Samsung Galaxy Note 2 US milestone, limited stock

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 9, 2012

We knew the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would arrive today in the US on AT&T, although you shouldn’t expect all stores to have stock, or even if they do it would likely be in a limited supply or go out of stock very quick. The popularity of the Galaxy Note 2 has been shown in the early sales results, more than 3m sold already, but this is even more impressive when you consider the large screen smartphone only hits AT&T today and is yet to arrive at Verizon Wireless.

The image above is a screenshot from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 page on AT&T, and it clearly shows “Due Today” for the availability. If you’re one of our readers that want the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, then you should see our article here that features further details on the shipping date for Verizon, which is in just over 2 weeks.

Some people knew the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is for them right away and placed an AT&T pre-order last month, although others were a little indecisive and are now checking for stock at their local AT&T stores, which means a lot of disappointments considering how quick this handset is likely to sell in the US at AT&T. Shoppers will have the choice of the Marble White and Titanium Gray options for under $300, although this discounted price does require a 2 year contract.

You can see a screenshot above of AT&T’s stock availability search for stores that have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and as you can see there are a number of AT&T stores with “out of stock” or “limited stock” notices, which might be due to Galaxy Note 2 popularity or thanks to some stores still awaiting stock. If you want to use this service you can do so on the official AT&T website, which can be found on the Galaxy Note 2 product page.

Have you picked up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at an AT&T store today, or are you waiting for Verizon Wireless? We also took a look at some of the Galaxy Note 2 rivals earlier today, which included the HTC Droid DNA but we’d love to know the smartphone you’d consider if it were not the Galaxy Note 2? You can learn more about the handsets smart features in our article from last week.

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  • Bryan Jones

    How come no one seems to know that Sprint has the GN2 as well? I got mine on the 26th of Oct!

  • So I pre-ordered the GN2 on Oct. 25 and I am receiving it on Nov. 12, I called and complained to At&T due to the fact that the GN2 came out in Nov. 9 and I am still waiting. Why would you put a phone on pre order and not have it in the hands of customers by the date when it will be available in stores. I was able to get the 36 dollar activation fee waived because of this situation, so that was a good thing. Also the GN2 come in the ATT packaging not in Samsung package, to top that no headphones included!! I guess that is ok cause all I really want is the GN2 in my hands!!

    • Oh also no multitasking yet, ATT customers are waiting on a software update that should include the multi-window feature.

  • Off with their heads

    4 stores later, found 2 white ones. Come on Samsung! This much trouble on launch day? Had plenty of iPhone 5’s…haha no thx!