GTA V trailer 2 countdown desired

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2012

With just days remaining until the GTA V trailer 2 next week, fans are already going crazy with anticipation, with thousands of comments going live on Rockstar’s official website. Fans want to see a GTA 5 trailer 2 countdown, to match the one which Rockstar provided last year for the first Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, but so far the developer has remained silent on the chances of this happening.

You can head to Rockstar’s website here to see the sheer demand that fans are pleading with the developer, over a countdown to kick off for the highly anticipated GTA V trailer 2, which the whole world will undoubtedly be watching. With over three days to go, we still think a countdown will happen, with Rockstar possibly updating their website with the information sometime on Monday.

In case you have forgotten, Rockstar did provide a countdown for the first GTA V trailer on November 2 2011, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t happen again, with the second trailer easily more anticipated than the first. Rockstar are not stupid though and they definitely have someone checking comments on their posts, so they will be well aware that there is high demand for a countdown.

Some of the comments are pretty humorous reading through the list, although Rockstar has warned a few naughty readers who have been caught uploading images from the Game Informer spread, which is now live of course for those willing to pay a fee for it – or obtained via ‘other’ means, like a good portion of the internet inevitably did.

How important is a GTA 5 trailer 2 countdown for you? Would you say it is essential now and almost tradition, since they gave fans a countdown for the first GTA 5 trailer? One thing that we won’t be seeing in the trailer 2 is relationships of any sort, as we can confirm to those that haven’t read the issue, that Rockstar has removed relationships from GTA 5, compared to the relationship elements that were available in GTA IV.

Don’t forget to check out our initial thoughts on the recent GTA 5 GI spread, where we talk about the epic size of the GTA 5 map.

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  • noob

    idc about the trailer i want the damn game already

  • S11AIM


  • Uchiha Sasuke

    I think they will make 3 trailers one for each character..

  • Uchiha Sasuke

    Skyrim map plus gta gameplay. Does it get anymore perfect?

  • Osama Bin Layden

    silly americans with your slow time here in afghanistan is christmas sucks for you buggers jihad on EST

    • howtospotatroll

      ladies and gentlemen, 4 ways to spot a troll:

      1, they will pick a name they deem to be offensive, and then set about misspelling it.
      2, they will say things they think are offensive and full of meaning, yet to us, we can read that they don’t make sense
      3, they will claim to be a person from some kind of background (in this case, a religion) and then not actually knowing the first thing about being from that BG (they have no idea about Islam)

      4, they will vote up their own comment

      • Dawid Bartel

        Actually i voted that, lol. True indeed.

      • Osama Bin Layden

        Jihad on howtospotatroll

  • Dawid Bartel

    lol, i’m a member of the R* social club …and I swear 70% of the communty are children. Those who are insulting/boycotting or whatever you wanna call it are children. I say ban’em.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      Who’s talking about boycotting?

      • Dawid Bartel

        Look at these commenters on R* club. Pathetic. Everytime I see an official from r* say “those who will (something..) will have their commenting privilages revoked/be banned”

      • Trollface

        Hello good friend. Remember me? Yeah I’m still here. I can’t believe your buying this crappy game, the only good games this generation are halo, gears, and cod

        • Dawid Bartel

          LOL. FTW. Exactly my point. Troll meat please.


    Seriously can’t wait for this game Rockstar is the best gaming company in my opinion.They never let the fans down *cough*Bethesda*cough*.I know this game will blow our minds when i get my hands on that game I’m gonna Buy 2 40 oz Old English and enjoy the with GTA.

    • Dawid Bartel

      Holla at ya’ for the name. R.I.P.

    • RAGE463

      You had me at R* being the best developers, but when u mentioned the 40s of O.E I laughed hard outta relevance! Great minds think alike. Hit me up if you gotta PS3 RAGE463

  • I’m feeling we may get some really kickass things in this trailer! Hopefully they showcase more dogs , weapons and maybe some characters.

  • im cant wait but i think its a shame u cant buy property whats the point of making shed loads of money and cant buy out.

    • Dawid Bartel

      how about, we get an illegal car sale? We most likely will as fran..what was the name of the black dude? Is involved in that “shady business”

    • Saurabh

      we have got many other ways to spent our money and take part in games economy …Have you read the full article of game informer..?

  • giggity

    i think 1 PM GMT

  • IchiYamamoto

    I’m all for the countdown. It’ll be just like the first trailer. Especially with the game sites reporting live with the countdown as well as giving their synopsis. It was a historical moment because, it wasn’t just me. It showed that this game was bigger than anything else at the moment.

  • blab

    They have an amazing game and like a child’s playground no one is sharing

  • GTA V Bigger Then RDR SA And GTA IV Combined… I still find that unbelivable. How is that possible?

    • Shahir


      • dicks

        Only level 7 fairys can do this. Get on my level!

    • Darren

      it’s called “game design”. kinda important in a game’s design.

    • Uknown

      How is that possible?? Easy! a new game engine buddy. Rcokstar confirmed so in the new game informer mag thats out.

      • S3R6i0

        It’s the same engine that’s been tweaked and worked on over the years. I’m much more excited about the scope of the city than a significant improvement in visuals.

    • i know i agree with you bro! but that unknown dude is right , rockstar did confirm that they had a brand new game engine that would further their graphics for V

      • Dawid Bartel

        I got to say though…its not graphics..its the size we talking about (lol). But seriously, it’s up to the system capabilities, and I got to say…PS3 and xbox have LOTS more to offer then.

    • ladzofinsurrection

      Their Rockstar that’s how 😀

    • Scroogy

      Thats the exterior AND interior enviroments added together

    • Kev.

      With Rockstar, anything is possible.

    • ®Black Ranger

      Ikr. I can’t wait to play though if it is possible.

  • Darren

    What time is it released GMT time

  • I don’t really see a point in a countdown when we already know the date!! Gamers have waited this long for a second trailer, so they can patiently wait for the 2nd trailer to be released