HP 2000-bf69WM 15.6-inch laptop, review of specs

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2012

Are you prepared for the massive influx of holiday deals that will come your way during the busy Thanksgiving period? If so, you’ll probably find this HP 2000-bf69WM review of specs useful, which are from a HP 15.6-inch laptop that would be an ideal gift for a loved one this holiday season. If you ask consumers what their preference product is during the holiday sales, a lot of them will probably say a new laptop comes first before anything else. Year after year we see various laptop models sell with crazy discounts, with retailers and manufacturers loving the win win situation in terms of an extra boost in sales and also another boost to brand awareness.

HP laptops are likely to be a very popular item during the holiday sales and one such laptop that we have information on for you now is the HP 2000-BF69WM 15.6-inch laptop, which is an exclusive product to Walmart. It is a mid-level laptop with decent specifications, starting with a AMD-based Dual-Core E-450 accelerated processor at 1.65Ghz.

The RAM is impressive at 4GB, while there will also be plenty of storage available with a 320GB hard drive. The display features BrightView LED-backlit display technology, while semi-hardcore gaming will also be possible with a AMD Radeon HD 6320 discrete-class graphics card on board – anything is better than the dreaded Intel integrated graphics of course.

In terms of connectivity features, there are suitable options available to you, with 3 USB ports and a VGA cable. However, it is really disappointing to see that there is no HDMI port on this laptop, which is a big blow for those of you who like to hook the PC up to a television for viewing media content on a larger display.

With that in mind, we can only recommend this laptop to those who do not require a HDMI out port. Other than that, it is a perfectly good laptop for the budget price that you will pay and a perfect gift for children or family members that require a basic laptop.

At the moment, the device currently ships with Windows 7, but our insider sources have told us that Walmart’s Black Friday 2012 ads will deliver a special deal for this laptop for around $280, and they claim it will be running Windows 8 and not the older software for the HP 2000-bf69WM model picked up during this holiday season. We also hear that another model will join this one with a slightly different number, 2000-bf89WM, so we’ll be sure to hunt down more info on both these models in the coming days. If you have any tips about the specs then leave a comment below.

That is another good reason why this laptop may be a steal during the holiday season – low price, Windows 8 and decent performance with a dual-core processor and satisfactory graphics card for gaming. Let us know if you are considering this laptop, or indeed if you have already purchased one. Would you recommend it to other buyers or not?

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  • I bought this @ Walmart on Thanksgiving night….one week old and already deleting my apps on its own….makes clunking noises from inside the computer like it’s trying to load a disc…called support—I got a bad computer..bringing it back today!

  • tamara

    my husband got me this pc for Christmas… gave it to me early, (do to the 15 day return policy.) I have been using it for a few days trying to get used to the new window 8… I have seen some glitches… overall I like the computer, but do worry about the little glitches… still trying to decide if returning it would be a wise choice…

  • Trish Secord

    I purchased this computer at 10:00 PM on Thanksgiving evening, in Pine City Minnesota. I brought it home to Fayetteville Arkansas and plugged it in on Sunday, November 25. I experienced a fan that continuously squealed like a stuck pig, CPU that bogged down the internet and I did a performance reading that gave me a 3.3 out of 9.9.
    I exchanged it at Walmart in Fayetteville AR with no questions asked. Very nice customer service.
    I will be returning the second one for my money back. This one locks up while on the internet. It also has the high CPU problem which bogs it down. And, it has a white, vertical, flasing line on the screen.
    Remember…you only have 15 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange.

  • happywithhp

    We bought this weekend on the black friday sale at Walmart. We where able to get the 4gb and the 320 hard drive. I havent opened it yet as it is a Christmas gift for our daugher and will be perfect for her and school. She is in high school. We know we have to add some works etc to it to make it perfect for her. I have an older HP and love it! It has worked great for me and been working everyday for the last 4 years no problems! This is our third HP product! We also had a old dino desk top which still worked but got rid off due to the new lap tops. This will be our first AMD product.

    • I suggest you open it and try it before your 15 day grace period for return

  • EDY

    3 Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0

    1 VGA (15-pin)

    1 RJ-45 (LAN)

    1 Headphone-out

    1 Microphone-in

  • sadden PC consumer

    I just brought this laptop on black Friday. Im glad I opened it before Christmas. I realized that I have to pay to get Microsoft home. I really need a pc with Microsoft so I can do papers and reports so to me sounds like this is a take back



    • pandora

      I jusst bought it too and did some research. It does have both a dvd burner and a memory card reader.

  • medanielson09

    Actually the one walmart sells on black friday is only 1.30ghz processor speed and only comes with a AMD-300.

    • Wexinator

      On Side of Box, it reads “DVD Optical Drive”.

  • tracy69r

    My computer just had its 3rd birthday, and started acting out. When I bought it only Vista was out, (Windows 7 came out a month later). I recieved a upgrade to window 7 from HP. They have done me no favors. I had to reinstall my operatin system last month. My recovery disc are not reconized,my window 7 disc from HP is not conidered authentic by windows,my recovery partition D cannot recover anything, and windows wants me to buy a new operating system, HP wants me to pay them to put vista back on my system. This was my work computer, I am losing hundreds of dollars each week from this mess. DO NOT BUY HP PRODUCTS!!!! The tech said the Windows 7 disc was a piggy back of vista and only good once.(Whch was never disclosed). I now have to save up to get a new computer so I can work (Now that is an awful Catch 22). My computer is only 3 years old, and they refuse to provide support. My computer will by shut down by Microsoft on the 22 because they say the HP Window 7 disc is not authentic. BEWARE when you purchase from HP, especially when they offer upgrades. This is a sham. I will never buy HP products again.

    • Pete

      Can you slap win 8 in it?

  • Nicholas M

    I use this PC. It’s just modern enough to not fall behind for a couple more years. It’s 64-bit; has pretty nice AMD/ATI graphics capabilities; I can compile Android on it with fairly decent speed, despite it being on the lower end of dual core architectures today. I used Windows 7 on it for a while, but when I got more into development, I dedicated the machine to Ubuntu-Linux 12.04.1-which brings me to my last point. If you are thinking of buying this just for the hardware, and plan to slap Linux on it for a primary OS, do your research, and make sure it can meet your needs. Linux does work on these machines, however, they do have some quirks with proprietary drivers, mostly due to the Radeon Graphics. I do have it setup fairly nice now; but there were many headaches leading up to this point. I still have unexpected quirks every now and then, but for my power needs,(compiling code) and basic needs, (web-browsing, open-office documents, watching movies, etc..) I’d say I’m fairly pleased. The price is what makes it feel this advanced, as well as this tolerable, though. Its about a 6.5 or 7.0 on a 10 scale. Not bad.