iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak impersonators target iPhone 5

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 11, 2012

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a number of smartphone websites warning users about those that claim to have an iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5, or in fact any iOS 6 jailbreak for a number of iDevices, and this warning had been given thanks to news websites wanting to make it clear that there’s no iOS 6 jailbreak just yet. This fact hasn’t stopped certain websites from claiming to hold the ability to provide an iPhone 5 jailbreak among other things, but in just about all cases they ask for money, which is one of the first signals pointing to a lie.

We’ve explained previously that donations are not accepted by any Dev Team member, and this news has made its way to some jailbreaking newbies, but this just made the scammers try a little harder and come out with more inventive ideas. These ideas include trying to build a social profile that makes them look like they hold an iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 5 and 4S, which has been seen on Twitter when those that really are in the “closed-circle” start to warn others about fakers. This can lead to a tweet war, but if you know the members of the Dev Team then it makes it easier to spot fakers.

You might remember the tweet below that talks about the so-called closed-circle of people that have access to the current failbreak, which we spoke about in our earlier article, and also pointed out the silence seen with well-known Twitter user pod2g. More proof there’s no iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak right now comes after looking again at the @pod2g profile, which has still remained silent since the message below from almost 3 weeks ago. If there had been a release of a working iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak for iPhone 5, then you can bet that pod2g would have tweeted about it.

Impersonators target newbies with an iPhone 5 – we’ve had a few emails from our readers claiming some websites state there’s an iOS 6 jailbreak available right now for iPhone 5, which the people making these claims are reportedly impersonating well-known members of the closed-cicle with access to the failbreak. You don’t need to look far to find some hoax websites that look pretty authentic, and some are even trying to pass-off as people like Pod2g and other DEV-TEAM members, which is another reason why we’d love to see the official Twitter account of Pod2g post a simple update about this situation. Have you seen any websites claiming to have an untethered iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak, and if so what made you realize it had been a fake?

Knowing when a working iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak has released – our recommendation to you is to simply keep an eye on a couple of Twitter accounts, which include @iphone_dev and @pod2g. We’d always point out to PR readers that jailbreaking is at the users risk, but at the same time if anyone asks for money to deliver an iOS 6 jailbreak just don’t do it. The chances are you’ll run into problems, and you can even see on the official DEV-TEAM website it states donations are not allowed and any counterclaim is “lying“. It is also worth looking at the list of Twitter users on the DEV-TEAM website, which are certainly worth following for updates as they work towards an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1.

Jumping shipyesterday we touched on a growing number of people that are thinking about moving to Android, which is thanks to the openness they seek and how long it is taking to release an iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5/4S. This even included people that have a number of Apple products and have been fans for years, and while our article noted people that shared this feeling of desertion, it is also worth pointing out that the majority of users have patience.

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  • luzcall

    Apple will sell millions of devices if they allow this hackers to easily access some of the exploitations in the IOS 6.01
    I Can’t wait to jailbreak my 3 iphone 5s freaking boring without any tweaks

    • Jason

      Dude Apple conned you 3 times? Lawl.

  • prosper mbonea

    The problem is having an unjailbreaking iphone bored a lot I have an iphone 4s 64gb but am tired with it, used to enjoy those tweaks frm cydia, now I get galaxy s3 and I forget about iphone. Mayb will be back when the jailbreaking comes but here I know was wrong abt this galaxy! Apple sucks the galaxy comes with a lot of options and tweaks! Wonder why Apple they shouldn’t learn from the dev chronic team and comes with those we found in cydia!

  • Gangster

    Their are the real people

  • Gangster

    Well I’m waiting for pod2g and the team for the jailbreak

  • True Apple Fan

    Wow I can’t believe any of you people above me. Your tired of waiting for a free software that jailbreaks your phone that comes from people that work extremely hard to release it for you free of charge? By all means switch to android you don’t deserve an iPhone for bring such a selfish snob

    • Don

      People switch to android because iPhone sucks without jailbreak and its over priced. Only dumb and backward thinking people stay behind.

  • Ip5sux withoutJB

    I like apples hardware, but hate the lockdown situation we are all in with the current lack of jailbreak. Still, I suppose it makes the apple genius job easier (or not, as they would just turn you away if it was jailbroken). I have an iPad 3, the new iPad, not the new new iPad, the one that came before the 4. But I also have an iPhone 5. The 2 together are good, but the who,e cloud link between the 2 is coming under threat by not having a jailbreak on the iPhone. I wish I had stayed with the iPhone 4 at the moment. I really miss iblacklist and thepersonalisation of the phone. Time is ticking for me and the iphone5. I already have a potential buyer lined up and am hovering on a galaxy. As time ticks on I find myself looking at the larger screen and justifying the jump. I only over to the 5 for the camera, the lowly 4 camera didn’t hack it. But despite liking the camera on the 5, the whole phone upgrade actually feels like a downgrade. Factor in the issue with the updated Bluetooth standard that apple slipped into its 6 and the incompatable problems that came with using my pioneer in car stereo, and all in all it is a sour experience.i will miss the cloud links between my devices , but right this moment I am seriously considering moving to Samsung for my phone. After so long with apple, there is nobody more surprised than me to hear that.

  • Breezyb

    I’ve considered moving on to android because I’m tired of waiting. I have A 3GS, 4s, and 5. I rooted a kindle fire a month back and questioned why I even mess with apple anymore, the answer was only for when its jailbroken. I have looked into getting a goophone i5 ( Chinese version of the iphone 5 that runs android). I have also considered getting a galaxy s3 as some of my friends went that route and are having more fun than me right now. I’m a die hard apple fan so these words hurt to say. Please hurry, the wait is actually hurting apples business.

  • jackoldbury

    i am so impatient for a jailbreak, i know they are trying their hardest but it has been nearly 2 months now, really want them to hurry up! hope the jailbreak for my iphone 4s comes sometime soon