Wii U’s gigantic power block isn’t cool

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2012

You have probably seen plenty of Nintendo Wii U unboxing videos in the past, but perhaps you haven’t seen one as good as this. Nintendo’s very own CEO Satoru Iwata has decided to do the honors himself, unboxing the Wii U premium pack for the very first time.

This isn’t an unboxing video as such, but rather an ‘unboxing ceremony’ as dubbed by the great man himself. Available from November 18, the Premium Pack will offer a lot more than what the Basic Wii U package brings you, for a higher price of $349. Although it has to be said that the list of extras are not great, Nintendo will be throwing in 32GB of internal storage, stands for the GamePad and console, a subscription to Nintendo Network and a copy of Nintendo Land.

Iwata has decided to provide a humorous, but still very professional insight into what you’ll be exactly getting with the premium console and we only wish that Sony and Microsoft do something like this when revealing their next-gen PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles – imagine an unboxing video with Kevin Butler (if he’s still available).

Apart from the fun and games from Iwata, there isn’t really too much excitement on offer here, but there is one fairly big talking point that may alarm you. You would think that one of the priorities for Nintendo, would be to reduce the size of the power pack from the Wii, to the Wii U.

However, it appears that they have done the opposite, as you’ll see in the video that the console requires a gigantic power block, which really does no favors to the overall style of the console. We’re sure we speak for many gamers in saying that a big grey power block wasn’t really supposed to be a talking point about the Wii U, and although some of you may say that it doesn’t really matter – we think it does.

If smartphones are cutting back on size and weight on each release, why can’t we see the same with Nintendo’s big power blocks? There’s even a fairly sizable second power block, which is required for the GamePad as well. Watch the video for yourself and let us know if we have got it all wrong here.

Do you have a problem with the big power block or not? We really do love this style of unboxing though – let’s hope Nintendo keeps up the tradition with new hardware releases.

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  • Darknut

    The power block is still smaller than what even the Xbox 360 S or whatever the newest model is, uses. So why are people making a fuss?

  • Teddy Tiny Tim

    who cares about a power brick xbox when is huge, but no one ever pays attention to it, as long as it does its job im okay how big it is

  • Trollface

    The WIIU isn’t cool in general.
    Wii – Gay plumber dude. Ps3 – Retarded racoon Xbox – Badass Master chief
    Xbox wins!

  • Kronecker

    The block goes behind my entertainment cabinet, and I’ll never see it again. Who cares. I’d rather have a smaller system with a big block, than a big system with no block (I’m talking about you, original Xbox)

  • sonicfan1373

    It is not too much of a problem, I’d rather have the brick outside anyways. Putting the power supply inside the system would cause more heating issues and would make the system bigger. I think the general size increase of the brick is because the Wii U consumes more electricity than Wii. To me the power brick is a non-issue.

  • jason shaw

    it cant be any worse than the 360 the console is massive and the power supply ,OMG its got its own generator

  • teknik1200

    oh wow, talk about picking nits.

    that brick will not be seen behind my entertainment wall unless it’s 8 meters long.

    • Hahaha xD Imagine if it where to be bought separatly because in fact it is 10 x 10 feet tall xD hahahaha omg.

  • Korgoth

    I don’t care about the block. It’s not like I’ll see it after it’s hidden behind my tv stand with all my other cords.

    At least it’s not one of those awful AC adaptors that the SNES and Genesis used back in the day! Was that a two prong outlet? Oh, wait, this one giant block may only be using one plug, but blocks the other with it’s girth!

    While it is drawing more power than the Wii did, it’s significantly more energy efficient than either the PS3 or 360. If you don’t have to pay the power bill, that may not matter, but when you are…

  • Troll be trolling…

    Who the f^^^^ is gonna see the power block. I mean did you see the xbox 360 first power block???

  • Guest

    Troll br trolling…

    Who the f^^^^ is gonna see the power block. I mean did you see the xbox 360 first power block???

  • Oh yes, please tell me more how a power brick that isn’t normally in view and is thrown under or behind something is negatively affecting this console… I’ve played around 20hrs with the Wii U before and the power brick is the least of its worries. Good luck with your bias agenda product-reviews, seems like I’ll be continuing my search for a website to get gaming news without the paid bias.

  • brainpann

    Seriously, you’re harping about the power brick? Really grasping at straws on this one….

  • PS_Trooper

    Console size is very small (almost as big as Wii). If there was no power brick, console would be much bigger then.

  • Jeff

    If I were going to put it in my pocket like a smartphone, maybe it would matter. But if it’s going to be sitting by my tv where I’ll never see it anyways, I’ll take it as a cost-cutting measure any day.

  • dudus

    There are reasons why they made it bigger though. I know probably a little more than I should about analog electronics, and smaller is not always better. Quality power supply diodes, capacitors, and the transformer (ac/dc stepdown converter) always use larger parts because well… There simply has not been that much of a push in technology to shrink it. Look inside any high quality home amplifier and you will see what I mean. All those $500+ home av units are huge, and the reason why is because the components inside are quite large because it’s a higher quality signal and is made for a maximum life span. Mind you just as a note that the xbox 360 brick has always been notoriously humongous as well. Also think about the last time you seen a bad Wii power brick. It’s all in the name of quality. Also the reason why it’s not set up to be closer to the wall or game system is for reduction of noise on the line.

    • Korgoth

      Interesting point. I had never thought that there was a technical reason we have gone back to these power bricks in the middle of the cord from the AC adaptors of the SNES/Genesis era, and the huge block that plugged into the back of the N64.

      I always had loved my old Atari 400 cause it’s power cord only took up one spot on a power strip. Those stupid AC adaptors could cover between 2 and 4 depending on placement.

  • Daneil

    It’s going to sit behind my theater stand. I could care less if it weighs 15 pounds and is pink, Ill never see it. Just give me my wii U now and Ill shut the hell up…

  • Bm

    Useless article seriously. Let this amazing console get the glory it deserves. Plus, if you look closely the power block is actually pretty damn thin which can allow a more convinient storage rather than having it more condensed and rectangular..so voilà! Go nintendo!

  • random

    crap new super mario bros u is going to be ruined because of this block… seriously who could play on a console that has a big block like this that they will probably never see hooked up to their console, this has completely ruined the wii u, it will sell nothing because of this block.

    • teknik1200

      preorder canceled!

  • Paul Phillips

    My XBOX power block is probably about the same size, a bit thinner but a bit longer too it’s no big deal to me I’m used to them by now and I understand after seeing how big the PS3 is why Nintendo would rather the adapter was seperate 🙂

  • ZeeLobby

    This is quite dumb. I have literally never heard of someone complain about this before. With laptops I can understand, since you have to carry those around, but this will sit behind your tv or stand and will never be seen again… Haters gonna hate I guess.

  • kevin dale

    This must be a joke article, tongue in cheek. I refuse to believe this writer ACTUALLY has a problem with the power block size.

    I think he’s winking and making fun of all the other inane Wii U critique articles out there

  • miageekid3

    yea power block will change you’re overall experience not in aesthetics, perhaps the larger size from previous power packs is part of keeping the power consumption down, also reducing the size would increase costs overall Research and development and production costs, therefore overall being sustainable in green power consumption and low cost for the consumer. Its a power pack that sits behind the TV who cares. What a ridiculous, not thought through one sided article.. shoot this writer

  • Its just a power brick! I’m getting the deluxe and 7 games. The last thing I’m worried about is the power cord size!

  • Who cares about a Power Brick –‘. Seriously PR it’s getting anoying to read stupid articles. I loved the video, but it’s unecessary to talk about a Power Brick <<'

    • NgTurbo

      Lovely console, amazing GamePad – had a nice preview of Mario in September.

      I just think it’s a shame that they couldn’t spend a little more effort in reducing the size of that power block. Respect your opinion though, thanks.

      • Lou

        Well, considering the size of the console itself I am not surprised that the brick is that big. If they had reduced the size of the power adapter then the console would have probably been much larger…then you’d have people complaining about that; I’m sure. LOL

      • But honestly what will the powerblock change in your overall experience !?

      • Darknut

        Its smaller than the Xboxs power brick.