Skyrim Dawnguard DLC arrangement for PS3 news

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 9, 2012

We have heard a number of our readers talking about the blocking of Skyrim Dawnguard news for the PS3 DLC, which is understandable considering the amount of time it has been since this downloadable content released on both the Xbox 360 and PC. These conspiracy theories are becoming more common when it comes to certain gamers talking about Dawnguard and Hearthfire seeing a release on PS3, but it looks like this belief has been clarified directly from Pete Hines.

You can see a tweet below that asked Hines if there’s an “arrangement” with Bethesda that stops them revealing news about PS3 Skyrim DLC, which would obviously include Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and the future Dragonborn content. Hines replied with a short tweet explaining there’s “no such thing” in place, so there you have it PR readers, although you’ll have to take his word for it.

This response from Hines amazed some people that he actually answered, and also led to more questions about the confirmed upcoming PlayStation 3 DLC. Some gamers are wondering if the upcoming Skyrim content will be old Xbox 360 DLC, or something new, although Hines didn’t answer these direct questions obviously.

Did you miss the confirmation that the PS3 is getting some Skyrim DLC finally? If you missed the recent tweet in regard to new Skyrim DLC for PC and PS3, then you should see our earlier article that includes the tweet, insight into this tease, and of course some reactions from gamers. What do you expect the new PS3 content to be, and do you still hope Dawnguard will arrive on PS3 or have you moved on?

Bottom-line: No matter what a number of PS3 users say there will be a lot of gamers wanting Dawnguard still on the PS3, and they should considering how much fun we had during our 400+ hour review, but we can’t help but feel that Bethesda has been damaged a lot when it comes to PS3 users having faith in them.

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  • Dxl

    10$ for Dawnguard, and 2.99$ for Hearthfire, and 20$ for Dragonborn, if it doesn’t delay…

  • senator476ad

    I have lost count how many times I have asked that question on Twitter at Hines, and never got an answer. I also asked a few other valid questions too, but those ones would have been a bit more touchy for them to answer…

  • cowill101

    Honestly, at least we know we’re going to get something. I’m surprised that we haven’t caught on with Bethesda’s trend: ultimately, all consoles get all the content, the question is when, and at what quality? Look at Fallout New Vegas for example, the DLC “Lonesome Road” was delayed for all systems and Bethesda generated the same response they’re giving PS3 gamers now, but for Dawnguard and Hearthfire: “We’re working on it,” or “There are a lot of factors, ” etc. One thing is for sure, when the Game of the Year edition releases, you can be sure it will have all of the content (including upcoming DLCs or unannounced DLCs) for all systems.

  • Joe

    If they did truly fix the problem, it would be fitting to give Dragonborn to the PS3 system at least two weeks in advance.
    Just a thought


    why are people bitching they did the same with fallout 3 & NV DLC just look at the ps3 release dates compaired to the 360….and no there will not be a discount unless PS STORE put them in the christmas sale

  • FusRoDah

    All of this could have easily been avoided if Bethesda got the DLC working on the ps3 first and then ported it to Xbox and PC, seeing as for them getting a DLC on time for ps3 is supposedly one of the hardest things known to man. That could have just avoided all the let down fans and would have been fair on all consoles.

    • I totally agree with you, FusRoDah . Bethesda should have enough smarts to make the game for the PS3 first and port it to the Xbox and the PC. The game will run smoothly on the first try. But Microsoft has Bethesda hands tied to using old DOS system. How is Bethesda going to grow with Microsoft holding them back on a short leash.

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    • Trollhunter#1

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    • lukas pukas

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  • Amber

    I don’t care what they price it at, I’m just sick and tired of PS3 always coming in behind f***ing Xbox. Screw Xbox. Just hurry up with the DLC so we can enjoy what everyone else is getting to enjoy. PLEASE!!!

    • Dude im a PS3 User and to be frank i dont see any console or system superior..They all have their upsides and downsides. Fully supporting PS3 users is nice but dont Insult other console people in the process..

  • Tim

    Honestly dawnguard should be no more than 10 dollars! They have made us wait long enough. Honestly i havent bought anything from bethesda since this issue. I just dont think its fair…

  • crunchy

    im glad i never watched dawnguard gameplay i kept faith in bethesda and its finally paying off

  • adsehteb uoy kcuf

    Ive had enough im buying an xbox and I bet you by the time Iv’e managed to get one and complete skyrim all over again ps3 still wont have even gotten a single dlc. I hope bethesda are happy you wont get to enjoy it for very when thousands of ps3 players sue them for false advertisement for lack of dlc ( as stated on the back of skyrim box cover) and I hope that tool pete hines loses his job or gets relocated.

    • Majin_Romulus

      So your going to buy an xbox for around $200 for the cheapest one, pay $60 for skyrim, then Dawnguard just to play 10-20 hours of gameplay? You’re an idiot. You’re the kind of people that make the playstation community look bad. Have fun wasting almost $300.

  • Trollface

    Ps3 players don’t have the dlc yet? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Xbox rules! Go back to playing kiddy games like killzone. Halo for the WIN!!!!!!

    • TrollArchStaff

      r u blind or paralyzed? its just one game. i have already moved on and i bought AC3 and MoP (Mists of Pandaria). they are some of the best games i have ever played. and i just want to say three things to you sir:

      1: PS3 ftw

      2: AC3 and MoP ftw

      3: your a fanboy

      • Trollface

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        • trollarchstaff

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        • Trollface

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        • TrollArchstaff

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        • TrollArchstaff

          AC3 is way better than skyrim, no matter how many dlcs are in it dumbass

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      • Trollface

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        • Majin_Romulus

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  • sniper

    What a company! i will surely be VERY skeptical from buying anything from them again. Bethesda now has a “CAVEAT” sign next to its logo in my mind. i will probably get the dlc if it comes out soon enough, mainly because i have invested a lot of time in skyrim, but most likely nothing more than that. i can’t support a company that has shown so much disrespect to me as a gamer. i struggle with my schedule to find time for games and i expect to be treated decently from the companies that develop games to go on my shelf. so many other good games out there that i want to get my hands on.

  • I will not be downloading or buying anything further from Bethesda.

    They lied, put up a wall of non-verbal contact after they’d been caught out and tried to shift the blame. I loved Skyrim and have 5 different builds with 260+ hours invested on each but Bethesda didn’t care enough to bring in PS3 familiar encoders and update their builds after the Oblivion problems years and years ago before releasing the game for my system.

    I trusted what they said and shouldn’t have.

    My health is such that I’m now not likely to see my next birthday and I can’t trust anything that is released not to be heavily bugged and flawed.

    Money first. Customers second. Communication almost not a consideration.

    Goodbye Bethesda. I’m nobody and the loss of one sale won’t effect you in the slightest.

    • If you’re going to complain that much just buy an xbox…

      • Majin_Romulus

        Kill yourself. Seriously, you won’t be missed.

        • if you really wish death upon some one how about putting your life where your mouth is in case you don’t understand what im saying heed your own advise or shut up people who wish death upon people because of different ideologies or feelings towards topics should not be on the internet

        • Majin_Romulus

          You have no idea what you’re talking about. Buying a 360 then skyrim just for some dlc is beyond stupid.

  • cchiu

    people lie…alot just putting it out there

    • The Alot

      The Alot is a majestic creature!

      (A lot, seperate words!)

  • Daniel Dimos

    I think Bethesda is getting paid up tha ass by Microsoft. Xbox players be damned.

    • Guest

      That’s what I thought when I heard PSN wasen’t getting it anytime soon. I hate it when Microsoft bribes people.

      • Sim

        Strange how dragonborn is out for XBOX at the beggining month of christmas, but no other system.

    • No it’s because the formats are different and they couldn’t configure it all into PS3 right away.

      • McGee

        Right away? The ps3 has been around for a while. If they haven’t figured out how to code for it by now, they are truly incompetent. Bethesda has no one but themselves to blame for this.

        The main cause of this issue is the fact they’re too lazy to learn how to code for PS3. So what do they do? They port from 360 and scratch their heads when they can’t figure out what went wrong.

        I don’t care what a single line of code for the PC 1.8 patch beta says. I won’t believe PS3 DLC exists until I see it avalible for purchase and download. Until then, it’s nothing but a fantacy, just like Skyrim itself.

        TL;RD: Bethesda is lazy, don’t know how to PS3, don’t get your hopes up until you see it for yourself.

  • Pete Hines is a piece of crap coming out of his own hole. And Bethesda never did have any DLC for the PS3. Keep waiting folks, there is no Skyrim DLCs for the PS3. Put away those hopes, they’re all false.

  • Ray

    If Bethesda had really solved the problem they would have given more solid info

  • will

    i think what he is doing is giving xbox all the dlc first then when that happens a month later that xbox and pc users have all the dlc then they will give the dlc to ps3 although we wouldnt have to pay as much as the xbox and pc user do think of it that way

  • Bryan H.

    Skyrim was one of the games I wanted the most when I got my PS3. If Bethesda came out and said that the PS3 version barely worked and there was little to no hope of DLC I would of gotten an Xbox instead.

    • ohdavhing

      thats exactly the same as me

  • Pooface

    This is way past due and Bethesda are a much of dumb asses.

  • It’s common for companies to go silent for a time leading up to a release. Note that it is entirely possible for the silence to break well before the actual release, so we PS3 players need further consume our waning patience. I personally wouldn’t mind paying a discounted price, however if there are enough other added incentives, I wouldn’t mind any appropriate price.

  • Bob

    Bethesda has lost all chances of me buying any DLC.

  • DragonSlayer

    c’mon bethesda give me my dam dlc already

  • casper13rocks

    what confermation saying they are close to giveing ps3 content is no diferent to were working on it it’s the same book with a brand new cover is all there hopeing it will shut ppl up for a week or two if there so close why not anounce some kind of time frame or say wich particuler dlc they are talking about the reason ppl are so angery is the fact nothing has been confirmed and no real information given

  • justin c long

    U can’t find skyrim in the playstation store anymore only oblivion

    • Sales probably dropped sharply with the DLC issues. Expect it to return when the DLC release date is announced at earliest. If you need it sooner, go to best buy or gamestop. They both have it online last I checked.

  • Al

    Everyone is talking about a boycot. Lol. I’m mad too, but why am I mad? Because I want the damn game. So why would I shoot myself in the foot and not get it? I can’t wait!!!

    • Slop Williams

      I’d appreciate like a 5 dollar discount for Dawnguard though. Dragonborn I’d pay full price if it’s out at a reasonable time, but Dawnguard is long overdue and a discount is well deserved.

      • ladzofinsurrection

        The least they can do is make all Skyrim dlc on ps3 for absolutely free- i mean if we had to pay for it, it would be ridicolous!

        • Noobguy27

          It’s still a business. I would be content with a discount or maybe some kind of discounted bundle with Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn for half price.

        • whatever

          If they are bringing DG and HF to PS3 it should be a bundle, both for the price of one. that would seem fair to me, but A lot of things seem fair to me that’ll never happen.

        • Noobguy28

          I agree with you completly.

        • cchiu

          then they would stop making it that is assuming they are making it at all

        • tweedledumb

          why should it be free?

          I think a discount commensurate with each DLCs delay is fair.

          Unfortunately we probably will only get it listed for full price.

          I might buy it if its discounted, otherwise not gonna.

      • NeedPS3DLC

        What They Should Do Is Make Dawngaurd free heartfire $5 and if dragonborn comes out in time make it normal price

    • I’m fine with playing the price dawngaurd is right now, it started at 20 and is at like 15 now…

    • why not if you went to a store and ordered a product but only got half of it up front the other half later would you not be upset when the second half of your product didn’t show up on the day the store said it would? then kept telling you it will be there soon oh keep waiting etc for 6 months then tell you sorry we cant give you what we promised but but you still have to pay the same as the people who got what they where promised. yes i understand dlc isn’t free but its the principle behind it games 10 years ago came out complete you didn’t have to buy add on content it would already be there or added to the next game the talk of boycott isn’t just cause of the failed promises but the mistreatment and lying to the consumers it it where anything else that treated you like this game company has you would boycott so why not games why should they be untouchable why most we buy defective games like sheep and take it we are the consumer boycotting is our voting

      • Joe


  • The key words being “New Content”, Dawnguard and Hearthfire although not released on the PS3 to date its hardly new content. One would expect the PC users to be getting an announcement concerning the 3rd DLC Dragonborn from the aforementioned tweet in the next few weeks. What is in store for the PS3 only time will tell. I wouldn’t expect ALL 3.

    • “New content” can be used to refer to content new to a particular console. It fits how late PS3 fans got Oblivion, and as an entertainment related example, TV stations like TNT and USA advertise the first showing of a syndicated show episode as a new episode meaning new to our station as opposed to brand new.
      I feel Bethesda is obligated to give us Dawnguard and Hearthfire. Furthermore, one would logically think if Dawnguard had issues, there would be little point to working on further DLCs for them to plagued by the same issues. Solve the issue first. I say 90% chance PS3 gets Dawnguard as its first Skyrim DLC.

  • TranceStyle

    WTF! Why has that stupid S**t-f****r Peter Hines gone back talking to PS3 Gamers on Twitter about DLC problems with Skyrim. Bethesda get that f*****g pansy off the bloody internet, he’s done alot of damage with the Elder Scrolls franchise and PS3 Gamers!!!

    Your suppose to communicate to gamers as f*****g company!!

    • trollarch

      lol umad?

      • Bobo

        Who is this Umad of which you speak?

        • Fet

          Umad must be one hell of a funny guy

        • that guy


        • Lol

          You called?

    • Ys-Grammar (Ysgramor)

      Your last sentence conradicts your first (excluding the “WTF” interjection). You ask why he is telling you PS3 player why he is telling you about the DLC, then you say that there is no communication. Even the six words that he tweeted was a form of communication, whether you like what he wrote or not, as it did give you news on the situation – denying a rumor.

  • BethesdaHasGr8DLConPS3.Not

    “No, there is no such thing”. When it comes to Pete Hines, why am I imagining him sitting at his desk thinking he is so clever…thinking he’s made a statement that could read as a double negative, meaning there is such an “arrangement”? What a tool.

    • Ys-grammar (Ysgramor)

      “No, there is no such thing,” is not a double negative. I double negative is when two negatives are side and thus canceling each other out. Plus, there is a comma after the first “No”. An actual example of a double negative would be “There is not no such thing.” The comma separates two parts of the sentence, so they are unrelated. Grammar is a very important thing to know to be able to correctly communicate with people, while not drawing attention not to what you are saying, but the little grammatical mistakes that you have made.

      • BethesdaHasGr8DLConPS3.Not

        Thank you. I must bow down to your superior intellect and grammatical affluence you fuxking donkey ball licker. Of course I am aware of such grammatical properties and therefore made the clear statement that it “could read as” (ie, could be misinterpreted as, come off as, or if the lay person skimmed it quickly could be mislead to believe). Oh, btw, I was making a tucking joke of Pete Hines you good for nothing A$$ clown! Now get off your hands and knees, let Hines get back to being a worthless voice of a mired company, take a step back, and fu*k your own face!

        • Ys-Grammar

          Thank you for your trouble to reply. Of course I could correct this post as well; for example your lack of commas where needed and inferior scribbles – maybe even your poor attempts at furtively slipping past the censor if your weak pursuit of confidence in trying to overwhelm me. However, I won’t. It would simply take too long and too many words; all with my wasted time. Thank you again for you consent.

        • Ys-Grammar

          Also, to gloat more in my ineffable superiority, people seem to like my earlier comment with seven likes. Fight all you want – you’ll lose.