GTA V trailer 2 countdown desired

With just days remaining until the GTA V trailer 2 next week, fans are already going crazy with anticipation, with thousands of comments going live on Rockstar’s official website. Fans want to see a GTA 5 trailer 2 countdown, to match the one which Rockstar provided last year for the first Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, but so far the developer has remained silent on the chances of this happening.

You can head to Rockstar’s website here to see the sheer demand that fans are pleading with the developer, over a countdown to kick off for the highly anticipated GTA V trailer 2, which the whole world will undoubtedly be watching. With over three days to go, we still think a countdown will happen, with Rockstar possibly updating their website with the information sometime on Monday.

In case you have forgotten, Rockstar did provide a countdown for the first GTA V trailer on November 2 2011, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t happen again, with the second trailer easily more anticipated than the first. Rockstar are not stupid though and they definitely have someone checking comments on their posts, so they will be well aware that there is high demand for a countdown.

Some of the comments are pretty humorous reading through the list, although Rockstar has warned a few naughty readers who have been caught uploading images from the Game Informer spread, which is now live of course for those willing to pay a fee for it – or obtained via ‘other’ means, like a good portion of the internet inevitably did.

How important is a GTA 5 trailer 2 countdown for you? Would you say it is essential now and almost tradition, since they gave fans a countdown for the first GTA 5 trailer? One thing that we won’t be seeing in the trailer 2 is relationships of any sort, as we can confirm to those that haven’t read the issue, that Rockstar has removed relationships from GTA 5, compared to the relationship elements that were available in GTA IV.

Don’t forget to check out our initial thoughts on the recent GTA 5 GI spread, where we talk about the epic size of the GTA 5 map.



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