Samsung Galaxy Note 2 apps on SD card desired

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 10, 2012

You won’t find much to complain about if you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and initial reviews have been mostly positive, which has led to users shouting from roof tops about how good the 5.5-inch handset is, but there are some improvements wanted by Galaxy Note 2 owners. While it’s almost perfect, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 needs an improvement when it comes to using apps on an SD card. This has led to users looking for ways to move apps onto an SD card, or at least force new installations on portable storage.

One solution on offer to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners is to root their device, and we also hear other users trying to help out by suggesting apps like Apps2SD, Link2SD, and a popular option of configuring “directory blind“. This seems to be a problem with Android Jelly Bean and one user states they keep getting error messages, which state “not enough memory to update your apps“. This particular Galaxy Note 2 owner returned their handset to a local store thanks to not being able to use apps on an SD card, and claim it is an issue with most Samsung smartphones.

The importance of an SD card with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – until Samsung/Google allow apps to be used from SD cards it seems some people think an external SD card size “is pointless“, and explain that buying “a big SD card is silly if you can’t use apps from it“. It is fair to say that some people will use a lot of data and media from SD cards, so for these users it will be a life line, but we do understand the frustration some people might be feeling about the lack of support for apps and SD cards on the Galaxy Note 2.

Would you like to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 support the use of apps from SD cards? There are a few solutions and these can be used in most cases after rooting your device, although this isn’t for everyone and some people want support right out-of-the-box. You can also read about the Galaxy Note 2 releasing on AT&T yesterday here, which also includes some release details for Verizon, although those of you that still are unsure might want to see how the Galaxy Note 2 compares to some rivals in an earlier article.

If you want a smartphone with a screen size over 5-inches you will have a problem finding something better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, in our opinion, although for now feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Phone lover

    It’s been 2 weeks since I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and i’m already down to 2 gigs of space. Google needs to fix this problem for people who don’t want their phone to be rooted.

  • fixthisshit

    seriously retarded!!! what a bunch of morons…not to mention the fact that if I root my phone it voids my warranty good solution.

  • lmthihaZ

    Can anybody tell me how to lock my external sd card in note 2 samsung galaxy

  • android0979

    Stupid that yhey would limit this especially with only 16gb internal.

  • aneth

    i have this phone so excited to use this and download some app but too sad that my 32gb is pointless or USELESS rather because i cant transfer or move some app to sd card i tried app2sd but its not working either the link2sd i already root my phone, partition mg sd card but its not working either pls pls pls HELP us here everthing is ok at note 2 but this one is not.. pls let google unblocked this moving thingy to sd

  • mrz0gs

    Soulution = root 🙂

  • Roy

    Whether or not someone would “NEED” to use apps from the SD card is not the point to ponder. Why would Samsung or any other manufacturer for that reason, limit the phones capabilities, that is the point to ponder. Why is it that these “Highly Educated” engineers working for these companies can’t utilize the hardware that is in the phone and make the OS capable of tapping the phones full potential. How can some kid sitting at his 10″ lap top pop out a code that smokes the manufacturers code, and he unlocks the phones complete capabilities. This would be like having a laptop with USB ports on it and not being able to run a simple program from the thumb drive. It makes no sense to me.

  • Sarah

    I too am waiting for the 32 and 64GB versions of the Note II and I did try the first one out (16GB) only to find I can’t possibly use less than the max for the memory. If I have the smartphone on a 2-yr contract that’s a small amount of memory for anyone I suppose. Even with the expandable card it’s ridiculous to use a card and expect people to be happy with a smaller internal memory. This was supposed to be my workhorse phone but they just don’t want people to get the full use out of it I guess. That smartphone was supposed to replace a camera, sketchbook, and to show off my work. My files are large for video and 3D models. Granted I can render them smaller but there comes a point when you must have more memory. Why can’t I purchase the 64GB version for crying out loud? Does Samsung not want my money?

    In Canada they’ve confirmed the release of the 32GB phone along with the 16GB as well. Why would they not sell the other versions to a large US market? Are they waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? With the price and capabilities of this smart phone Samsung is cutting their own throat through limiting the memory. I’m looking at other phones not made by Samsung to see if any will work. If they wait any longer to confirm the release date for their other versions in the US – they’ll lose my business period.

    • meridian

      Ummm, no they haven’t confirmed a release of the 32GB phone. We’re in the dark as much as everyone else. Where are you getting your information?!

  • JoshamusDesimus

    I will be transferring all of my music and videos and pics to the sd card. All the Apps can stay on the device. The use of an SD card that is 64 gb will come in handy if you have 2000 songs and a few videos.

  • fz

    apps are not transferable in note 1 also micro sd card slot is use less in samsung

  • Perfectphone?

    Wow, this makes the One X+’s 64g of internal memory look a whole lot better than the option of having an SD card. Funny, the no SD card thing has been looked at as a fail on the one x+.

  • Rob

    I’m not sure if phone manufacturer’s don’t allow apps to SD because they simply want more money out of us, if you install certain apps to SD such as ones that often run in the background like social networking ones that allow instant messaging etc, it can cause your phone to be very unstable and keep rebooting its self.

  • GIJoeHole

    I don’t udnerstand the issue, there is 16GB of flash on board. Do you really have 16GB of Apps? Most people don’t, it seems like music and video must be taking all of that space, move THAT to the SD card. What am I missing?

    • RGA

      The average game application is probably about 600MB and some almost 2GB, so 16GB of internal memory for most people is nowhere near enough.

      • Skully

        What have you been smoking on that short bus? A 600 MB app? A 2G app??? And this is?
        Most apps I download are between 1MB-40MB….the rare game that is over 100MB…I don’t need.

        • RGA

          GTA3 =622MB GTR Hyundai =728MB Horn =1.7GB Max Payne =1.37 GB Asphalt 7 =1.74GB Bombshells =412MB, There’s plenty more big apps too.

        • Dan

          Writing from Note2 now. 11gig internal actually available. Just bought Bsrds Tale, 3.4 gigs just for that. 5 gigs free one day after I got my phone, with no way to tranfer to a cards 🙁

        • RGA

          The Bards Tale is supposed to be 1.7GB? Have you recently downloaded an update for it? It looks like it has double written the data somehow. I had exactly the same problem when I updated Nova3. I was not impressed so deleted it for now. I think it’s a Jellybean issue that many people are having, but not actually realising it is happening to them. I would advise anyone particularly with a Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note, to check in their applications through the settings and check after updating large games. Only way around the problem now is to reinstall it, but then you lose any saves you had.


          For this o will never buy android again. My only option: windows phone 🙁

        • Scutter

          The Dark Knight Rises is 2.26GB. They get bigger and bigger all the time 🙂

        • JoshamusDesimus

          well i dont play any apps that are that big. thats what i have a laptop for. or a PC at the house. This is a phone people.


          You’re a complete moron.

      • For most people? MOST people use their phones and especially their Note 2 to do BUSINESS related tasks. The market that this phone is aimed at is not children, or adults who act like children, who want to play ‘games’ all day on their phones. It is aimed at a sophisticated ADULT market. Grow up! Like many others. I have an absolute ton of aps on my device that I actually USE to do my job better, communicate better, live better. It’s an effin smart-phone for god’s sake – and the next time I sit next to a moron on the tram who is staring gormlessly at some ‘game’ I think I might remove his brain via his nostrils. What scares the hell out me is that these ‘game’ players are going to be parents. ”Yes Mary, this is how Daddy kills 1000 Asians in his ‘game’ before breakfast.”

    • JoshamusDesimus

      i just commented above and then i scroll down and see your comment. I totally agree, what kinda apps are you guys using and at least they allow you to have it expandable to 64gb. iPhone is the same price for a 16gb LOCKED with no expansion.

    • jimmy

      I totally agree with you. i have the note 2 and have a stupid amount of apps (uses 7 screens of icons) and it takes up only 1.9GB. My music and vids are on the 64gb card so no issues. I think most people want it to work with apps even although they don’t need it, just that they can’t is the part thats annoying them. try buying an apple and really find out what restricted means

  • sanjay

    Bought this phone(Galaxy note2) on 4th of Oct, everything else is very good,but when I wanted to transfer newly installed applications and videos to micro sd card, the phone would not allow.Very frustrated, why should samsung provide external memory slot of 64 gb, this is fooling people. They must provide a simpler way out rather than rooting to general users for convenience.and goodwill.

    • DUDE

      you can transfer videos, you won’t be able to transfer applications due to the limits of jelly bean.


      Man I bought the galaxy tab 7.7 instead of an iPad and the main reason was expandable storage. I was so angry when I found out the hard way that android no longer supports apps on the sd. I mean why go backwards? And omg, the amount of morons who say they can move apps to the sd just because they blindly defend android. Enraging.

    • alvin

      I totally agree. Im having the same problem now. Also I had a app where I needed some pics on a hidden file on the sd card. The phone didnt even recognize it. My external card seems useless.

  • fAnNy

    This is why i want to know if they are going to release in a future the samsung galaxy note 2, 32 gb version. I’m very frustated because i whant this phone so bad, and im waiting for something that i don’t even know if they are going to sell in the united stated. Yes, in Asia (don’t remember the name of the place) the company is selling the 32 gb and the 64gb version. But what about the United States? They don’t even confirm or say something new about it, you just find that the web sites  assure that you would not even think about the internal storage because of the extra microsd card of 64gb.  And what about all this problems to transfer the apps to the sd card…  aaaaa 
    ANYONE knows something? about the 32 version?  i have like 2 months searching, investigating and waiting for any news……

    • Awele Okolo

      The country you are looking for is Korea. I feel like Samsung just made empty promises regarding the 32BG and 64GB. I’m so tied of waiting for these models to be released elsewhere since I can’t. Fly to Korea. I’m NOT buying the 16GB ever. Its a rip-off as far as I’m concerned.
      Isn’t it criminal to advertise to customers a product you won’t provide? I’m extremely disppointed in Samsung.

  • cells phone just want money they use us to get what they what