iOS 6.0.1 update brings iPhone 4S battery issues

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 9, 2012

Before the iOS 6.0.1 update even arrived we had been hearing about Wi-Fi problems with the iPhone 4S, although following the latest software update we’re hearing about an issue that plagued the iPhone 4S when it first released last year. We’ve heard from a number of PR readers that are experiencing major iPhone 4S battery life issues since installing the iOS 6.0.1 update, and we personally experienced this when the handset first saw a release last year but on an older OS.

An article we published shortly after the launch of the iPhone 4S reveals mixed reactions about battery life problems with the previous software, and considering Apple addressed battery issues in a later iOS update after hundreds of complaints, it proves there had been problems with the iPhone 4S.

Following a few fixes from Apple it seems these were met with a lot of issues again with users stating they saw an “immediate change in battery life” after downloading v5.1.1, which only supports the fact we’re hearing about iPhone 4S battery life problems again with iOS 6.0.1 installed. It is likely that this issue is not one that affects the majority of users, but certainly makes some users iPhone 4S never make it through a day without dying.

Looking at these previous battery life problems with the same handset might show a pattern, and considering not all users are affected with the same software and hardware, it could be related to how the iOS 6.0.1 update is installed or downloaded. There’s also the possibility that a certain set of apps help cause problems with iPhone 4S battery life as well.

We touched on iOS 6 users complaining about battery life a couple of months ago and this met with a few hundred comments, which include a few common statements like “Battery won’t last for a whole day now“, and “Ridiculous is a good way to explain it, have fast battery drain on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with iOS 6 installed“. Since then we featured an article on numerous problems with the iOS 6.0.1 update, and again it seems that battery life on the iPhone 4S is one of the most common complaints.

Proof that these issues do not affect everyone – our office includes two iPhone 4S users and one iPhone 5 user, which all have the iOS 6.0.1 update installed apart from one 4S model. We’d like to point out we all get good battery life, as good as it gets for an Apple iPhone, and no Wi-Fi issues so from our perspective it seems this is deja vu for Apple with serious problems for select users.

How is your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 battery life with the iOS 6.0.1 update? It is worth pointing out that battery problems are being experienced on other smartphones as well, and this includes fast battery drain with the Samsung Galaxy S3 earlier this year.

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  • Crazicatladi

    Friends and I have discussed this at length recently. Discovered that the battery drains much quicker in all of our iPhone 4S models and also that mine shuts down at 10% when before the update it would happily function at 2 or 1%. Other have noticed this too with theirs shutting down at 8 and 6%. How can apple get it so wrong. I’ve gone from beig perfectly happy with my phone to being very frustrated!

  • mode

    my iphone 4s battery no problems after update 6.0.1

  • ShifoBrains

    Drains from 100 to 65% in 3 hours, only 1 three minute phone call. Apples quality is suffering, I am looking at windows and android phones now

  • Bekir

    After the installation of IOS 6.0.1, battery life got worse.The only solution I found to this problem is to make 3G off.Then everything becomes well again.Maybe temporary solution until the next magnificent update

  • iPhone user

    Same problem! My iPhone 4S battery problem! Must better 5.1.1

  • Thank you apple for making sure that my phone is always plugged in, making it truly mobile.

  • erynk

    My Iphone battery dies in 4 hrs since the IOS 6 upgrade. I have hardly any apps and have turned off almost everything on my phone. Without using it it dies 1% every minute. Before the upgrade it was great. I am so annoyed, I am going to try to go to the Apple store and see if they will do anything…

  • Adam

    I have problem with IOS 6.0.1 battery life using 4S, you can reach out to this findings by doing update for a group of softwares when their update is available in apple store, then keep the phone charged till the updates complete. I have seen extreme power drain. 84% in less than 4 hours. The drain stopped when I restarted the phone.

  • Unimpressed new 4S user

    New 4s after years on a Sony which would last 4/5 days. Switched it on and upgraded to 6.01 immediately – battery life sucks, won’t last a day though have been playing a fair bit. Lots of apps running in background so thanks for the tips about turning them off, we’ll see if that helps.
    Overall though, not impressed and unlikely to be recommending to anyone.

  • Neelrac

    Updated to 6.0.1 on Friday – never had a battery problem before – now it goes down 20% per hour. Have had to carry charger with me everywhere today! Turned off all apps. Uninstalled recent apps. Rebooted. Turned off wifi. Turned off Bluetooth. Nothing is helping! Went from loving iPhone 4S to being very frustrated in one weekend. Would love a solution!

  • I have the iphone 4s and my battery life has gone downhill since my update…I’ve also lost my phone numbers, but not the contacts or emails.

  • Yes, the 4S battery issue was horrible under 6 and has gotten worse under 6.0.1. Looking for help over at Apple’s official support forums? Forget it. You’ll just be told your in the minority as people are swearing up and down that their 4S battery life is so great they don’t have to charge more than every week or so (sarcasm, but you get the point). How do you fix it? Charge it overnight. Charge it while in your office. Charge it while traveling in your car and just hope you don’t have to keep it away from a charger for too long or you’ll be in trouble. Kind of defeats the notion of the 4S being “mobile,” doesn’t it? Meanwhile, the Nokia Lumia 920 is looking darn good these days…

  • Pissed IPhone owner

    I used to brag about my iPhone’s battery life to my husband, he has the Samsumg Charge from Verizon and the battery sucks big time, but after 6.0.1 my iphone is just a little better than his… he was planning on getting an iphone in 3 months, so not happening….

  • Ed

    Mine dies in about 4 hours!

  • beyondpissed

    my iphone 4 will not charge at all after the 6.0.1 update. it has been dead all day. I plugged it in with 2 different charges into 5 different outlets. I am beyond pissed.

  • PhDavid

    Been on planes most of the day. Not using Internet much. Few calls and searches and email retrievals and now on 44% juice also, was running Spotify in offline mode– like an iPod for a few hours while in airplane mode. Noticeable drop in battery juice in the past few days with no iOS updates and still on the version with the good maps. Down to 39% in the few mins it took to type out this info.

  • Laurence

    Is went from 85% to 20% in 15minutes !!! Ridiculous I just bought this phone aswell :/

  • Brett

    I’ve still got iOS5 but in the last few days it’s started to drain noticeably faster than usual.

  • Julie

    One month ago Apple replaced my iPhone 4S due to battery life problems. Only days ago I upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 And now my battery problems have not only returned but are twice as bad. I am so disgusted by this as I literally JUST got it fixed. WTF Apple! Sincerely, a hardcore Apple fan who’s losing their Apple interest.

  • Not iOS 6

    I have a 4s and suddenly early last week the battery started to drain. I don’t have any apps open and am losing over 10% an hour without any use. Thing is I haven’t updated to iOS 6 yet so I think something else is going on.

  • Bassem

    Any solution so far for Wi-Fi problems with the iPhone 4S?

  • Lynchy

    Is anyone else having volume problems since updating? It’s doing my head in

  • once a iphone lover

    after ios 6.0.1 upgrade on my iphone 4 the device doesn’t charge on a laptop or a wallmount. I’m STUCK! Fed up of Iphone!

    • beyondpissed

      exact same problem with me. i am beyond pissed

  • Mine is definitely draining quicker

  • gina

    my phone battery dies almost before I leave work after a 10 hour work day. it started last week when I coincidentally dled the new iOS. Horrible. I’ve turned off almost every app.

  • thornerthompson

    I got an iPhone 4 a year ago. It’s been doing fine. I held off on downloading the iOS 6 update as I heard several people having issues. I gave it time for them to work out bugs, or so I thought. I downloaded when the iOS 6.0.1 was out, just a few days ago. I had never had a batter problem before. I most certainly do now. I posting since this is a 4, not a 4S, and therefore thought the input may be of benefit.

  • GoneRama

    I installed the latest update a few days ago and since then my battery life is very poor. Not happy here at all but glad I’m not the only one with the problem. Not good though, hopefully they fix it soon.

  • What’s the point of having the apps remain open in the background after you have “closed” them?

    Completely pointless. Just a pain in the ass.

  • Justin

    I’ve been having severe battery problems. I’ve been charging the phone to a 100%, however the battery life within minutes of taking it off the charger suddenly depleted to 1%. Then the phone subsequently died. The phone makes only 5 mins of actual usage before turning off. The problem all began when I upgraded to iOS 6.0.1.

  • Hello Samsung

    My wife and I both have an iPhone 4 (soon to be HAD). We were on vacation in the Smoky Mountains when iOS6 was rolled out. We had iOS 5.1.1 installed on our phones. We weren’t aware that iOS6 was even available while we were on vacation. Suddenly both of our phones started having HORRIBLE battery life, 100% to completely DEAD in less than 4 hours with absolutely NO use, just sitting there on standby with NO apps running and WiFi turned off… 100% to DEAD!! We thought it was because we were in the mountains and had something to do with spotty cell signals. No. We thought installing iOS6 would solve the problem of the EXTREME battery drain. No. Installing iOS6 did nothing but wreck my contacts and messaging. iOS6.0.1 has not resolved ANYTHING. A phone that won’t stay charged for longer than a few hours is USELESS! We will be dumping our iPhones ASAP. We are extremely dissatisfied with Apple and their response (lack of) concerning this issue. We will most likely NEVER own another Apple product again!

  • simon

    iPhone 4s with iOS 6.0.1 drains from 100 percent to 8 percent in 6 hours even in flight mode and never using it. Was doing this on 6.0.0 as well. Useless!

  • rar

    After iOs6 upgrade, battery life on my 4s deteriorated. A serious problem if you are traveling!! When I saw the comment about all the apps being opened, I checked and discovered that most of my apps were open.had to close dozens of apps. I suspect that iOs6 does not automatically close apps when you leave an app and since Apple does not believe in an exit button, you can’t easily close an app manually. Now that I have manually closed all my apps, it will be interesting to see if my battery life returns to normal. It will be more interesting to see if Apple realizes it needs to automatically close apps when the user exits them!

    • you dumb

      then how would you multitask? and it doesn’t actually do anything to your memory or battery to leave apps open… they’re basically inactive

  • Ames

    WiFi has been broken since iOS5, but I at least had the option of trying to turn it on (would not recognize any networks). When I updated to iOS6, the WiFi button grayed out, and now I do not even have the option of turning my WiFi on.
    Battery: If the phone is at 100% at 7am, I’m down to 36% by 11am with basic use. I guess this proves that Steve Jobs really was crucial to the iPhones future.

  • Jenls

    Phone battery only lasts about 8 hours, and that’s on a good day

  • My 4s also charges way to fast in ios6… My iPad charged 6% at the same time 4s charged more than 20%, I think that’s for 10 minutes… Something is seriously wrong. Battery drains way to fast, I think it lasts only half a day. iOS 6 didn’t decrease my battery life, iOS 6.0.1 did, any way to downgrade

  • Cat

    My battery life is very short. I take a charger every where I go for me and my friends. It’s a running joke how we have to go to places that have an outlet available for public use:)

  • Lina

    I’ve downloaded the iOS 6.0.1 in my iphone 4S today and my battery is having serious issues. Only by doin a quick text exchange and a google search, the battery drained 10% 🙁 I wish I did more research before updating my phone!

  • Jeff

    My battery is now dieing very fast after installing 6.0.1 update 4 days ago. (

  • Helen

    my battery fails at 52% and rising day by day, anyone else have this issue???? my iphone 4 just turns off and wont come back on.

    • Julie

      Yes on top of the battery issue my phone now just shuts off for no reason and refuses to turn back on. After years of being a diehard Apple fan I am now more disappointed and disgusted than anything.

    • Lori

      Mine does this also it started 2 weeks after I upgraded from my iPhone 4 to the 4s called my carrier and had to get a refurbished phone because it was past the first 14 days I had problems with that one also and the next replacement they sent. I finally got one that didn’t have the battery problem then I lost my phone and had to have it replaced through insurance they sent me a new not refurbished phone had no problems with it until a few weeks after I updated to 6.0.1. I updated the first day you could. Then I had problems with my microphone I couldn’t talk on the phone unless I had it on speaker it was like this for a couple of weeks during this time the battery issue quit and now the microphone is working again and my battery isn’t this time it started dying at 40% battery life today it died at 62% battery life this is getting ridiculous

  • Zack

    I can actually see the battery draining on my 4s as I’m using it. Goes down like 1% every minute or so during regular usage. Had great battery life before that.

  • Ted

    4iPhones in this house and two don’t make 5 hours.

  • Gary

    Turning off wifi resolves the issue. Not a fix, but it seems like its what’s causing it.

  • Mike

    I had great battery life before 6.0.1 but afterward I am at 15% in a few hours of non use with wifi off. It’s insane. I used to go the full day.

    • Mike

      I religiously close open apps as well.

  • Ramesh

    Map direction has problem

  • Joshua D.

    I have the iPhone 5 through Verizon and feel that ever since I downloaded the iOS 6.0.1 update my battery won’t even make it a full day, although it did before the update. Literally on my 45 minute lunch break it drained over 30%. Does anyone think that Apple will replace my Phone since it’s obviously only like a month and a half old and under warranty. I’m all for apple but in all honesty there’s no reason to have the iPhone if it’s going to die so fast. I even had to go and purchase another charger to keep in my car.

  • Liz

    I have battery problems too and even my FaceTime doesn’t work anymore after the update 🙁

  • Jade

    I have an iPhone 4S and I have no battery life issues. I do have issues with the Facebook app not allowing me to post pictures from my photos. Nothing I do makes a difference, I’ve re-installed the app and same issue. Has anyone else got an issue with this?

    • Julie

      Jade I have had the exact same problem with pix in the FB app not too for about a week and I’m REALLY pissed. I have tried everything is well the fix it and nothing works. Instead I tried to use Safari now but it’s too slow so it won’t work either!

  • My phone died completely. I have to bring it in to get replaced. Very frustrating.

  • i’ve been a devoted iPhone user since the original came out. this os update is simply unacceptable. i have to charge my phone twice a day. let’s not even get started on all the iTunes glitches, the maps, and the other problems. i’ve never even considered the idea of ditching my iPhone until now. i hate even using it as anything i do drains the battery so quickly.

    • Julie

      Ditto to everything you just said! My husband finally got too mad about it all and switched to Droid. Hate to say it but I’m now considering the same which sure is unfortunate after all these years of utter happiness with Apple.

  • I was having this problem with my iPad and IOS 6 – here’s the fix: Double click the home button, to reveal all your apps running in the background. Touch and hold one of the icons until they all animate, and show a “minus” sign. Use the “minus” signs to turn off all those apps that are running in the background! Make sure from then on to do the same when you are finished using apps. You’ll find your battery life goes way up again.
    When I made the fix to my iPad, I found that nearly every app I own was running in the background – no wonder the battery was draining!

  • Omen

    I got major drainage on my 4s. Must be apples way of making u get the new by screwing thru updates.

  • Barbara

    Help please ! I have iOS 6..0.1 on an iphone 4. My battery was 83% when I left for work this morning at 6am – when I got home at 2pm (not having used it at all) there was no sign of life at all and it will not charge up, either on a wall charger or through the computer ……? Barbara

  • Rob

    I have an iPhone 4 and have a drastic loss of battery life after the iOS 6.0.1 update. I don’t even make many calls on it. Sitting idle the battery drains rapidly. Sometimes going from 50% to dead in a couple of hours in standby. The week before the iOS update, phone would last 3 days or more, no problem.

  • I just let iPhone 4S, w/ ios 6.0.1, idle with no apps running, Bluetooth off, fetch mail hourly and 1 hour later, battery had drained 4%. (cpnected to wifi). this is rediculous. I never had battery issues until iOS “upgrade” … 3 co-workers have same phone, same baterry problem.

  • Acepro

    After the update to 6.0.1 my phone dies immediately if not on the charger. After two days of trying to figure it out. Today, I took it to the Dr Phone here in Dallas. They replaced my battery for $43.62 … Thought all was fine but the phone wouldn’t show charging past 14% even after 4 hours of charging. Now it will not charge at all. Will not even boot or register when plugged into the computer with iTunes up. It’s totally dead. This really sucks and I want an answer from apple on why they are not fixing this issue. Ps. Dr phone told me to bring it back so they can warranty the battery they installed if need be. I don’t think it’s the battery , it’s the OS 6.0.1 update…. 🙁

  • Kelp

    I have a iPad and downloaded the software update, noticed my battery life went down
    5% within 20 minutes even plugged in charging. Not a happy customer right now.

  • Maria

    Wishing I never did the install as my 4s battery is ruined. Totally disappointed. What can you do … Does apple have a responsibility to fix? This is my first iPhone and the artery s lucky to last a few hours do need it fixed.

  • Jayf

    My 4s eats batt a lot faster now, but it started with 6.0, not 6.01.

    • same with me. started w/ 6.0

      • cdeuce311

        Mine was fine on 6.0, dying like crazy now thanks to 6.01.

    • Priscilla

      Same here. 🙁

    • bertrand

      Same here…. What I would like to know is whether 6.01 simply does nothing to remedy this 6.0 problem, or does it make the battery life even WORSE than 6.0? Can anybody make this comparison?

      • Bekir

        6.0.1 made the battery life worse than 6.0 for my 4S

  • Louise

    what happens to the iphone 4 when you install iOS 6.0.1?

    • Annoyed iphone owner

      I have the iphone 4 and the update caused an immediate battery life problem. I’ve gone from 38% to 18% in about 45 minutes and I shut down almost every app.

      • Gary

        Same problem. Turning off wifi corrects problem. Awesome.

        • Yari

          I have Ihone 4 and i regret downloading IOS 6.0.1 is draining my battery like super fast… tried everything… even the screen brightness but still… Someone told me that maybe the Iphone 4 is not made to run that one but an older IOS 🙁

      • Julie

        Same exact problem here “annoyed iPhone owner.” For me, annoyed is an understatement. I’m pissed.

    • Bill

      My battery all of a sudden started draining like crazy. I have the 4s. I use to charge it once a day after extremely heavy use but now I charge it 2-3 times a day.

  • Doogal123

    Wonder if this explains the shorter battery life I am seeing on my iPod touch recently? that’s the only major change to it…

  • Kurt

    I had to call Apple about the battery life. Stupid me, that in the background I had a zillion apps open. Once I closed these and continued to close them, I had no issues with the battery life. Double push the round button, then hold until they wiggle, then close them and this might help your issues as it did mine. My phone on standby will be charged and ready for two (2) days easy. If I use it all day to talk and message, I get a full day plus out of my battery. Hope this helps.

    • Julie

      Keeping everything turned off in the background as well as turning off my wifi doesn’t fix my battery problem at all.

  • Angry Man

    An Absolute & Utter DISGRACE.

    • Julie

      I couldn’t agree more!!!

  • Luxian

    My girlfriend’s 4S don’t last a day if used on 3G. When she’s connected to wireless, it has no issue (she even got 2 days uptime without charging it).

  • Laura

    Have had 4s since last October and have been happy enough with battery until this latest update 6.0.1. My battery goes down 20 percent in an hour now with nothing being done differently. I charge my phone all night and by 1pm I have to plug it in again. I’ve also noticed it takes longer to charge. Very disappointed.

    • Brummie_Red

      I have the same issue with my iphone 4. Takes ages to charge and drains very badly.

    • Bekir

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Sheryl

    Phone battery won’t even last half a day. It dies like I have been on it all day even if I never use it.

  • Koko

    Bluetooth got messed up, battery is ok