after a few of its released. And the retail price of them always drop in just a few weeks then keep dropping every other week. After a very short period, the devices in peoples hand are not cool anymore and they want a newer one. Very impressive strategy of Samsung. I’m here in Hong Kong, and the funniest thing i see here is. There are some people are holding with a phone line that with 5+ years contract with the carrier. lol Still want a Samsung?

        • Lol

          Nice story. When are we getting chapter 2?

  • Russell M

    i cant wait to get this phone, awesome, and to the people complaining about carriers, stop whining, switch carriers or buy it unlocked. Sweet phone.

    • Lol

      Hey idiot. Even unlocked it won’t work with certain towers

      • Russell M

        hey moron, thats your problem buddy, your such a baby, go cry to mommy

  • jim

    The fact the phone is strictly with AT&T is all that keeps me from getting this phone. MY girlfriend has the S3 and the 920 is clearly the better phone. I currently have an iphone 4 and have to restrain myself each day not to throw it through the wall. Nokia will be the world leader in handsets again by the end of 2015. This is only the start. However, AT&T was a terrible choice. Their customer service is horrendous and I refuse to leave Verizon for AT&T.

    • whatsa2

      This is a limited exclusive… you may find after the holidays it will be everywhere
      It is rumoured to be short so if you dont want to buy …it wont be too long.