GTA V unprecedented world scale will blow minds

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2012

As most of you are well aware, the GTA V magazine feature is now live. It’s available for viewing if you’re willing to pay a price for it, but for most fans – it’s all about reading the key features that have been revealed – for nothing.

There are plenty of third-party GTA V feature reveals going up online now, but we have already read November’s issue of the game and we prefer to break down some of the key features in a little bit more detail. The first thing we are going to focus on is the GTA 5 map size and thanks to the magazine details, we have some amazing new information to share with you.

Brace yourself for the best and biggest Grand Theft Auto game in history, as we can confirm that GTA V is going to be bigger in size, than GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas – COMBINED. These three games were all massive games in their own right, so to think that the GTA V world is going to eclipse all of them combined is simply mind blowing stuff and we still can’t get our heads around that prospect yet.

Rockstar has said that GTA V will feature the biggest open world that the developer has ever created, and another massive reveal is that Rockstar has even spent time to make underwater exploration possible – that sounds amazing quite frankly, although we do hope they are not planning on hiding some obscure hidden package underneath a random ocean coral.

With the fact that GTA V is going to be absolutely enormous to travel around, is there a slight danger that Rockstar will be making it too big? – or is that crazy talk as far as you’re concerned? Jets, planes and helicopters will make travelling a lot more easier we expect and we hope that they really have gone the whole mile in making every nook and cranny of the map unique – as repetition must have surely crept through their minds.

Rest assured, a lot more GTA V info will be coming your way soon. For now, give us your reaction to the news that the game will be bigger than GTA IV, RDR and San Andreas combined.

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  • Rockstar, you are the best, the only, the amazing, and the best Devs one could have. *weep*.


    If all the characters are co-existing in the same world does that mean you can find and kill the character you’re not playing as?

  • John

    Any other Dev and I would be apprehensive at such ambition. I ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶f̶a̶i̶t̶h̶ KNOW that Rockstar can pull it off in style.

  • Dawid Bartel

    Oh. My. God. I can’t believe it!

    I want to play this game. LOL I can’t believe R* was hiding all this info and when the hype “calmed down” I was like, “eh, GTA V doesn’t bother me”. RIGHT! I will buy this game. No wonder GTA V is taking so long to develop! The world will be massive and I love it! That’s what I always wanted 😛 Seriously. After a while, I knew every alley, every city and every street – where it lead etc. I can’t wait for the limited edition! Bring it on!

  • Liam

    My reaction:

    Does that translate my feelings across well?

  • Guest

    If it is CPU limited and does not anti-alias then somebody is getting stabbed…. Kudos for virbant colours and a generally pretty game with no Windows Live crap and save game slots. In other words if it is a console port then it is going to be stupid.

    • Dawid Bartel

      R* always favoured the consoles. Because they are better. No hating here as I got PC. And I love playing total war for example (it wouldnt work on consoles). But for games such as GTA, RDR whatever, i prefer consoles. I have to agree though, not fair that you guys have to wait longer.

      • Henry

        Ignorant comment. There are more console gamers than PC gamers and games often come out on consoles first simply because they generate more revenue, and not because they are better. This is true for any developer and not just Rockstar. And before anyone shouts fanboi, I game on a PS3.

        • Dawid Bartel

          I don’t think I said it right. I meant to say that I like it better. Sry for the mishap.

        • Kam

          DO YOU have online henry maybe we can play it when it comes out…whats your ps3 name

  • trillassgamer

    wow that’s amazing, im keen to jump in a jet, fly to the brink of space and skydive all the way down the the ocean floor 😀

  • Bucks141

    Evidently from the article; the revolutionary way of instantaneously switching between the three protagonists will help in travelling across the huge map. Each protagonist is located in a different area, so if you wanted to explore the deserts and you’re currently in downtown Los Santos, then you would switch protagonists or hit the open road for a good ol’ road trip! I can’t wait!

  • allakazzam

    Woo I’m excited!!!!