Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update finally for AT&T

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2012

The rollout of Android Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US has been anything but plain sailing. Many Sprint customers already have the update while some still do not, Verizon customers are still bewildered as to when their update will be coming and so far, there has been no hints of a potential release for AT&T customers either.

Meanwhile in Europe and other parts of the world, other Galaxy S3 users are already enjoying the fruits of Jelly Bean and have been for a number of weeks now. We see the same update roller coaster in the US with every single Android update and we are wondering when future software updates will occur universally, as a law – not when carriers feel like it.

It’s been well documented that a bulk of Sprint customers already have the Jelly Bean update on the Galaxy S3. However, we still continue to receive feedback, complaining that the update is not out for everyone yet – with the words ‘gradual rollout’ really starting to take on a whole meaning.

Today, we bring new rumors and hope to AT&T users, as we may see a Jelly Bean update for the AT&T Galaxy S3 sometime next week – if the infamous ‘anonymous tip’ from GottabeMobile is to be believed. AT&T will not want to be last to the party with the Jelly Bean update (Verizon will probably have that honor), so perhaps we will finally see some movement next week after all.

Then again, you will know too well not to take Jelly Bean update rumors to heart, as they often change numerous times, with carriers loving to delay updates time and time again. Is the continued delays really acceptable though, considering you were under the assumption when you purchased your device that swift official updates would happen shortly after release?

If you are a Galaxy S3 owner on AT&T, let us know your thoughts on the agonizing wait for Jelly Bean. Are you prepared to wait as long as possible, or have you already started to experiment with custom software out of sheer frustration?

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  • Never thought it will take them this long to put their crapware on Jelly Bean

  • miguel martinez

    Wow! After I leave Sprint for AT&T then they decide to do something right….damn it.

  • What is it with the delay?! The Galaxy S3 is supposed to be a flagship phone. AT&T’s delay tells me they don’t care about its customers. One would think AT&T would want to be ahead of their competition. Now, for better or worse, switch to Sprint and know you will get updates timely and in line with most other countries (NOT the U.S.).

    • noLouis

      Updates, yes. Crap Service, yes. LTE, probably not. Ability to make phone calls with you JB device, maybe not.

  • I don’t even care at this point. I still love my gs3 either way lol.

  • got an s3 with at&t. should have waited for lumia 920

  • Lol…Been running JB for several months now. Why anyone would choose a stock bloated rom over a customized version is beyond me. Warranty? For a device that will be dated come January, I will choose JB smoothness over potential warranty issues any day.

  • Randy Dunson

    I’ve had my S3 since last July, & yes I’ve been overly frustrated but if JB does roll out next week, I’ll be fine. If not, I’ll be more than livid.

  • Google needs to stop letting Samsung and AT&T add bloatware which takes them months to do anyways….

  • JP

    at& t = big business…you and me = little business…it will come out when they want it to come sooner..I will wait like the rest of you…

  • trollie troll

    WHATEVER. none of you are going to “switch” phones, you arent going to do anything. Most of you are too lazy to pick up your phone and call ATT so just shut the * up and wait and be quiet. stop talking. now.

  • MDC

    It’s a little frustrating, if only because I initially believed the “by the end of September” rumors when I got the GS3 in July. At the same time, I love the phone, so I’m not planning on switching to something else unless this drags on much longer than it has.

  • willl

    This really is a joke. I’m ready to switch phones at this point. I don’t have to have latest and greatest phone but I would like it up to date software wise.

  • AngeloTX

    AT&T + SAMSUNG = Big Update Joke.

  • What about T-mobile?

  • James Ring

    If I don’t have jellybean by Christmas, I am switching to the nokia 920. Last time a report like this came out it was still a month before the ics update for my last phone.

    • noLouis

      windows 8, lol-enjoy that

  • I have been checking daily… will not go to custom ROMs, but would appreciate urgency on the JB update.

  • I got my s3 because I knew I only had to wait ’til mid October… Now I’m getting a little impatient. BUT, At the same time, I would rather get something that took longer to develop rather something that doesn’t work as well and was developed really fast

  • I will believe it when I see it..

  • Well I am an AT&T customer and I will wait until next week….if it’s not out by then than I will do custom update 🙂

    • Soo

      I dont get the people who are switchinh just because jb is delaying. gs3 is still a great phone with ics. and I bet you wont even find big of a difference using jb

      • DJ

        After using custom jb for a month now, I would not want to switch back to ics. I don’t even know if I’ll get the official job release when it comes out because developers add their own tweaks to the ROM that makes it even better.
        Anyway jb is definitely better than ICS. If nothing else, the speed is definitely noticeable.

        • Soo

          well I know its better but my point is that people can flash custom roms or wait for official update using still decent ics. they shouldnt be crying about it or do useless threats saying they will switch their phones