Black Ops 2 Zombies Easter Egg debatable

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2012

With Black Ops 2 zombies due out in just a few days, the leaks are continuing to pour out online, with many gamers already having access to the new zombies mode after picking up the game early. We have previously kept you up to date with a list of zombie guns and pack a punch upgrades, but now we have the first details on what you can expect to see with one of the various Black Ops 2 Zombie Easter Eggs that have been planted in the game by Treyarch.

Let’s get the good news out of the way first. We can tell you that Black Ops 2 zombies is going to have multiple Easter Eggs, depending on whether you are playing the game in basic Survival mode, or the brand new Tranzit mode which is the exciting new open world adventure featuring the zombie bus driver.

There are going to be two hidden Easter Egg songs to find in both Tranzit and Survival, so look away now if you don’t want to hear how to activate them. We’ve done our research and found out that players will need to find and activate teddy bears in each of the maps, in order to get the hidden song playing. Last time, it was small alien meteorites that had been planted in Black Ops 1, but now the teddy bears are back in collectible format.

In Tranzit at least, we can tell you that there are three teddy bears locations to find. The first one is easy enough, as it is located at the Bus Station area, lying on a bench ready for you to find. The next teddy bear is situated in the Farm area, upstairs from the fridge and lying on a blanket – again just press X to activate. Finally, the last teddy bear can be found in the Town area and beside the pool table, where the Stamin Up perk machine is located.

If you have done the three steps correctly, the song will play and it is none other than dubstep artist Skrillex – with the song ‘I’mma try it out’ featuring Alvin Risk. Whether you like Skrillex or not though is debatable, but it appears that this is yet another instance where developers feel that putting dubstep music into their games is automatically a win win situation.

Is dubstep a good choice though for the Black Ops 2 Zombies easter egg song? The good news though, if you don’t like dubstep generally, is that there is another secret Easter Egg song in Survival mode, which is more rock and metal based and in-tune with previous genres that we have heard in older zombies maps on Black Ops 1. Again, you’ll have to find Teddy Bears to activate again, but we’ll let you find the locations for this one this time.

Just to remind you, these are just details on the musical Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs for now. There is going to be a separate main Zombies Easter Egg to unlock the Tower of Babble achievement. So far, we don’t think anyone has cracked it, but feel free to send us an email if you have already managed to.

Back to the matter at hand though – are you a fan of Skrillex and should his music be one of the Easter Eggs or not?

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  • Shawn

    I FOUND THE FIRST STEP TOTHE TOWER OF BABEL!!!! I need 3 EXPERIENCED players to help, because its in the middle of the corn field. YOU NEED FOUR TURBINES UNDER THE TOWER!!!! I saw a table there at some point, but I’m not sure. If we can keep 3 or 4 walkers alive, crawlers fall behind quickly and bleed out quicker now. My gamertag is “Xecho115X”. If I can find 3 people with good guesses on what’s next, that would be amazing. However, the four of us need to cooperate. When we place the turbines, LISTEN CLOSELY. Maxis will tell us we need more power. And more. And more. I heard richtofen rant once after turning on the power, but it was the middle of a round. Chat and fighting blurred the sound out. That’s all I got. But those rants must be closely followed. They may hint at the next step. If you read this far, thank you. And add me on Xbox so we can get to work. I’m on the east coast and will be availible from 1;50-5:00 pm. I’m short on time during the week and I apologize. But I want to get as far as I can and spread the word

  • jogglypuff

    get your facts straight. Songs aren’t and Easter egg. They’ve been part of the game. And they’ve been teddy bears before

  • This is the level that it’s played in. youtube(DOT)com/watch?v=OobNVVLTSrg

  • Fluffydaunicorn.

    Skrillex is a good artist, but is wayyyy overrated.
    But I must say I’ve been waiting for this song to come out since march.

  • Stefan

    nearly got to the end of tower of babble, built a navigational table but have the incorrect card for it…

    • JK

      Can u do the Easter egg by ur self

      • Dalek

        Yeah, can you do it by yourself?

        • xlecx

          no, you need 4 people for both of them.

  • ben

    And by the looks of it more maps are planned as tgey show a world map with only 1 area selectable more to come me thinks

  • ben

    Tranzit is challenging trust me it ain’t easy theres alot to do and lots of traveling and building to access areas

  • Thomas5473

    In tranzit there are many buildables and when you start building the first one when you get to the last part a voice says thats it now finnish the device then later on when you the power on you see an electric zombie in the middle once the powers on the voice tells you to turn the power back off thats all i kno

  • The music will probably make me Rush and shoot like Hell, but it seriously in my opinion doesn’t fit as much as the songs from the previous one. :S.